DWCU Opened its First Day of School

DWCU Opened its First Day of School!


Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD welcome the students of DWCU for the school year 2016-2017 held at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium.

Divine Word College of Urdaneta marked its School Year 2016-2017 opening last June 13, 2016 with its very first Senior High School students. Rev. Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD DWCU’s School President had his welcome message welcoming back the old students from Pre-Elementary, Elementary, High School, and College students and also received the new students who came from different schools.

It was the day where the students looked forward to seeing their friends again after a two long months of vacation, not to mention the first timers in Senior High School who are currently enrolled as grade 11 under the Three Strands STEM (Science and Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) HUMSS (Humanities, Social Service) ABM (Accountancy, Business, Management) the school offered.

DWCU’s Administrators, Faculty and Staffs were all joined force in welcoming the students as everyone proceeded at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium for the meet and greet.

Fr. Gil proudly said that the school has its new laboratory buildings (Biology and Physics) alongside with the old Chemistry and Speech Laboratories. The classrooms were newly painted by the class advisers; the College Department has its new ceiling fans. But aside from his announcement, he was enthusiast to tell everyone that this year DWCU will be celebrating its 50th Golden Anniversary tagging as one of the most memorable and a great highlight in DWCU’s history. In return everyone applauded and were all looking forward on this grandiose event which will happen on February 2017.

After the short welcome program, everyone went to their respective classrooms for the Homeroom Orientation. The next event that everyone will be expecting is the anticipated First Friday Mass on June 24 which will happen at St. Michael’s Gymnasium.

Below are some of the pictures taken at the school gymnasium during the opening of the School Year 2016 – 2017.

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In Service Training for DWCU Administrators, Faculty and Staffs for School Year 2016 – 2017


Ms. Sheryle Domingo of Philhealth discussed the benefits of Philhealth and when to avail the benefits.

The Divine Word College of Urdaneta Administrators, Faculty and Staffs in collaboration of the PhilHealth and National Conciliation and Mediation Board held its In Service Training at the DWCU Conference Room last June 7, 2016. The purpose of the said seminar was to explain further the benefits of each of the employee with regards to PhilHealth’s claim, how and when can we use the benefits. The first resource speaker was Ms. Sheryle Domingo of PhilHealth stated the brackets or equivalent amount of benefits in a certain diagnosis and explained the process of filing, who is the beneficiaries and everyone, was enlightened.

After the first resource speaker, Mr. Lester Panem a representative of the National Conciliation and Mediation Board (under Department of Labor and Employment) followed


Mr. Lester Panem of National Conciliation and Mediation Board discussed the Ethics of Work and Values Re-Engineering and how important the Doctrines of Work in Employee-Employer relationship.

and discussed how the relationship of “employee-employer” works hand in hand towards a better workplace. He also tackled about Work Ethics and Values Re-Engineering and how important does the Value Formation in affecting the kind of job we have. Lastly, he emphasized the Four Doctrines of Work which are 1.) Necessity 2.) Equity 3.) Disposition and 4.) Motivation. These are all factors that really affects our work behavior in a working environment, what we are towards a job depends on our attitude and how does everyone treat each other.

20160607_135931 (Large)

Engr. Ficer Dofredo, MIT, discussing the Importance of Research and how a Reseach is made easy through software technologies.

The seminar resumed at 1:30 in the afternoon, the resource speaker then was Engr. Ficer Doctredo MIT, and a President of Research Team in Urdaneta City University (UCU).  Engr. Dofredo discussed about the Importance of Research and how Research is made easy through the “Mendeley” application that can be downloaded in the computer.

Now a day he reiterated that it is best to have/conduct research to broaden up knowledge in order to dig deeper regarding studies and ideals. This is a big factor especially for faculty members who wanted to learn more about a specific study.  He also cited some websites where in everyone can browse and download published research and no need to go to the libraries which is time consuming and financially stressful. These websites may serve as a research material for research studies.

It was indeed a productive day, everyone were all enlightened and learned a lot from the resource speakers. We also commend Mrs. Marissa Sanchez, HR Coordinator and Guidance Counselor for coming up with a sensible seminar.


Receiving the Token of Appreciation with Fr. Gerardo Gudmalin, SVD and Dean Joelita Bernabe of College Dept.

20160607_120725 (Large)

Mr. Panem receives his Token of Appreciation together with Mrs. Marilyn Laroco, High School Principal and Bro. Emmanuel Ines, SVD, Campus Minister.

20160607_162323(0) (Large)

Receiving his Token of Appreciation, Engr. Ficer Dofredo, MIT, together with the School President Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD, Mrs. Marilyn Laroco, High School Principal, Ms. Caolina Sayapen, Pre-school & Elementary Principal and Mrs. Joelita Bernabe, College Dean.


front of DWCU 2 (Medium) (Custom)

Divine Word College of Urdaneta is the youngest of the universities and colleges owned and managed by the Society of the Divine Word (SVD), popularly known as the Divine Word Missionaries.

Early in 1963, The Society of the Divine Word decided to open a seminary of its own in Urdaneta. Later, the idea of adding to it a high school and college was approved. Father Augustine Herbers, SVD was put in charge of this big project. A lot consisting six and a half hectares was bought in 1964. On March 20 1966, the Most Reverend Madriano Madriaga D.D. blessed the cornerstone with great solemnity. By the school year 1967-1968, the modernistic three – story building was ready to open its doors to the first year students. There were 8 seminarians, 165 high school and 72 college students. Father George Hardwart SVD was the First College Director and Father Augustine Herbers, SVD was the First Seminary Rector. At the end of the same school year the first batch of Secretarial students graduated and the First High School graduation took place I 1970. From its very first existence, the Divine Word College offered High School, Secretarial, Commerce, Liberal Arts and Education courses.
In the school year 2003-2004 the institution welcomed the Preschool pupils’ using the first floor of the seminary building. That same year started the construction of the elementary building to be ready for the incoming Grade 1-6 for the next school year. (DWCU Journal)

Today DWCU is among the private schools to offer Grades 11 and 12 with strong emphasis on the skills and techniques offering a high class quality of education from well-trained instructors.

A year of celebratory events to mark the 49th Anniversary began on the 26th of February with an anticipated mass. The mass presider Fr. Romeo Fajardo (a former DWCU Regent in 1983) alongside with the SVD Community; DWCU staffs students’, alumni’s and guests. Before the closing prayer Mr. Julio Parayno III who was a PTCA President and Alumni President was given a Certificate of Appreciation for having been made a significant contribution towards the school’s development and growth, facilitated improvement of school, or assisted in strengthening the school’s reputation. Fr. Romeo Fajardo, SVD ended his heartfelt message with “DWCU Going Alive in a Golden Mission!”

Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD DWCU’s President was so optimistic prior to the Foundation Anniversary, he led each and every faculty and staffs for the preparation of the said event, reminding each and every one of their tasks and contributions.

After the official ceremonies the celebration continued with the much awaited motorcade which started 10:30 a.m. in DWCU and headed to Asingan, Sta Maria, Carmen, Villasis and back to Urdaneta. Upon coming back to the school everyone were invited to witness the blessing of the Science Laboratory which will be used by the incoming Grades 11 and 12 (Junior and Senior High students). The event gathered guests mostly the school alumni who showed their undying support and admiration to their beloved alma mater.

In the afternoon the alumni’s, teaching and non-teaching staffs showed their dancing prowess as they danced to the beat of Zumba and shed their sweats off, such an ideal inspiration to the students who dances with them.
On the second day February 27, the students from Elementary, High School and College Departments were gathered at St. Michael’s Gymnasium, and competed in the Cultural Dance Competition; this enables the students to show off their talents as they portray a specific culture from different places here in our country manifesting each regions culture and richness boasting with embellished décors and props. The students showed their cooperation and unity as they participated in the competition and bested each other.
The students did not disappoint the guests as everyone wowed in their performances matching the colorful and unique costumes made for them, truly a remarkable event the students must remember in their lifetime as they stay and study in DWCU.

The Anniversary ended the event with boomerang as the candidates for Mr. and Ms. Students Fest ramped their way on the stage revealing the students best of the best. This was taken in the afternoon at St. Michael’s Gymnasium.
From the eye catching Creative Costume show casing the incredible talent of designing and creating an extra ordinary costumes proudly fitted for them, down to the very elegant Formal Wear, clear-cut the pride and glamour one possesses.
The candidates feel their moment and ponder their personalities, making everyone enthralled in ecstasy as the candidates put their best foot forward and enjoyed what they were doing. The parents who were there proudly smiling and giving inspirations and cheers to their son/daughter are a tear jerking scene.
The event wouldn’t be possible without the extended help and support of the sponsors, alumni’s, PTCA officers, Ms. Carol Sayapen (Pre-Elementary and Elementary Principal) Mrs. Marlyn Laroco (High School Principal) Mrs. Joelita Bernabe (College Dean), students, parents, and guests.

DWCU is looking forward to celebrating its 50th Golden Anniversary next school year and everyone are all very excited as to what the school will flaunt. But nevertheless, with the help of everyone who made this year’s anniversary possible, there is no doubt that the Golden Anniversary is worth waiting.


The National Bible Week Celebration

IMG_9063 (Large)

Fr. Juan “Ayok” Libangan, SVD, DWCU Campus Minister leads the Bible Enthronement

One of the most important things that we must always remember as we go through life is to live and abide by the holy scriptures of God. This serves as a blueprint of our destiny and judgment. As a long-lived tradition, the DWCU community held a weeklong celebration to participate and support the National Bible Week together with the commemoration of Saints who were called to be an instrument of God’s kindness, goodness, mercy and compassion – Saint Arnold Janssen and Saint Joseph Freinademetz. The event started on the 18th day of January, 2016 and lasted on the 22nd day of the same month. Students were gathered to carry their Bibles and a tarpaulin with a printed verse from the Holy Book as they went through a parade among selected routes. After the Bible parade last January 18, students were told to stay within the walls of their classroom to share their thoughts about a given verse form the Holy Book and spread the goodness of God relating their experiences as they were guided by their teachers, which persisted until the 22nd day of January. The celebration had the theme, “Like Saint Arnold Janssen and Saint Joseph Freinademetz, We are Called to be Missionaries of Mercy and Compassion.”

IMG_9088 (Large)

Blessing of the Bibles

IMG_9014 (Large)

Leading the Bible Parade are the standees of Saints Arnord Janssen & Josef Freinademetz, and Pope Francis

IMG_9015 (Large)IMG_9017 (Large)IMG_9027 (Large)IMG_9025 (Large)IMG_9039 (Large)

In line with the celebration was the birthday of Rev. Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD the DWCU President last January 22, 2016. In the afternoon of that same day, the DWCU Family and Personnel held their Fit and Faith Formation to enjoy which was another way for them to strengthen their faith, health and solidarity.






by: Mrs. Mae Liza C. Cabrilles
Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD pic

Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD

He was born on January 22, 1956 in Manila, he entered the Divine Word Seminary located in Tagaytay as early as his High School Life, and hence he really knows what he wants in his life. He followed his calling as soon as he graduated high school; he took up Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and graduated in 1983, finished his Bachelor of Arts in Theology on October 1988. In addition to the roster of his achievements, he finished his Master of Arts in Education Major in School Leadership at De La Salle University, and currently enrolled in Doctor of Philosophy Major in Developmental Studies at Pangasinan State University.

Fr. Gil T. Manalo or Fr. Gil became the President of Divine Word College of Vigan before he becomes the President of Divine Word College of Urdaneta. Fr. Gil is at his prime of his life, is living the way he wanted to. He is well known for being precise and diligent. He really knows what he wants to do; he is well equipped with plans.

I’ve known Fr. Gil for quite a short time, he interviewed me as I applied for a job here in DWCU, at first I was a bit aghast, I don’t know him personally, but his baritone voice was filling the four corner of his office. As he talked and asked about my family, what I do in life, I became a little relaxed, he might be some kind of intimidating but then I knew he is a priest that’s why I removed all my inhibitions and talked to him casually. As months passed by, I envisioned myself to work in this institution as long as I can and of course as long as this institution thinks that I can be of help especially for the students.

As he turned 60 this January 22, 2016 Fr. Gil is still very energetic, he is very hands-on to whatever plans it will take. He never loses judgment but weighs things accordingly. He helped every individual and challenges his people beyond their means. He pushes them (not literally though) to take actions and never doubted. He may interfere but listen to commendations and balance what is preferable from not.

We may not regularly speak but he sees to it that when I make an appointment to him and talk to me, he listens to my ideas, give me advices, “veto” sometimes but nevertheless I have to understand that he has his own reason. I have a huge respect on him, and I am thankful for he is one of the people who believed in me, and gave me a chance to pursue my dream (become a teacher).

On your birthday Fr. Gil I would like to say Thank You from the bottom of heart, I wish you more life (so you can still share your blessings, talents and wisdom), more happiness and contentment in life. Thank you for the guidance and wisdom you bestow on me and to everyone who I know want to greet you on your special day.
Happy Birthday Fr. Gil! God Bless and More Power!

Mrs. Mae Liza C. Cabrilles
English Intructor, DWCU College Dept.
Columnist, Pangasinan News Local Newspaper





“Together We Run, Together We Make Fun” is this year’s theme for the Family Day held last January 16, 2016 at Divine Word College of Urdaneta.

Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD joined the families and school staffs as they waited the gun time of this meaningful event. The purpose of this year’s event- Fun Run is to bring families and unite as one as they make fun out of their casual or ordinary day; the gun time was heard at 5:45 in the morning. The participants followed the designated route: from Divine Word College of Urdaneta, passed along Calle Sison, Badipa, Camarquezan, and back to DWCU.

IMG_20160115_150817The Fun Run lasted for an hour, exhausted it may seem but everyone who attended wore the excitement on their face, not only the students had the chance to run with their parents, but everyone can say they will really cherish the moment.

After the Fun Run, everyone was expected to join the parlor games held at St. Michael’s Gymnasium. It was an exuberant day, after the parlor games the winners of the marathon were announced, and certificates were given, among these are the placers in every department, and the family who has a complete member until the very end of the game.

Random Pictures during the DWCU Family Day








IMG_20160115_145554 12573132_10207152161313924_4554344925985071536_n 12522996_10207152139553380_8260953692049379123_n 12572991_10207152223755485_7018707470675546644_n 12540985_10207152220955415_2223406513476857818_n IMG_20160115_165255

Team Building Activity for Student Medical Team and Intramurals First Aid Station

Team Building Activity for Student Medical Team and Intramurals First Aid Station

First aid is an immediate care given to a person who has been injured or suddenly taken ill. First aid must alleviate suffering, prevent further injury or danger, and prolong life. To be a good first aider he/she must have those characteristics which includes being gentle, resourceful, observant, tactful, emphathetic, and respectful.

Selected students from Grade 10,specifically those who are CAT officers, Representatives from the College Department, and  volunteer students from Grade 9 who really want to be a part of the Student Medical Team undergo lectures and return demonstrations as First Aiders for the coming Intramurals on September 16-18, 2015. Some of them are aspiring Doctors, Nurses, and other Medical Professionals someday.

Being a part the student medical team, they should move as one team to render effective first aid care, so before the Intramurals, we have a simple team building activity to strengthen the team. Lectures and return demonstrations were done during their free time in the afternoon.

Team Building Activity (September 11, 2015)

In our Team Building Activity, we only select 3 fun, exciting, and useful kind of games that will help them build their determination, cooperation, and unity to give help/care for their patients which includes their friends, classmates, and schoolmates.


The first game, “Find the egg”. The team will look for the eggs with a sad face and a note of injury. One will act as the injured egg and others will be the first aider.


The second game is “Water transport” game. As a team they will transfer a glass full of water into the next area trying not to spill the water. The water is considered as their patient or the injured one.


The third game is “Pass the Tray” game. Moving it carefully, they use their hands and minds to pass the tray with a glass of full of water to the next member while they were laying on the ground and trying to be careful not to spill the water. This was the most exciting game for the First Aid Medical Team for they enjoyed it a lot.

Intramurals First Aid Station (September 16-18, 2015)

Application of what they have learn from the lectures, return demonstrations, and other activities. The intramurals will be their self evaluation if they are effective as first aider.


The student medic assisting the asthmatic player with the nebulizer.


The school nurse together with the student medic, dressing the sprained ankle with the elastic bandage.


The DWCU First-Aiders assisting the collapsed player.


A student medic taking care of the player with scratches and wounds.


The school nurse together with the student medic, dressing the sprained ankle with the elastic bandage.

The Team Building Activity was so much fun. The students gain more ideas and techniques as well as unity and cooperation that they which they are able top use during the Intramurals.

As for the Intramurals First Aid Station, first aid intervention was successfully implemented by the School Nurse together with the Student Medical Team.


by: Mrs. Diana Marie G. Valdez
    DWCU School Nurse

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