Urdaneta City Private Schools Heads Meeting with Schools Division Superintendent at DWCU

DWCU Hosts the Meeting of Urdaneta City Schools Division Superintendent with the Private Schools Owners and Principals

https://dwcu.files.wordpress.com/2020/07/pic-6.jpgThe Divine Word College of Urdaneta, Inc. hosted a meeting and participated by all Private Schools Heads in Urdaneta City Division on July 22, 2020. The meeting was graced by the Schools Division Superintendent, Ma’am Fatima Boado, CESO VI, SGOD Chief Dr. Mario Campilla, SEPS Dr. Grace Pador, and EPS II Hazel Calivo.

The event started with an opening prayer led by the DWCU President, Rev. Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD, followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem. Ma’am Marlyn Laroco, DWCU High School Principal had a roll call of the attending Private Schools Heads and signified that all private schools were present.

After the preliminary activities, SDS Ma’am Fatima Boado reiterated that the meeting was being conducted to know the concerns and issues of the private schools so they could present it to the proper agencies/ authorities. She presented the Learning Continuity Plan (LCP) adopted and being implemented by public schools in Urdaneta City division.

After the presentation, the private schools heads were given the opportunity to pic 8raise their concerns on the current situation that they are facing. Some of the concerns are the following: Low rate of enrollment, Learning delivery modalities adopted by the private schools, and Employment rate.

Upon learning these, Ma’am Fatima gave her assurance that the division office will help address the issues and concerns. She further advised the private schools to submit the school’s learning continuity plan and the profile of the employees for this school year. The meeting adjourned at 12:00 noon.






SY 2019 – 2020

2019 CEAP Regional Assembly



The DWCU administrators: Rev. Fr. Venerando J. Yator, SVD, Mrs. Marlyn R. Laroco, Ms, Carolina T. Sayapen, Mr. Louise C. Lorian and Mrs. Joelita  M. Bernabe went to Alaminos City, Pangasinan last July 27, 2019, to attend the 2019  CEAP  Regional  Assembly. “MISSIO: YES, YOUTH CAN“ was the theme for this year’s  CEAP Regional Assembly which was held at Don Leopoldo Sison Convention Center, Alaminos City,  Pangasinan. The main celebrant during the Eucharistic Celebration was  Most Rev. Ricardo L.  Baccay, DD, the Bishop of  Alaminos. His homily focused on “CHRISTUS VIVIT  OR CHRIST IS ALIVE.” Bishop Baccay also said  “BE COMPANION to the youth,” which means that we have to bring Jesus to the young people.

Msgr. Manuel S. Bravo, ALDS  Superintendent & Regional Trustee, welcomed the delegates and gave the Overview of the 2019 CEAP Regional Assembly. In his talk, he mentioned about the CEAP Region 1 Vision and Mission,  the new members in the organizations, and the launching of advocacy: “HUWAG  KANG  MAGNAKAW.” He further  reiterated what Bishop Baccay said in his homily –“ Be Christ to the youth and bring them to Jesus.” Cultural presentations followed after the talk of Msgr. Bravo.

Dr. Everlita N. Quinto, CEAP Regional Secretary, presented the seven (7) Diocesan Schools which  joined and participated in the Regional Assembly : Archdiocese of Nueva Segovia, Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan, Diocese of Urdaneta, Diocese of Laoag, Diocese of Alaminos, Diocese of San Fernando, La Union and Diocese of Bangued, Abra.

Rev. Fr. Joel E. Tabora, SJ, CEAP President, missed the inspired and happy delegates which were more than 1,000 because he was not around but his presence was felt through the video he sent that conveyed his message to the 1000 participants through the CEAP Executive Secretary, Ms. Mary Ann Cruz. He ended his video message with the words inspired by Pope Francis : “CHRITUS VIVIT or CHRIST IS ALIVE.”  Fr. Tabora said we have to be agents of change: social and political changes. Let our students/learners and teachers get involved in bringing Jesus to the young people. He also emphasized that despite of all the problems being experienced by Catholic Educators, we could say “Yes we can !” because CHRIST IS ALIVE !

Atty. Joseph Estrada focused on the legal issues and concerns of the Private Education. He talked about the Policy on “NO PERMIT, NO EXAM POLICY.” This policy started from 2011 continued in 2016 by Sen. Villar and the latest in 2018 by former Sen.  Aquino. According to Atty. Estrada, a school should be a “LITIGIOUS SOCIETY”  which means that to have a good management of the school, the stakeholder should protect the teachers and the school.

In the afternoon, Rev. Fr. Atiliano “Nonong”  Fajardo, C.M. together with his staff launched the advocacy: “HUWAG KANG MAGNAKAW.” This advocacy enjoins each and everyone to be honest. This advocacy will be done for seven (7) years, wherein we have to promote political, moral and cultural changes in preparation for the celebration of the 500 years of CHRISTIANITY in 2021. Fr. Fajardo encouraged us to educate the minds of our teachers and students on the advocacy: “Huwag Kang Magnakaw. Sama-sama tayong magbago at sama-sama tayong magkaisa  to attain this advocacy – HKM.”


DWCU The Vine Staff


The staff of “The Vine”, the official publication of DWCU, had a school-based press conference with Phillip Jerome A. Posas of Don Eulogio De Guzman Memorial National High School, winner of NSPC 2018 Feature Writing- Filipino and National Festival of Talents Script Writing last July 26, 2019. The said school-based press conference was followed by a 3-day Division Seminar-Workshop on Campus Journalism with the theme  “Enhancing the Journalistic Prowess of Campus Journalists.” This is in preparation for the Division Schools Press Conference Contest.The Vine Staff coaches are Ms. Angela Marizze Rafanan, Mr. Aldrin Mejia, and Mr. Sadiri Ulep. See pics below:



Last July 26, 2019, a School-based Press Conference for The Vine staffers and participants of DWCU was held at the DWCU Conference Room with Phillip Jerome A. Posas of Don Eugolio de Guzman Memorial National High School, winner of NSPC 2018 Feature Writing-Filipino and National Festival of Talents Script Writing, in preparation for the upcoming Division Schools Press Conference.


DWCU The Vine Staff


Mr. Phillip Jerome A. Posas, the school-based School Press Conference Resouce Speaker with Mr. Aldrin Mejia, The Vine publication Adviser.

Oath Taking of DWCU Student Leaders

Oath Taking with Integrity of the DWCU Student Leaders 2019

The Oath taking ceremony of the officers of the Supreme Pupil Government (SPG), Supreme Student Government (SSG), Classroom Officers, Different clubs and organizations Officers from the elementary and high school levels took place at DWCU St. Michael Gymnasium last July 5, 2019, at 8 ‘clock in the morning. It was done during the first Friday Mass for the month of July 2019. With the Eucharist and before the parents, learners, and educators, the officers made a promise to live their desires to serve the educational community. Fr. Venerando Yator, SVD, the DWCU Campus Minister, was the presider during the solemn celebration of the mass with the theme “Live Again with Integrity”. In his homily, he said, “Just like St. Matthew the tax collector who was called by Jesus to become His apostle inspite of his background, we too are called by Jesus to become leaders despite our weaknesses and shadows in order to live again and to lead with Integrity. He chose and qualified us because He wanted to tell us, that He would like to do His Mission with and through us.” Furthermore, the Campus Minister said, “God focuses more on our strengths and lights rather than our shortcomings and shadows, thus He chose and elected us to become His stewards in leading the DWCU educational community”. After the Mass, Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD, the DWCU President, was tasked to officiate the induction of the different student leaders. A prayer was also offered to help them put into practice their noble promises to lead the whole educational community with Integrity. The induction or oath-taking rite of the different officers was finished at 9:30 in the morning.


The SSG Officers for SY 2019-2020


The SPG Officers for SY 2019-2020

First Impressions on the Electronic Voting Elections

Supreme Student Government Council Electronic Voting Election, Learner’s First Impressions

“Another clear step towards progress.”

ssgelection1The campaign elections of this school year’s Supreme Student Government (SSG) Council had surprised the entire campus when it had been announced that the elections would be done electronically. The state of the processing on the voting day could be compared to that of a real democratic election; the modern touch of technology was enough to change the air of the SSG election entirely, to the point of feeling professional.

The well-organized endeavor should be lauded. The elections themselves were done in six simple steps. First, a section is sent to the computer laboratory to commence the voting. In single file order, they are sent to the computers under the eyes of teacher custodians. Marked by a code prior to entry, they are made to vote Council officers under a short allotted time to encourage urgency. After they are finished, they are sent to the main desk to deposit their code, and then, they line up once more to write their signature and stamp their fingerprint. Another section is called and the cycle repeats.

The most beautiful thing about this new style of elections is that it is an ode to modern


Students casting their votes as supervised by teachers

democratic process. In simple terms, we are living up to the modern way of the world. On a practical level, while the transition is still in its infancy and the first time was slower when it came down to lining up at the desks and in front of the computer lab, the voting sessions themselves were blisteringly fast, and those who struggled with the voting template had the guidance of the custodians, who were paramount in the overall success.

You can imagine how much easier the tallying of the votes have gotten, too. This is attributed to the creation of the private website for the sole purpose of the election. Admirably, it did the job excellently and removed the factors of error that occur often when done manually by humans. The aesthetic of the website was simple yet good-looking. And the endeavour went smoothly and without issue.

To wrap it up, the electronic voting elections were truly impressive. It was an ambitious idea, and a sign that we have finally shifted to a more modern, progressive path. But even more impressive was the commitment to seeing the whole thing through. In good faith we hope to see the same thing in the years to come, and it would be welcoming if the entire school would shift to a more tech-based institution, one where the generation of the future would feel proud of learning in.

By: Ethan Matthew Cabreros, Grade 10 – St. Francis


SSG Online Election 2019

Supreme Student Government (SSG) Election gone online 2019-2020


This year’s Supreme Student Government election at Divine Word College of Urdaneta has stepped to the next level. It was the first-ever automated election for the student government bodies. The automated election was proposed by Mrs. Maria Amparo Batung, Computer Teacher. The idea of automated election was drawn from an ICT seminar given by Mr. Joel Madrid, ICT, LIS & BEIS Coordinator of Lananpin National High School which was held at DWCU last May 28, 2019. After rigorous tries and meetings to improve the election process, it was approved by the president. On Friday, June 28, 2019, the most awaited SSG election happened at the Computer Laboratory.

Earlier on the same day, June 28, 2019, there was a Miting de Avance held at St. Michael Gymnasium. Two promising parties rocked the gym as they were introduced. One is the CONVERGE party headed by Joshua Edward Drapiza, Grade 11- STEM student and second is the SAVAGE party headed by Vincent Harold Llego, Grade 12-HUMSS student. The students cheered for their favorite party and candidates as they ran around the gymnasium. The CONVERGE party stands for Community Of Noble Visionaries Emboldening Responsibility within Greater Entirety. On the other hand, SAVAGE party stands for Student Alliance for Valuable Achievements And Greater Excellence. Both parties aimed to improve the students’ welfare and talents. During the Miting de Avance, the two parties performed an intermission number simultaneously. In the afternoon, the SSG Election started. Signage and steps on how to cast votes are posted outside the computer laboratory. The Grade 7 students were the first one to cast their votes assisted by their respective advisers and other teachers in charge. The casting of votes was done per Grade level starting from Grade 7 until Grade 12. The SSG election started in the afternoon at 1 o’clock and finished at 3:04 in the afternoon. Ms. Marilyn Abenes is the adviser of the Supreme Student Government.

See pictures below of the first ever SSG online election:


The Computer Laboratory ready for E-Voting


Posted steps on how to cast online votes


Students line up for registration


Students casting their votes as supervised by teachers


More students casting their votes





Credible leaders of DWCU PTA were recognized during the annual Parents and Teachers Association Assembly held last June 29, 2019. Parents and guardians of students flocked at St. Michael Gymnasium for the registration which started at 8 o’clock. The program commenced with a prayer led by Mrs. Mercedes S. Cabaccang followed by the singing of the National Anthem directed by Mr. Mark Anthony M. Reyes. After which, Ma’am Joelita Bernabe – the Senior High School coordinator, welcomed the parents and teachers. She said that “there is a need for the teachers and parents to be together and discussed critically educational programs that will help the learners to achieve holistic education. School, administration, educators, parents and learners need to work together to attain the goal of education for the learners in the 21rst century”- the Senior High School Coordinator emphasized. The School President, Rev. Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD welcomed the parents and shared a short inspiring message. He said, “Our theme for this school year is Witness to the Word, Educating with Integrity. In DWCU, we do education with integrity by striving to harmonize Human, Professional, Academic, Faith and Institutional Integrity. Organizing ourselves, sharing and learning with one another as PTA, are pathways and means to achieve education with Integrity”. Moreover, Fr.  Ibay, SVD was tasked also to introduce the School Administration. It was followed by the Elementary Faculty, introduced by Miss Carolina T. Sayapen, Elementary Principal. Then the High School Department introduced by Mrs. Marlyn Laroco, High School Principal. Lastly, the Non-teaching personnel were introduced by Mrs. Marissa T. Sanchez. The presentation of the educational community to the parents was followed by a musical number performed by Professors Mark Anthony Reyes and Darryl Abacco. Part of the PTA assembly was the exposition of the DWCU Vision-Mission by Mrs. Marina Elizabeth M. Domingo.

In behalf of the PTA President, Engr. Carlos F. Lopez Jr., Mrs. Alma L. Ganigan gave a short message for the parents, then Mrs. Aurora S. Manzano, PTA Treasurer together with Mrs. Marlyn  R. Laroco, High School Principal has the Financial Report from last school year. After that, we elected our Executive PTA Officers and PTA Homeroom Officers. Class advisers discussed some homeroom concerns regarding students’ behavior and performance. The new set of officers took their oath led by Rev. Fr. Venerando J. Yator, SVD. The program ended by singing the DWCU Hymn conducted by Mr. Mark Anthony M. Reyes. The new set of PTA Executive Officers are as follows:

DWCU-PTA 2019a

Below are the pictures taken during the PTA General Assembly:

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