DWCU Employees Gen.Assembly 2019


61492263_1195772430627624_1794030766074626048_nThe Divine Word College of Urdaneta General Assembly was called out to order at exactly 8:00 in the morning of May 29, 2019 at DWCU Conference Room with the theme “Witness to the Word, Educating with Integrity”. It was attended by the administrators, teaching, non-teaching personnel and guest speaker of the said institution to plan together for School Year 2019-2020.

61845648_1195772217294312_3771313308334817280_nIt started with the opening prayer by the Administrative and Finance Officer Rev. Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD followed by the warm welcome remarks of the new Senior High School Coordinator Mrs. Joelita Bernabe and a further explanation on the Vision and Mission of the school which focused on the four core values namely: Integrity, Excellence, Social Responsibility and Evangelization given by Mrs. Marina Elizabeth Domingo. Next on the program were the introductions of the SVD Priests, Faculties of the Elementary and High School Departments and Non-teaching Personnel led by the Heads of the various departments (Rev. Fr. Roberto Ibay in the SVD Priests, Miss Carolina T. Sayapen in the ECE/Kindergarten/Elementary, Mrs. Marlyn Laroco in the High School, Rev. Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD in the Non-teaching personnel). The emcee, Ms. Chriza Mae C. Camarillo, introduced the Guest Speaker in the person of the School Legal Counsel Atty. 61468545_1195772267294307_2515855786022797312_n-e1559531001320.jpgJose Q. Lorica IV who talked and gave different scenarios that had something to do with the focus on the first day of the Assembly which was the Republic Act 7610 also known as the Anti Child Abuse Law. He enumerated different actions by the teachers that were beyond the law and an open forum type of discussion for everyone to share ideas and gather thoughts. The last part of the program in the morning was the awarding of certificate to the Guest Speaker Atty. Jose Q. Lorica IV by Rev. Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD the President of the DWCU and Rev. Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD the DWCU Administrative and Finance Officer.

genassembly_jdgIn the afternoon of the same day was the lecture and workshop on the Information Communications Technology (ICT) by the DepEd Faculty the none other than the expert on the field Mr. Joel D. Madrid. The latter part of the workshop was so interesting for it dealt with one of the 21st-century skills which were the prevalence of technology in the teaching-learning process. The awarding of the certificate to the guest speaker followed.

61677381_1195772460627621_7023191296206438400_nMay 30, 2019, was ushered by Rev. Fr. Leonardo P. Hiquiana, SVD House Praeses with the opening prayer. Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD, the DWCU President shared a message on the theme for the school year 2019-2020 which is dubbed as “Witness to the Word, Educating with Integrity.” He emphasized that Integrity in Education is achieved in DWCU when it is rooted in Human Integrity, Professional Integrity, Faith Integrity, and Institutional Integrity. The next speaker was the HR Coordinator Mrs. Marissa Sanchez who talked about “Maintaining a Positive Relationship Between Teacher and Students” which all teachers were hooked into. The next talk was on the Whole Child Education and 21st Century Assessment Strategies discussed by Miss Grace Gonzales, Miss Chriza Mae Camarillo, Ms. Hazel Maningo and Mr. John Jheric Fernandez. The third topic was on the Outcome-Based Education, 2019 Region 1 Higher Education Thought Leader’s Conference, Challenges and Solutions Encountered in the K-12 and61464459_1195772667294267_9194796713196388352_n Senior High School Curriculum, Attributes of Graduates, School Leadership for Global Competitiveness by Mrs. Joelita Bernabe, Mrs. Marlyn Laroco and Miss Carolina Sayapen. Miss Hope Coniega also discussed the policies in the Finance Office. Reminders were also given from the different offices: Registrar’s Office of Mr. Louise Lorian, Medical and Dental Clinic of Mrs. Diana Marie Valdez. The two-day assembly was wrapped up by Fr. President and ended up with the DWCU Hymn.


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