Guidance Services



Mrs. Marissa T. Sanchez *Guidance Counselor*

Guidance is a continuous process of helping an individual develops his/her maximum capacity in the direction most beneficial to himself and his society. The school adopts a Guidance Program that caters to all students not only to the maladjusted or the exceptional ones.

Guidance Services are expressions of the Guidance Program a set of formalized actions that makes guidance operative, systematic and available to students. These services are unique from each other but interrelated with the aim of assisting students develop self-awareness which eventually leads to developing their potentials to the fullest.

I. Guidance Services:

  1. Individual Inventory Service: It is the process of collecting, organizing, synthesizing and interpreting relevant information of varied types about the students for the purpose of gaining a better understanding of the individuals.
  2. Information Service: It is designed to give students greater knowledge of educational, vocational and personal, social opportunities so that they may form choices and decisions in an increasingly complex society.
  3. Counselling Service: It is formulated to facilitate self-understanding through dialogue or small group interaction. The major focus of such relationship is to promote personal development and decision making based on self-understanding and knowledge of the environ­ment.
  4. Testing Service: Provides students objective assessment of their abilities their strengths, their weaknesses and in their ways to make use and maximize these potentials.
  5. Placement Service: This is both educational and vocational. Educational placement is the process of assisting the individual to progress satisfactorily from one educational experience to another. Vocational placement is the process of assisting the individual to find an appropriate place in the world of work, one which appeals to his interests and challenges his abilities.

Consultation and/or Appointment for Counselling:

Consultation or Counselling can be done during class hours from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.  provided that the students are granted permission by their Class Adviser and/or Subject Teacher.

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