I ♥ DWCU Signage

January 19, 2017 marks the blessing of the signage I  DWCU situated at the threshold going to St. Michael Gymnasium. It was built through the initiative of the Class Magnificat ‘95, represented by Mrs. Alma Ganigan, Mrs. Anna Loraine Viray, Mrs. Mary Aphrodite Directo and Mrs. Teodily Ceniza, in coordination with Mrs. Karina Padua-Espino (a former Divinian Batch ‘95 and the wife of Gov. Amado I. “Pogi” Espino, III of Pangasinan).

The ribbon cuttiimg_20170119_075706ng started with a prayer with Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD DWCU President, Fr. Leonardo Hiquiana, SVD, Finance Officer, Bro. Emmanuel Ines, SVD Campus Minister, with the DWCU Administrators, Staffs, Faculty, Students and DWCU Alumni.

Fr. Gil stated that the signage “becomes the awareness of the blessings of God, as a reminder of the blessings received, the current student and the people working here in Divine Word College of Urdaneta must take care and love it as the previous Alumni continually love DWCU, continuing the Vision and Mission of the founder Fr. Agustine Herbers, SVD.” He continued “always be grateful for the blessings BUT also be responsible and thankful, continue to put into our lives the Divine Word (Jesus Christ) and secondly take care of what is given to us- the privilege to study, because not all are given the chance to study. Let it be a reminder that this day is not only a blessing of the signage but also a blessing of everyone.”

img_0089The cutting of ribbon were done by Mrs. Ganigan, Mrs. Viray and Mrs. Directo as witnessed by the DWCU Community. After the ribbon cutting, each class from Elementary, High school and College students had the chance to take a picture at the signage.

The signage will become one of the trademarks of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta, that will attest through time, that the DWCU Alumni and the people who became part of the success of the DWCU will be a history that will be passed to the future Administrators and Students who will continue to take care and love the institution.

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Welcoming Intercultural Understanding, Shedding Signs of Hope and Unity

Welcoming Intercultural Understanding, Shedding Signs of Hope and Unity


Grand welcome given by the DWCU Community to Br. Guy Mazola  Mido, SVD headed by Fr. Gil To Manalo, SVD

We live in a world of multiculturalism and diversity where we are always being challenged of seeking the truth on the mystery of the triune God. The best of times keeps on reminding us about the goodness of living a new experience and reliving relationships in spite of our similarities and our differences. A big part of this fulfilled experience is the strengthening of our faith, unity and harmony through the important role played by the Christian communities that we belong. It is already a reality for us to focus on the very reflections of our existence to take care of one another, share our uniqueness and be stewards of God’s mission.

The DWCU community had an overwhelming acquaintance program for the coming of Br. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD and Visitator General to the Philippine Northern Province last November 18, 2016. As part of the aims toward achieving shared intercultural life, Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD delivered a heartwarming welcome address for the guest, attendees and students which was immediately followed by the introduction of the guest through Fr. Gerardo Gudmalin, SVD as he enlightened the crowd stating, “General Visitations are an occasion for the visitator to come into personal contact with the individual confreres. It has the task of strengthening the confreres’ conviction that the Society cares for each and everyone of them.”


Br. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD, Visitator General

One of the highlights of the event was the message of hope, determination and faith of Br. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD as the Visitator General to the Philippine Northern Province. He reminded everyone that we may be coming from different colors, races, ethnicities, gender and faith but we are born to fulfill and work toward a common goal. He also reiterated something about the future of every individual and how we must value education saying, “Institutions like this (DWCU) play a great role toward change. As you deliver education being one of the core components of the society’s development. The future of these people most especially on who they will become and what they will become in the near future depends greatly on how and what you teach to them.” The DWCU community also featured the diversified cultural performance of its productive members for the guest from having a heartfelt performance of the elementary pupils with the Pangasinan song “Malinak lay labi (Peaceful Night)” and the folk dancing performance of the high school students to the modern dance of the college students. The celebration ended with the strengthened appreciation and recognition of Br. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD most primarily toward embracing differences in harmony, togetherness, love and hope. His auspicious presence is already a remarkable sign as we continue to live a propitious and Christ-like life of being a progressive community.

Below are the pictures during the visitation of Br. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD


Br. Guy giving us his smile



The DWCU-DWFC Priests and Brother with Br. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD


Br. Guy Mazola Mido, SVD and the DWCU & DWFC Priests and Brother with the DWCU Faculty and Staff


The High School Dept. in their Cultural Presentation


The Elementary Pupils rendering a Pangasinan Song “Malinak Lay Labi (Peaceful Night) 

Article written by: Mr. Wilbert Giuseppe L. De Guzman
Pictures by: Mrs. Mae Liza Cabrilles

Anti-Bullying Act (R.A. 10627) and Anti-Child Abuse Law (R.A. 7610)

DWCU Gearing towards Strengthened Awareness on R.A. 7610, welcoming R.A. 10627


Fiscal Silvestre Redemptor A. Ridao , Resource Speaker on Anti-Bullying Act (R.A. 10627) and Anti-Child Abuse Law (R.A. 7610)

The 4th of November, 2016 was another remarkable event for DWCU to hold a seminar regarding the rights of children and the protection of students against any form of violence that may be inflicted by people who consider themselves superior especially to the younger ones. The seminar puts primacy on the very stems of a child’s well-being. It is also in accordance with the Deped’s measure to all public and private elementary and secondary educational institutions to instill and address a safer, healthier and conducive environment for learning among students where no one can be put to harm. The propitious discussion about the Anti-Bullying Act (R.A. 10627) and Anti-Child Abuse Law (R.A. 7610) became more advantageous to DWCU employees with the auspicious presence of Fiscal Silvestre Redemptor A. Ridao as the resource speaker; he is a City Prosecutor and a proud alumna/member of DWCU. The lecturer reminded the participants that the employees, most considerably the teachers are also an elemental focus of the Deped order. In line with this, the lecturer also reiterated that teachers who try to humiliate and even scold their students through punishment when it comes to misbehaving may be subjected to administrative and criminal sanctions.

Employers’ and Employees’ Welfare

through PAG-IBIG


Ms. Kimberly C. Francisco , Housing Relationship Officer of the PAG-IBIG Fund

The DWCU employees were relieved as they have raised their concerns about being more secured with their future. The PAG-IBIG Fund Office enlightened the participants with regard to the new opportunities and future possibilities that they can have as they go through their journey of being a loyal and active lifetime members. The discussion became all-important with Ms. Kimberly C. Francisco as the resource speaker, a Housing Relationship Officer of the PAG-IBIG Fund. Before starting a fruitful discussion with Ms. Francisco, Mrs. Marissa T. Sanchez, the DWCU Guidance Counselor elucidated the leveling up of having an effective Performance Management System for the DWCU employees to strengthen and develop their standard duties and responsibilities which also seek for further monitoring and evaluation towards achieving an over-all significant goal for the community.

By: Mr. Wilbert Giuseppe L. De Guzman
    Faculty, College Dept.

October-the Holy Rosary Month

October – The Holy Rosary and

Mission Awareness Month


On one occasion, Jesus’ disciples asked him to help them increase their faith on one another, they asked Him to teach them how to pray.  The Month of October is dedicated to the praying of the Holy Rosary and the Devotion to Mama Mary.  This gesture of prayer allows us to be united with Mama Mary as we participate in the Paschal Mystery of Jesus, His passion, death and resurrection.  This is our concrete action in opening ourselves for an “Increase of Faith.”




soon to come…


September 8 Celebration





One hundred forty-one years ago, on this very day – the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Arnold Janssen founded the Society of the Divine Word – an international religious missionary congregation of priests and brothers.  God gave him a vision and mission to proclaim the Word to all people through the Divine Word Missionaries.  The SVD arrived in the Philippines in the year 1909, They engaged in varied missionary apostolates, one of which is the administration of schools. For them the college is a place of evangelization, thus a place of mission.

As we thank the Lord for giving us the Blessed Virgin Mary as our Mother, let us also thank him for the SVDs, especially the many SVD missionaries who have gone back ahead of us.  They helped us mature in our faith. May this faith move us to action and make God’s love alive in our home, school and community.