DWCU First Day of Classes 2019

First Day of Classes in DWCU for School Year 2019-2020

IMG_2249June 3, 2019  at 7:20 in the morning, administrators, educators, non-teaching personnel, learners and parents gathered together with joy and enthusiasm at the DWCU quadrangle for the flag ceremony and to start the new school year. Mr. Kyle Labrado was in charge of proclaiming the Word of God as a light of the Divinians in living and learning with the value of Integrity.  Miss Jennifer Dulay intoned the National Hymn, Urdaneta Hymn, and the DWCU Hymn. Fr. Roberto Ibay, SVD, the DWCU President, welcomed, congratulated and thanked the Divinians for considering DWCU as their school and home. Likewise, he congratulated them by putting their trust and confidence to DWCU educators to inspire them to develop their talents and potentials. Fr. Ibay, SVD, expressed in his message that integrity as a value in DWCU is possible when the learners have the passion and openness to learn, integrity is possible when learners know how to use and take care of the facilities, when learnersimg_2252.jpg come to the school on time and with proper uniform and one thing more, integrity is possible when learners know how to listen. After the words of Fr. Ibay, SVD, Mrs. Marlyn Laroco, the DWCU High School Principal, extended her warm and sincere welcome to the Divinians, to the educators and to the parents who were present. Then, she introduced to the community the qualified advisers and educators in the Junior and Senior High School department.

IMG_2255Another highlight of the opening of classes – year 2019-2020, was the blessing of the new comfort rooms donated by the DWCU Batch ’84. Fr. Ibay, SVD,  prayed and thanked the generous alumni for giving/sharing their time, resources and treasures to realize the renovation of the comfort rooms for male and female learners. He also urged the educational community, to take care of such facilities as an appreciation and respect to the unselfish Alumni Batch ’84. After these activities, the students went with joy to their respective classrooms with their own class advisers ready and willing to be formed in the light of the Divine WORD.

See the pictures below:


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