Urdaneta City. Ms. Aiza Perong, BSCS IV of the College Department excelled on top of the 15 finalists on the first season’s “DWCU GOT TALENT”  and received the most coveted trophy and a cash prize from the Parents-Teachers Association who were the main sponsors and brainchild of the search. Ms. Perong performed with the greatest audience impact known and ever displayed at St. Michael’s stage. She was  highly applauded for her unique integration of movement, visual imagery and the unspoken words of her innovative magical piece of a dance infused with contemporary beat, wit, humor and pathos. Indeed a talent that was highly commendable and worthy of being in the First Place. The honor attributed to her was uncontestable, no one challenged the decision.

 Meanwhile the DIVA DUET composed of Penelope Medrano and Mary Bernadith Romero both from I-St. Matthew got 2nd Place. The voices of Penelope and Bernadith were a good match, the harmonies perfect; it’s simple, cuddly, and reassuringly warm. The best duo or two singers together ever staged at St. Michael’s were witnessed once and for all by the cheering Divinians in agreement to the talent bestowed on them. Ms. Krystal Padilla BSSA II got the 3rd place while the RED NEW GENERATION of III-Genesis was declared fourth. Arian Aisne Mira vied the 5th place. The wonder boy of the Elementary Department Miguel Joaquin Tuliao Grade I got the highest vote from the viewers and received the Choice Award.


The first season of the DWCU Got Talent started with a thudering voice-over announcing the opening of the search. Fr. Servasius W. Tethun, SVD the Chairman of the show and the Campus Minister did the spiritual uplifting as he invoked the presence of the Almighty to bless the occasion. Fr. President then warmly welcomed everybody to witness the tsunami of talents that will drown the stage as he opened the first edition of “DWCU Got Talent” recognizing the initiative of the PTA, the full support of the academic community, the never-tiring effort of the members of the committee and the production staff.   Ms. Mary Lou Pre-Zayat the Master of Ceremonies confidently took the microphone as she masterfully facilitated the flow of the whole show beginning with a magnificent production number from the finalists of the DWCU Got Talent and the Battle of the Bands. The introduction of the Board of Judges then followed until finally the finalists rendered their varied talents to wit: 1) Most Wanted Crew, 2) UDG, 3) Girls Jam, 4)Christian Tira, 5) The Beast Singers, 6) Rated New Generation, 7) Mediplast, 8) Diva Duet, 9) Aiza Perong, 10) Arian Aisne Mira, 11) Divinian Dance Crew, 12) Miguel Joaquin Tuliao, 13) Shaina Quison, 14) Krystal Padilla and 15) Nina Charisse Evangelista. 

As the Father of the City of Urdaneta, Honorable Mayor Amadeo G.E. Perez IV generously took his time leaving all his very hectic schedule aside and joined the celebration of his sons and daughters at the DWCU as we celebrate the 44th Foundation Anniversary. In the middle of the feastivities our beloved Mayor delivered this very inspiring message:

 After the message of the Honorable Mayor the Search and the Battle continued with the intermission from the C.A.T. officers and cadettes. The Battle of the Bands then followed the sequence of their presentation in this order: 1) Super Heroes, 2) K-Love Band, 3) Interlude, 4) New Grounds and 5) The Cleaners.



The moment of truth came at hand! Before the announcement and the proclamation of the winners the President of the PTA Prosecutor Redemptor Ridao expressed his joy over the success of the event and gratitude to the numerous people who made this endeavor possible: to the Working Committees, the Core Committee, Ads, Certificates, Program Invitation, Production, Direction & Choreography, Hall Preparation, Special Awards, Stage Decoration, Auditing Committee and Accomodation.

And finally…the Emcee at the top of her voice releasing all the energies she had in store announced the results with the DWCU Got Talent mentioned earlier and The Battle of The Band proclaiming the K-LOVE BAND  of the College Department as the Champion to the deafening cheers of the Divinians. Second Place was awarded to the SUPER HEROES of the Elementary Department while the INTERLUDE of the High School Department was hailed Third Place. The Choice Award who garnered the highest vote in the box went to the SUPER HEROS of the Elementary Department.


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