Bible Parade Culminates DWCU Bible Week 2011 Celebration


Fr. Jess del Rosario, SVD

Bayaoas, Urdaneta City. The early morning sun on January 28, 2011, was comfortably warm, when the entire DWCU Community of Priests, Faculty Members, School Employees and the whole student body from the College Department to the Elementary, started the scheduled parade.  Beaming with excitement and joy, they carried tarpaulins and cartolinas bearing the different books of the Bible as well as selected verses taken from the Old and the New Testament.

The DWCU Parade was led by a colorful float – a flat vehicle carrying a big replica of the Bible with Biblical characters portrayed by selected elementary pupils dressed in Biblical costumes.

Not far behind, another float followed, bearing Biblical Characters – Joseph and Mary portrayed by two selected College Students, standing before a painted picture of Christ.

The school parade proceeded along J.P. Rizal Street then turning to Las Vegas and Marcelo H. del Pilar Streets, finally winding down towards the end of J.P. Rizal Street, then back to Divine Word College Campus.  It was a short but meaningful display of DWCU’s participation in the celebration of the National Bible Week.  Once again, DWCU has done its part in promoting the importance and value of Bible reading in everyday Christian living.  With this public show of solidarity with the Episcopal Commission for the Biblical Apostolate (ECBA-CBCP) and the Philippine Bible Society (PBS), DWCU has once again, given its share in spreading the love for the Word of God in the Bible, thus, “Becoming ONE as a Nation in the Stewardship of Creation!”


by: Fr. Jess del Rosario, SVD

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  1. congrats DWCU for all the sucess you have done in the 2010-2011 S.Y. MORE POWER TO ALL DIVINIANS. MICHAEL T. LOPEZ

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