The Pioneers Coming Back Home to DWCU


BATCH 1970 -1975


Message to the Pioneers

“Rejoicing in the Grace of the Divine Word”

Batch 1970-1975

Greetings in the Divine Word!

Thirty five to forty years ago, you bade goodbye to your Alma Mater, to the administrators, to your teachers, your classmates and friends to continue your journey in life realizing your dreams and aspirations. The separation was a bit painful but the pain was nothing compared to the joy that await in every victory that you experienced after all those trials and tribulations that you encountered along the way. You remember those glorious years gone by, equipped with the knowledge and wisdom through the integral formation that you embodied from your Alma Mater. Looking back those years therefore, we join you in thanking the Lord for always being there with you in your struggles and in your conquests in life.

With your theme: “Rejoicing in the Grace of the Divine Word”, as you all come home where you belong specially with the batch ’70 celebrating their Ruby Jubilee of their graduation during this 43rd year of the founding anniversary of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta your beloved Alma Mater, we join our hands and hearts together in rejoicing for all His grace and blessings. Indeed, let us rejoice as He gathers us all together again through His grace! Let us celebrate the victory that we all experienced through the years. Let us rejoice over the goodness of the Almighty for leading us by His hands through the years. We believe that this is God’s appointed time for us to be gathered as His chosen DWCU Family. This is the “Kairos” – in His time when He makes all things beautiful for us in this Homecoming of Batch 1970 – 1975. Cease the moment, celebrate the present; meet and encounter again your classmates and friends. Again, I say, REJOICE!

This homecoming is a renewal of your commitment to one another as brothers and sisters in the Divine Word. You renew your relationship, being members of one family. You renew your sweet memories in high school life as you renew your pledge to the Alumni Association during your graduation. This homecoming then is remembering, rejoicing and renewing as loyal Divinians… in Witness to the Word!

One with you,

Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD

President – DWCU



Thank You Myspace Comments
Urdaneta City. The academic community of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta gathered together as one Arnoldus Family celebrating 1.)  the Feast of St. Arnold Jannsen, SVD the founder of three missionary congregations 2.) the Feast of St. Joseph Freinademetz, SVD our first SVD Missionary to China and  3.) the natal day of  our President Fr. Doms O. Ramos, SVD last Monday, January 18, 2010.

The joyful and glorious celebration was sponsored by the High School Department together with the Campus Pastoral Council, the whole DWCU community and the Seminarians of the Divine Word Formation Center. Fr. Jess del Rosario, SVD the Spiritual Director, Fr. Noel Ferrer, SVD the Finance Officer and Fr. Bernard Teneza, SVD the Rector concelebrated the celebration of the Word and the breaking of the bread.

A short but meaningful and memorable program followed right after the mass with interesting numbers from the Elementary and Pre-School Department, the High School Department and the College Department. Fr. Rector gave his commendation to the celebrant for all his services to the seminary and the college. The celebrant gave his words of gratitude and declared officially the day free.


Words of Gratitude from the President:

Dear Faculty members, Non-academic staff, SVD confreres, Members of the College Council, Seminarians, Divinians, Students and friends,

Thank you very much for your sincere greetings, prayers and gifts that you have bestowed upon me during my birthday. I am truly grateful to all of you for the thoughts, affirmation and loving care. May the Divine Word bless you and your families all the more. I will continue to pray for you as we continue to journey together in our life and mission as Divinians  being Witnesses to the Word.

Gratefully yours,



New Year Myspace Comments


New Year Myspace Comments


New Year Myspace Comments




“And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” This is the beginning, the meaning and the reason why we have Christmas and why we celebrate Christmas. God in all His goodness and love realized His dream and promise to save us from “the darkness of sin and the night of unbelief”. He saved us from all our misgivings, our weaknesses and divisiveness. This is the season of giving, forgiving and re-uniting. It is the time to be together as one “Divinian Family” celebrating the joy and happiness that this season brings.

As members of this DWCU Academic Community, we wish and we dream that our “Christmas be White”, that “Silver Bells” will be ringing joyfully in our homes, that the Prince of Peace will reign in the hearts of everyone especially during “Silent Nights”. We have that “Whispering Hope” for “Santa Clause to come to Town” led by “Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer”. This will happen only when we “Give Love on Christmas Day”. Giving love on Christmas and always is to be “Witness to the Word”! Yes, Christmas is the time of giving, we are called together to give, we are born to give. You are “the Gift”!

Christmas will never be meaningful, memorable and fruitful without the spirit of giving. Indeed, we are happy when we receive something beautiful on Christmas but we are happier still if we give something more beautiful to our less fortunate brothers and sisters. There are those who will experience “Blue Christmas” without you… because they can’t expect to receive a gift during this season, but there are those who will be bluer still because they have nothing to give. Yes, how sad it is when we have nothing to give at all because of pride and greediness – the saddest state of a joyful time. As God gave His only begotten Son to us, let us give each other what God has given. It was the Divine Word who said: “the gifts that you have received, give as a gift”. If we do this, then it is “Christmas in our Hearts”… together we can sing with the Angels… “Glory to the New Born King”… “Peace on Earth and to all Divinians of Good Will!

Together with my confreres, the Divine Word Missionaries  and the Ramos Clan here in Cagayan de Oro City, I wish you all Merry Christmas and a Blissful New Year!

In the Divine Word,

Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD