The Divinians at the 2011 Metrobank-MTAP-DepEd Math Challenge



AT MTAP 2011

Urdaneta City. The MetroBank Foundation, Inc., the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines, Inc., and the Department of Education recently held “The 2011 METROBANK-MTAP-DEPED MATH CHALLENGE’  in Region 1, Division of Urdaneta City last February 11. 2011 at Lyceum Northwestern Florencia T. Duque.

Now on its 10th year, the Metrobank Math Challenge is an annual math competition that aims to awaken greater interest in math among elementary and high school students from across the country and to discover Mathematical talents among the youth. Previously conducted in the National Capital Region, the Metrobank Math Challenge was expanded to include elementary and high school students nationwide starting in 2001. The annual Math Challenge produces national winners who get to compete and eventually win in international competitions.

We congratulate our Divinians with their coaches Ms. Theresa Pontaoe and Mrs. Marlyn Laroco our Mathematics Teachers for making it this far in the competition. Indeed, this is an empowering journey for our young Divinians as they hone their mathematical skills and enhance their abilities to overcome challenges in all facets of life.

Our 3rd placer-Division Team Finals includes the following:

We also congratulate our elementary pupils who also made it at 2011 MMD Math Challenge Quiz Bee held in Nancayasan Elementary School last February 10, 2011.

More power to the Divinians!






Prepared by: Ms. Tez Naniong




Urdaneta City. Ms. Aiza Perong, BSCS IV of the College Department excelled on top of the 15 finalists on the first season’s “DWCU GOT TALENT”  and received the most coveted trophy and a cash prize from the Parents-Teachers Association who were the main sponsors and brainchild of the search. Ms. Perong performed with the greatest audience impact known and ever displayed at St. Michael’s stage. She was  highly applauded for her unique integration of movement, visual imagery and the unspoken words of her innovative magical piece of a dance infused with contemporary beat, wit, humor and pathos. Indeed a talent that was highly commendable and worthy of being in the First Place. The honor attributed to her was uncontestable, no one challenged the decision.

 Meanwhile the DIVA DUET composed of Penelope Medrano and Mary Bernadith Romero both from I-St. Matthew got 2nd Place. The voices of Penelope and Bernadith were a good match, the harmonies perfect; it’s simple, cuddly, and reassuringly warm. The best duo or two singers together ever staged at St. Michael’s were witnessed once and for all by the cheering Divinians in agreement to the talent bestowed on them. Ms. Krystal Padilla BSSA II got the 3rd place while the RED NEW GENERATION of III-Genesis was declared fourth. Arian Aisne Mira vied the 5th place. The wonder boy of the Elementary Department Miguel Joaquin Tuliao Grade I got the highest vote from the viewers and received the Choice Award.


The first season of the DWCU Got Talent started with a thudering voice-over announcing the opening of the search. Fr. Servasius W. Tethun, SVD the Chairman of the show and the Campus Minister did the spiritual uplifting as he invoked the presence of the Almighty to bless the occasion. Fr. President then warmly welcomed everybody to witness the tsunami of talents that will drown the stage as he opened the first edition of “DWCU Got Talent” recognizing the initiative of the PTA, the full support of the academic community, the never-tiring effort of the members of the committee and the production staff.   Ms. Mary Lou Pre-Zayat the Master of Ceremonies confidently took the microphone as she masterfully facilitated the flow of the whole show beginning with a magnificent production number from the finalists of the DWCU Got Talent and the Battle of the Bands. The introduction of the Board of Judges then followed until finally the finalists rendered their varied talents to wit: 1) Most Wanted Crew, 2) UDG, 3) Girls Jam, 4)Christian Tira, 5) The Beast Singers, 6) Rated New Generation, 7) Mediplast, 8) Diva Duet, 9) Aiza Perong, 10) Arian Aisne Mira, 11) Divinian Dance Crew, 12) Miguel Joaquin Tuliao, 13) Shaina Quison, 14) Krystal Padilla and 15) Nina Charisse Evangelista. 

As the Father of the City of Urdaneta, Honorable Mayor Amadeo G.E. Perez IV generously took his time leaving all his very hectic schedule aside and joined the celebration of his sons and daughters at the DWCU as we celebrate the 44th Foundation Anniversary. In the middle of the feastivities our beloved Mayor delivered this very inspiring message:

 After the message of the Honorable Mayor the Search and the Battle continued with the intermission from the C.A.T. officers and cadettes. The Battle of the Bands then followed the sequence of their presentation in this order: 1) Super Heroes, 2) K-Love Band, 3) Interlude, 4) New Grounds and 5) The Cleaners.



The moment of truth came at hand! Before the announcement and the proclamation of the winners the President of the PTA Prosecutor Redemptor Ridao expressed his joy over the success of the event and gratitude to the numerous people who made this endeavor possible: to the Working Committees, the Core Committee, Ads, Certificates, Program Invitation, Production, Direction & Choreography, Hall Preparation, Special Awards, Stage Decoration, Auditing Committee and Accomodation.

And finally…the Emcee at the top of her voice releasing all the energies she had in store announced the results with the DWCU Got Talent mentioned earlier and The Battle of The Band proclaiming the K-LOVE BAND  of the College Department as the Champion to the deafening cheers of the Divinians. Second Place was awarded to the SUPER HEROES of the Elementary Department while the INTERLUDE of the High School Department was hailed Third Place. The Choice Award who garnered the highest vote in the box went to the SUPER HEROS of the Elementary Department.

DWCU Celebrates 44th Foundation Anniversary

“DWCU… One With The Nation

In The Stewardship Of Creation”


H.E. BLESSING Urdaneta City. Today the Divine Word College of Urdaneta celebrates her 44th Foundation Anniversary that started with the blessing of the new Home Economics Room (Laboratory) of the Elementary Department. Fr. President blessed the newly constructed room attached to the Elementary Building with the presence of the president of the PTA Prosecutor Redemptor Ridao representing the Parents-Teachers’ Association that financed the said noble project. Fr. Noel Ferrer, SVD who managed the construction of the room prepared everything for the occasion with the Principal Mrs. Elizabeth Domingo and elementary teachers. A number of parents, non-academic personnel, faculty and the Principal of the High School Department Mrs. Marlyn Laroco also attended to grace the simple para-liturgical ceremony.

Rev. Fr. John Paul C. Miranda, OC

The Eucharist as the highest form of sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving of the DWCU community in thanking the Lord for the 44 years of existence of the institution was celebrated at exactly 8:00 o’clock in the morning. Rev. Fr. John Paul C. Miranda, OC a newly ordained priest of the Opifices Christi was the main celebrant and homilist. The celebration started at the concrete pavement in front of the gymnasium where all the members of the academic community gathered while a group of the high school department rendered a welcoming liturgical dance. The singing of the “Gloria” signaled the symbolic releasing of balloons into the sky bearing the resolutions of the students being One with the Nation in the Stewardship of Creation. The DWCU’s commitments as steward of creation then in a symbolic manner were realeased as the whole community looked upon the skies following the dancing liberated balloons. The academic community then proceeded inside the St. Michael’s Gymnasium in a solemn procession for the celebration of the Word and the breaking of the bread. Fr. John Paul in his homily gave emphasis on remembering God’s blessings to the DWCU for the past 44 years and her her solemn commitment to Mother Earth as expressed by this year’s theme. The entire celebration was immersed with the spirit of THANKSGIVING.

Congratulations to the High School Department for sponsoring the Thanksgiving mass. To the members of the Campus Pastoral Council, our gratitude for the planning and implementation of the liturgical logistics. Our gratitude too goes to the Campus Minister Fr. Servas Tethun and his staff with the DWFC seminarians. To all who made this celebration meaningful, memorable and blissful – our heartfelt gratitude!





Happy Valentines Day … DWCU!

Valentine's Day Myspace Comments

Heroic Valentines

By: Father Shay Cullen

(republishing, copying, no restrictions)

It was a cruel and vicious Roman Emperor Claudius II, as legend has it, who jailed and executed saint and martyr Valentine in 269 AD. He was a young priest who stood for his belief in Christian marriage and performed secret weddings against the orders of the emperor who wanted many more unmarried men in his army because they were regarded to be better fighters. Valentine died for his convictions like millions of Christians and people of commitment who took a stand against powerful oppressors and sacrificed themselves for justice, truth, freedom and human rights. Valentines Day is no longer a celebration of those mighty moral values and has long lost its meaning as a day recognizing courageous virtue of those bravely standing for beliefs and principles.

Today at its best, Valentine’s is a day of special acknowledgement of true friendship, loyalty and faithfulness between friends and self-sacrificing love between married couples. In its harmless fun and frolics mode, it is a day of romantic messages, some serious, others are not. It is a day for friends, young and old, to celebrate and express their affection, emotional attraction and unselfish love for each other. At its worst, Valentines is a day for the hedonistic and the lustful to gratify their animal urges and sexual desires.

There are the modern day “Valentine Heroes” who are true to the highest calling to be faithful to oneself, one’s principles and stand for truth, integrity and honesty. Recently, 48-year old Heidi Mendoza, a brilliant accountant at the Commission on Audit (COA) bravely testified at risk to her life to a Philippine Senate hearing. She uncovered allegedly massive fraud, graft and stealing at the highest level of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Much of it perhaps foreign military aid. She testified that she got no help to expose the corrupt practices and has been threatened. Heidi is a hero, a true “Valentine Hero”, an inspiration and role model to those with the courage to choose to live a truly honest life of unshakable integrity. All of us should admire, support and imitate her. The Asian Development Bank ought to rehire her.

Jun Lozada, a government insider came out in 2008 to tell the truth about another huge scam, known as the NBN-ZTE deal. He took a stand and revealed a US$300 million contract made in 2007 to set up a nation-wide broadband network for all government offices. The contract was awarded to a Chinese company under unusual circumstances by high Philippine government officials allegedly reaching to the highest level. Jun revealed that it was riddled with corrupt kick-backs, commissions and over-pricing and it was cancelled following public outrage after his revelations. He was persecuted and threatened. He had to go into hiding and seek refuge for himself and his family with a congregation of religious nuns.

Then another heroic Valentine, Dr. Gerry Ortega, anti-mining campaigner and broadcaster, was brutally murdered last January 24 in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. After leaving the radio station where he hosted a radio news and commentary programme, two assassins shot him in the back of the head. They were both caught at the scene of the crime. Doc Gerry, as he was known, was a brave anti-mining and pro-environment campaigner and he was leading an anti-mining campaign for a total ban on mining in Palawan. Outspoken bishops said that he was a man of integrity and moral principles. His anti-mining campaign could have been the motive for his murder.

Doc Gerry lives on as a true “Valentine Hero”. His wife and five children and thousands continue to mourn his death. There are many thousands of self-sacrificing “Valentine Heroes”. They start out as ordinary mortals but rise to heroic heights of virtue. They develop a love higher, greater, more pure and unselfish than most of us can imagine. The love these heroes have is not for pleasure or self-gratification, but only to give of themselves daily for the welfare of others, for the community, for those who can give no return, no payback. This is the greatest love of all – “to lay down one’s life for a friend”. Now who first said that?


DWCU Commerce Students Led ENEDA Product Expo ‘2011



Mr. Edward Kester Ng

DWCU, Urdaneta City. Last January 28, 2011, the Entrepreneurship Educators’ Association of the Philippines (ENEDA) – North Luzon Chapter conducted its 2nd Product Expo with the theme, “Interfacing Entrepreneurship Education with the Dynamic Business Environment”, where Divine Word College of Urdaneta played as host.

The said product expo consists of two categories – food and non food product competition. DWCU Commerce students’ product entries beat other products from the different universities and colleges in North Luzon. Tsitusandu Beads, bead/ accessories made of recycled slippers, won First Place in the said event under Non-food Category. While, Save Me Bag, a luxury-looking handbag made of recycled rice sacks, was declared Second Place. Meanwhile, Sh’rilyo Shrimp, Bukarilyo made of Kurros (small shrimp), was one of the finalists in the food category.

Together with their coaches, Mrs. Leonida Javillo, Miss Marjorie Sion and Mr. Edward Kester Ng, Tsitusandu Beads group (Noraimah Mustapha, Gerry Ganzagan, Cozy Monalyn Ann Balitustus, Rowena Abes and Judy Ann De Vera), Save Me Bag group (Christopher Garcia, Michael Bernardino, Catherine Canlas, Marie Rose Selga and Katherine Tabar), and Sh’rilyo Shrimp group (Mylin Madriaga, Mary Jane Caadiang, Lawrence De Asis, Mary Ebonee Manucay and Robelle Diego) received the award at St. Michael’s Gymnasium, Divine Word College of Urdaneta last January 29, 2011.

The whole DWCU Community is very proud to all of you!

Reported by: Mr. Edward Ng

Commerce Students who won First Place under the Non-Food Category with Fr. Doms

Tsitusandu Beads made of slippers – 1st Place – Non Food Category

The 2nd Placers under the Non-food Category Event with the Save me Bag product in front

The Commerce Students behind the Save Me Bag product made of recycled rice sacks - 2nd Place - Non - Food Category

Commerce students who are finalists under the Food Category event. Their product is Sh’rilyo Shrimp, Bukarilyo made of Kurros (small shrimp).








Mr. Edward Kester Ng

DWCU, Urdaneta City. Last January 28 and 29, 2011 the Entrepreneurship Educators’ Association of the Philippines (ENEDA) – North Luzon Chapter conducted its 3rd Regional Conference and 2nd Product Expo in Divine Word College of Urdaneta with the theme, “Interfacing Entrepreneurship Education with the Dynamic Business Envrionment.” The two day event started with an exhibit of the different food and non-food products of each participating higher educational institutions (HEIs).

In the afternoon, the product competition was conducted where entries from the different universities and colleges in North Luzon compete for the Best Food Product and Best Non-food Product. Judges consist of Miss Lorraine Ngaosi, ENEDA North Luzon President, Miss Lolita Manansala from Urdaneta City University and Mr. Mark Carace from Pangasinan State University – Alaminos Campus. DWCU product entries in the food and non-food categories were praised by everyone who was present during the expo.

After the competition, jam and perfume making were demonstrated to over 400 participants. DWCU headed by Mrs. Ma. Corazon O. Bustria of the College Department showed the conference participants how to make a tomato-pineapple jam. Participants were amazed on how the raw material used – tomato and pineapple – blend together in perfect taste. Afterwards, Mr. Jose Ceaga of Tarlac State University showed the participants how to make a perfume. Mr. Ceaga discussed the basics of perfume making and how to blend chemicals and essence oils to have a perfume suited to everyone’s taste.


The second day covers the seminar, election of new set of ENEDA North Luzon Officers and Young Entrepreneurs’ Society Officers (YES), and the awarding of winners in the product competition. The seminar started with a doxology and the singing of the national anthem led by selected AB Philosophy students of DWCU. Fr. Emmanuel E. Ferrer, SVD, DWCU Finance Officer represented Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD in welcoming more than 400 participants to the DWCU.

Dr. Edwin Bernal, ENEDA National President and professor at Ateneo De Naga University talked about a brief background of ENEDA and YES. According to Dr. Bernal, ENEDA is a non-stock, non-profit association of entrepreneurship educators, professionals, academicians in the Philippines whose aim is to promote and advocate entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Young Entrepreneurship Society (YES) is the student arm of ENEDA. He then discussed about Microtrends. Microtrends has four types, 1) health and wellness, 2) love, sex and relationship, 3) family life, and 4) working life.

THE RIDAO COUPLEA talkshow regarding franchising immediately followed. Pastor Rolando de Jesus of Tarlac State University facilitated the event where Prosecutor Silvestre Redemptor Ridao and Mrs. Imee Ridao, franchisees of Marsha’s Delicacies and Mai Chai Siomai in Urdaneta, were invited as speakers. According to the speakers, franchising is a good business because the franchisees have their own supplier for their product and they didn’t waste their time in producing the products. The time which is supposed to be used in producing the product is used for family bonding.

The last discussant is Mrs. Rebecca Dones of TESDA Lingayen. She discussed the programs offered by TESDA and how these programs will help graduates achieve business growth. Without wasting any time, educators and students representing each university participants gathered to elect new set of officers for ENEDA North Luzon and YES, respectively. Mr. Edward Kester Ng of DWCU was elected as ENEDA North Luzon Secretary and Ms. Carolina Campanero (BSC-MA3) was elected as one of YES’ Board of Directors. The seminar closed by awarding the different winners in the 2nd ENEDA North Luzon Product Expo and presenting the certificates of participation to all participating universities and colleges.

Reported by:

Mr. Edward Kester Ng