DWCU In Another Triple Celebration

The Feast of

St. Arnold Janssen (Jan.15)

President’s Day (Jan.18)

St. Josef Freinademetz (Jan.29)


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St. Arnold & St. Josef

The DWCU Family celebrated last January 18 the Feast of St. Arnold Janssen the Founder of the Society of the Divine Word, the Natal Day of the DWCU President and the Feast of St. Josef Freinademetz in a solemn mass at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium. The thanksgiving mass was prepared and sponsored by the College Department headed by Dean Leonida Javillo with the assistance of the Campus Minister Fr. Servasius Tethun, SVD.

Fr. President gave emphasis on the Power of the Word that inspired St. Arnold to begin a worldwide mission by founding the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), the Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (SSpS) and the Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit of Perpetual Adoration (SSpSAP). The Word is Life-giving, creative, dynamic and powerful. The driving force of the whole creation as everything was created because of Him. The Word was made flesh, the Divine Word. The prologue of St. John, the favorite passage of St. Arnold was the moving force of the celebration. St. Josef is a faithful believer of the Word, a lover of the Word and herald of the Word as the first SVD Missionary to China. 

We are privileged to be called Divinians…Witness to the Word. “May the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief vanish before the light of the Word and the spirit of grace, and may the heart of Jesus live in the hearts of all.   

Mr. Rey Mamasig

After the mass a tribute to Fr. President was rendered by the whole community. Mr. Reynald Mamasig moved by the spirit with the words DRIVING FORCE boldly printed in his shirt masterfully motivated the presentations from the Elementary Department with their dance rendition, a song from the nightingales of the High School Department, the intertaining ballroom dance of the Collegians, a mini concert of the Seminarians and the Hit-Back Medley of the members of the Campus Pastoral Council. Fr. President expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the whole community for the display of their thoughtfulness and expression of love inspiring him to reciprocate in many ways. He then officially declaired the day a “holiday” for the DWCU. A simple meal prepared by Fr. Finance Officer and shared by everyone made the day complete.










Divinian Katrina Mae Miranda Chosen as: Ms. STEP 2011

Divinian Katrina Mae Miranda

Declared Ms. STEP 2011

Ms. Katrina Mae Miranda - "MS. STEP 2011"

Urdaneta City. The Division of City Schools of Urdaneta City of the Department of Education in Region 1 recently held the 9th Student Technologist & Entrepreneurs of the Philippines (STEP) at the BADIPA Elementary School on January 7-8, 2011. The event was focused more on the Division Skills Competition with the theme: ” A STEP Higher: Upgrading Skills, Improving Lives” Hon. Amadeo G. E. Perez IV the City Mayor was the Guest Speaker during the occasion.

Ms. STEP 2011 with Mr. Louise Lorian

The competition culminated with the search for Mr. & Ms. STEP where our Divinian entry was judged to be the fairest of them all. Ms. Katrina Mae Miranda of IV-St. Arnold proclaimed as Best in Casual Wear and Best in Filipiniana Outfit and finally was crowned as MS. STEP ‘2011. With her title she then represent the City Division to the Regional Contest which will be scheduled soon.

The board of trustees of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta together with all the administrators, faculty, students and parents congratulate Ms. Katrina Mae Miranda with her most able coach Mr. Louise Lorian. We are truly proud of you!


MR. & MS STEP 2011

Happy New Year From the DWCU Family!

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The DWCU Academic Community

greets one and all

a Blissful New Year 2011!


A Blissful and A Happy New Year!!!

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The DWCU Greets Everyone A Happy New Year!

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The DWCU Family Greets One and All a Merry Christmas!

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The True Christmas Story

© By M.S.Lowndes

Based on: Luke 2:1-20

The events leading up to the birth of Christ weren’t coincidental, but was put in place by God, so that the prophecies of old would be fulfilled, in Isaiah 7: 13-14; Isaiah 9: 6-7; Micah 5: 2-5.

Everything that happened from the time the census was ordered, to everyone returning to their own city to be registered, and then the birth of Jesus while Joseph & Mary were in Bethlehem, was orchestrated by God. Out of Bethlehem, a small town in the City of David, came the Messiah.

This event was the beginning of something so incredible. Jesus Christ leaving His throne in glory and taking on human form, just to bring us reconciliation to our Father God. He came into the world, miraculously conceived, and then born as all humans are. He was first a baby, then a toddler, then a child and adolescent, and then became an adult. He experienced humanity at all levels. He truly can identify with all people at all stages of life.

This very first Christmas, God gave the greatest gift ever. His Son! And His Son gave the gift of His life – which was why He came. Because of this, we can have relationship with God as His children. Through Jesus Christ we are Sons and Daughters of the Most High God

So this Christmas, bear in mind the ‘True’ Christmas story, which led to the ‘True’ Easter story. Let us give thanks and praise to our heavenly Father for these events, which have changed our lives forever.

No matter how ‘secular’ the world is becoming, disregarding the truth of Christmas, let us boldly proclaim the truth about the birth of Jesus as the reason for the season.

Let us claim ‘CHRISTmas’ back!

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

~ John 3:16




The First Communion Administered to Elementary Pupils

Elementary Pupils Take the

 Sacrament of Holy Communion

for the First Time


Urdaneta City. Our angelic pupils of Grade III for the first time in their lives received the Holy Communion as part of their initiation to the Catholic faith in a Eucharistic Celebration last December 10, 2010 at 8:30 in the morning held at the Holy Spirit Chapel of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta. Fr. President congratulated the parents and guardians of the pupils for fulfilling their task and responsibility to their children in faithfully molding them through the tenets of our Catholic faith thus making them upright and pleasing to God. He further shared to them the fruits of the Sacrament of the Holy Communion: union with Christ the Lord, turning away from sin and reconciliation with self, others and God. To the pupils, Fr. President gave emphasis on the effects of receiving communion to wit: preservation of spiritual life with the Lord, growth and deepening of one’s spiritual life and sanctification.

The celebration was filled with solemnity in a way that those who witnessed the event can’t helped but experience the sanctifying grace that the Lord have showered to each and everyone in communion with the bread that gives life. The administration, faculty, non-academic personnel and all the students of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta extend our heartfelt felicitations to the parents, guardians and students who took part in this sacred celebration of the Eucharist. At the end of the celebration the Principal Mrs. Marina Elizabeth M. Domingo expressed her gratitude to all who made the celebration meaningful, fruitful and successful most specially to the parents and guardians of the pupils, to Sr. Lilia Cabusas, WCW the religious education teacher who prepared the pupils for that very important event, to Sr. Emilia Polinar,WCW who decorated the altar with all the beatiful flower arrangements,  Sr. Maritess, WCW for the choir, some seminarians, teachers and to all who contributed in one way or the other the success of the event.

Below are the list of the first communicants and some pictures courtesy of Ms Roch Baltazar of the Pop Photo center.