Mr. Edward Kester Ng

DWCU, Urdaneta City. Last January 28 and 29, 2011 the Entrepreneurship Educators’ Association of the Philippines (ENEDA) – North Luzon Chapter conducted its 3rd Regional Conference and 2nd Product Expo in Divine Word College of Urdaneta with the theme, “Interfacing Entrepreneurship Education with the Dynamic Business Envrionment.” The two day event started with an exhibit of the different food and non-food products of each participating higher educational institutions (HEIs).

In the afternoon, the product competition was conducted where entries from the different universities and colleges in North Luzon compete for the Best Food Product and Best Non-food Product. Judges consist of Miss Lorraine Ngaosi, ENEDA North Luzon President, Miss Lolita Manansala from Urdaneta City University and Mr. Mark Carace from Pangasinan State University – Alaminos Campus. DWCU product entries in the food and non-food categories were praised by everyone who was present during the expo.

After the competition, jam and perfume making were demonstrated to over 400 participants. DWCU headed by Mrs. Ma. Corazon O. Bustria of the College Department showed the conference participants how to make a tomato-pineapple jam. Participants were amazed on how the raw material used – tomato and pineapple – blend together in perfect taste. Afterwards, Mr. Jose Ceaga of Tarlac State University showed the participants how to make a perfume. Mr. Ceaga discussed the basics of perfume making and how to blend chemicals and essence oils to have a perfume suited to everyone’s taste.


The second day covers the seminar, election of new set of ENEDA North Luzon Officers and Young Entrepreneurs’ Society Officers (YES), and the awarding of winners in the product competition. The seminar started with a doxology and the singing of the national anthem led by selected AB Philosophy students of DWCU. Fr. Emmanuel E. Ferrer, SVD, DWCU Finance Officer represented Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD in welcoming more than 400 participants to the DWCU.

Dr. Edwin Bernal, ENEDA National President and professor at Ateneo De Naga University talked about a brief background of ENEDA and YES. According to Dr. Bernal, ENEDA is a non-stock, non-profit association of entrepreneurship educators, professionals, academicians in the Philippines whose aim is to promote and advocate entrepreneurship in the Philippines. Young Entrepreneurship Society (YES) is the student arm of ENEDA. He then discussed about Microtrends. Microtrends has four types, 1) health and wellness, 2) love, sex and relationship, 3) family life, and 4) working life.

THE RIDAO COUPLEA talkshow regarding franchising immediately followed. Pastor Rolando de Jesus of Tarlac State University facilitated the event where Prosecutor Silvestre Redemptor Ridao and Mrs. Imee Ridao, franchisees of Marsha’s Delicacies and Mai Chai Siomai in Urdaneta, were invited as speakers. According to the speakers, franchising is a good business because the franchisees have their own supplier for their product and they didn’t waste their time in producing the products. The time which is supposed to be used in producing the product is used for family bonding.

The last discussant is Mrs. Rebecca Dones of TESDA Lingayen. She discussed the programs offered by TESDA and how these programs will help graduates achieve business growth. Without wasting any time, educators and students representing each university participants gathered to elect new set of officers for ENEDA North Luzon and YES, respectively. Mr. Edward Kester Ng of DWCU was elected as ENEDA North Luzon Secretary and Ms. Carolina Campanero (BSC-MA3) was elected as one of YES’ Board of Directors. The seminar closed by awarding the different winners in the 2nd ENEDA North Luzon Product Expo and presenting the certificates of participation to all participating universities and colleges.

Reported by:

Mr. Edward Kester Ng


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