Fr. President asks for perpetuation of 3 C’s

Loyalty, in the context of the School, is an expression of gratitude, love and commitment to serve one’s alma mater. Last December 17, 2011 has been a gathering of DWCU Alumni Batches with an attendance of 242 Alumni excluding the faculty, administration and guests. Such event manifested the Alumni sense of heartfelt loyalty to their Alma Mater – Divine Word College of Urdaneta.

That homecoming event was celebrated with a fun run and ball games in the morning, a mass in the afternoon and culminated with a Christmas Party. The party was a dinner gathering where exchange of pleasant memories by alumni batches happened. The program was highlighted by the raffle draw sponsored by the Alumni Association Officers. The different heads and representatives of the batches were given the floor to express their sentiments on behalf of their fellow alumni. Proper acknowledgment and plaques of appreciation were given to Batch ’82 who donated and installed a CCTV Camera System for the entrance gates and the High School Building; the Silver Jubilee Batch ’86 for their donation of 500 mono block chairs. In that very moment, Batch ’87 vouched to come up with a school signage come March 2012 and Batch ’79 for the repair of the Girls’ Comfort Room. The School President Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD expressed his appreciation and profound gratitude for the involvement of the Alumni in the welfare of their Alma Mater; he then exhorted everyone to perpetuate the spirit of Alumni homecoming through his 3 C’s acronym, meaning CONNECTEDNESS – to look back and be re-united to the school and former classmates; CELEBRATION – to be present in solidarity gatherings as an act of gratitude; and CONTINUITY – to support the school in the manner that they could come up with but most importantly to send in their children for education. The celebration continued and was adjourned at 12 midnight where everybody went home with a sense of belongingness and good memories to cherish.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the DWCU Alumni Homecoming.

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DWCU Community Celebrated Christmas in Grand Gathering

Start of Christmas vacation kicked off with incessant parties

Parents, employees, and students of Divine Word College of Urdaneta made December 14 an event worth remembering via activities like Social Bingo, Class Christmas Party, and the culminating event of the day, the DWCU Employees Christmas Party.

Before the students and their advisers had their own Christmas parties, the community took this day as an opportunity to gather and celebrate a different kind of party at St. Michael Gymnasium through the Bingo Social, an activity sponsored by the PTA. Led by no other than Mr. Julio Parayno III, PTA and Alumni President, the PTA went all-out in giving something in return by

Mr. Julio Parayno III - DWCU-PTA President

giving the proceeds of the Bingo Social to the teachers and non-teaching personnel of DWCU. Different prize money was given for each round of the game, the highest which was 5,000 pesos. The second year high school students provided the entertainment part of the event with their Christmas-themed intermission numbers.

Sir Louise Lorian served as the Game Master of the said affair.

The end of the said gathering begins with the start of another celebration and that is the Homeroom Christmas Party of the different departments of DWCU. Each group had their parties in the different areas of the campus. It was a great opportunity for the students and teachers to savor the foods they brought to feast upon and a great moment to cherish the memories they impart to each other from the time they had their parlor games, skits of ala-Boy Pickup in proportion up to the time they hand out their gifts not only to their monito or monita but also to their friends and teachers as well. At the end of the day, the students left for the start of their Christmas vacation anticipating the coming of 2012 with high hopes.

DWCU - PTA Officers

If for the students the party was already over, for the DWCU employees, it was just about to begin.

All the hustle and bustle from morning till afternoon of December 14 won’t keep the teachers and non-teaching personnel drained of all their energies. They still have until evening to enjoy the party which was exclusively for them.

Each department: elementary, high school, college, and non-teaching had the chance to show their competitive dancing prowess through different novelty songs. That was just the beginning because it was not only a competition in dancing talent but also in parlor games adeptness. It was all a worthwhile moment to enjoy the company of each other breaking from the routines that each employee was used to. Even the SVD Fathers led by Fr. Gil T. Manalo, the school president, took the stage to present their own song number. During the party, a photo montage of the employees with their families was also presented as a tribute and symbolism of the community coming together to be united in celebrating this special day as a family.
Prizes given by different sponsors were also raffled during the party. Some were somehow lucky to be picked while others were so much lucky for the prizes they have won. To end the evening, gifts were exchanged, community singing transpired, and greetings were exchanged with each other.

As each employee go home to their real families, they brought something to impart to them with what they had about December 14, be it food, gifts, or something like a story – an experience they had with parents, students, and their colleagues of this eventful day.

DWCU Employees having fun during their Christmas Party



Book Giving Outreach Program

Last October 27, 2011, DWCU conducts BIGAYAN: A bookgiving outreach program in line with its 45th Founding Celebration, with the theme, DWCU @ 45: Dreaming, Witnessing, Celebrating and Upholding the SVD Core Values, to public elementary and high schools in Urdaneta City. The said event is a project of the DWCU Library in cooperation with the College Student Council.

The recipients of this Bookgiving Outreach Program are Nancalobasaan Elementary School, P.T. Orata Elementary School, Cabuloan Elementary School, Badipa Elementary School, P.T. Orata National High School, Cayambanan National High School, Nancalobasaan National High School, Cabuloan National High School and Badipa National High School.

750 books were distributed to these recipient schools that aim to share to them reference books from the school library which will help public school students in enriching their knowledge and also to give gratitude to educational institutions that helped DWCU grow for the past 45 years.
The institution will again conduct another bookgiving outreach program this upcoming January 2012.

The recipients of the Book Giving Outreach Program of DWCU