Thanksgiving Mass serves as Opening of School Year and Kick-off of 45th DWCU Foundation Anniversary

The New DWCU President

In spite of the overcast skies and ceaseless rains brought about by the typhoon Falcon, nothing could stop the celebration of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta community to install its new president, Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD,  albeit the suspension of classes declared by DepEd in some provinces including Pangasinan that prompted some of the students not to attend the occasion. The event took its full swing last Friday, June 24 at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium, starting with a Thanksgiving Mass to commemorate not only the installation of Fr. President but also to formally open school year 2011-2012 and kick-off  of the 45th DWCU Foundation Anniversary. This day is also offered as celebration for the birth of John the Baptist.

The Thanksgiving Mass presided by Fr. Jerome A. Adriatico, SVD, the Provincial Superior of the Northern Province, carried on regardless of the bad weather. Though classes were suspended, some students stayed to take part and have the opportunity to be part of the memorable event.

Fr. Cris Cancino, SVD, the Rector of the SVD Community in Urdaneta City, gave a brief introduction of the SVD confreres at the beginning of the mass and as observed the whole DWCU community took part in the said event from the preparatory up to the college level. Fr. Adriatico gave a lengthy homily discussing the importance of each part of the theme of this year’s Foundation Anniversary: “DWCU @ 45: Dreaming, Witnessing, Celebrating, and Upholding the SVD Core Values”. At the end of the mass comes the pinnacle of the given celebration, the installation of the new president of DWCU.

The rite of installation of the new president started with Fr. Provincial Superior addressing Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD and handing out the great responsibility that he may face as the president of DWCU. With the entrustment, Fr. Gil was also handed items each with its own symbol that will guide him in his leadership. The Bible as the source of inspiration and spiritual nourishment; the toga, hood, and robe, as a symbol of academic excellence and authority; the DWCU mace depicting the school motto and the DWCU flag with its colors of golden yellow and blue. After the ceremony, Fr. Gil gave his response and message to the community. He ended his message by saying ‘…continue to be an institution that will lead towards the kingdom of God.” The recital of the prayer of commitment of the administrators, faculty and personnel came next after the speech of the president.

Bishop Jacinto Jose, D.D. giving his inspirational message

After the opening mass and installation, a program took place at the same venue that began with the welcoming address of the newly-installed president. It was followed by the community singing headed by the Elementary Department and a special presentation of some selected students. For the introduction of the Guest Speaker, Mrs. Joelita M. Bernabe, Dean of the College Department, was given the task to present Most Rev. Jacinto A. Jose, Bishop of Urdaneta. In his message, the bishop emphasizes the importance of the meaning of this Foundation Anniversary’s theme. The administrators, faculty, and personnel have also taken the program as an opportunity to show their talents. The crowd went wild when some of the employees danced to the tune of VST and “Waka-Waka” by Shakira. Also, Mr. Marvin Estacio, in his number, serenaded the audience with his mellow voice  while some teachers of the high school department and Russell Allan Majarucon, a first year high school student, rocked the crowd with their performance of Rivermaya songs.

Fr. Edgar L. Calunod, the Administrative and Finance Officer, gave his words of thanks to all those who attended and partake that very memorable event even though the weather is not showing any signs of getting better. To end the program, Bishop Jose gave his final blessing to everyone.

 Mr. Romeo F. Laforteza served as the Master of Ceremonies of the Welcoming Program.

(l-r) Fr. Tanysun Sunico, SVD, Fr. Teodosio Saluba, SVD, Fr. Robert Ibay, SVD, Fr. Jerome Adriatico, SVD, Fr. Gil Manalo, SVD, Bishop Jacinto Jose, D.D., Fr. Servas Tethun, SVD, Fr. Edgar Calunod, SVD, and Fr. Elmer Loreto, SVD

Reported by Mr. Aldwin Sipin, The Vine publication Adviser.  Just click here for more pictures of the Opening Mass and Installation of Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD.


DWCU launches S.Y. 2011-2012 with zeal

General Orientation conducted for the students, old and new

The Divine Word College of Urdaneta opens the school year 2011-2012 same with other schools in the country this 6th of June 2011. Part of the launching of the High School Department was the students’ orientation, which was held at the St. Michael Gymnasium. During the previous years, the orientation was given by the advisers to their advisory classes. But this year, the High School Department, through the leadership of its new principal, Mr. Reynald Mamasig, oriented the students from first year to fourth year altogether at the same time and venue.

 With the assistance of the CAT officers, the students were directed to attend the orientation in the gymnasium together with the high school faculty and non-teaching staff. Students were given a place to stay before the orientation started according to their year level. The orientation started at about 8:00 in the morning. The master of ceremonies for the program was none other than Mr. Louise Lorian. The opening prayer was led by Mrs. Merly dela Cruz then the entrance of colors was held next, before the singing of the National Anthem was conducted.

 After the singing of the National Anthem, an energizer was presented that signaled the people inside the gymnasium to follow the steps for a morning exercise. The students, together with the teachers, jolted up their sleeping joints and muscles. Everyone seems to enjoy it because most of those who participated were laughing and smiling.

 After that fun experience, Mr. Reynald Mamasig delivered inspirational words which talks about struggle and endurance leading to success and good life. It was then after the inspiring message of the high school principal that the new formators of the SVD were introduced. The SVD priests are the following: Fr. Gil T. Manalo (DWCU President), Fr. Edgar Calunod (Finance Officer), Fr. Cris Cancino (Provincial Admonitor and Rector), Fr. Tanisun Sunico (Campus Minister), Fr. Teodosio Saluba (PHN Vocation Director), Fr. Elmer Loreto (Prefect of Discipline), and Frt. John Ferdinand Cruz (Regent).

 The teaching staff and their various advisory classes were also introduced together with the non-teaching staff. In the middle of the program, to prevent the students from being bored, an icebreaker was given by Mr. Raymond Lopez, a new teacher in the department, which set again everyone in a jolly and cheerful mood.

 Fr. Gil then gave a motivating message for the students. It was the first time of the president to be seen by the students of DWCU. A special presentation was then prepared by two students who sang in a duet. Another important part of the orientation was the Vision-Mission Statement followed by the discussion of the brief history of the school.

 The focus of the orientation came next. The rules and regulations that the students must abide with were discussed including the disciplinary that have to be imposed for each violation. Another intermission by selected students was performed after the discussion of the policies. During the program, the different facilities and services that the school offers were also presented.

 To end the program, Mr. Mamasig gave another message motivating the students to be passionate with regard to their studies. Mr. Romeo Laforteza then led the closing prayer.

Reported by:  Samuel Edrian P. Abad, a 4th Year student of DWCU and is currently the news editor of The Vine



DWCU Retreat prepares Faculty and Office Personnel for the coming School Year

Before the start of classes this 6thof June, the teachers and office personnel of Divine Word College of Urdaneta attended a 3-day retreat in Baguio City last May 31-June 2, 2011. The Retreat is an annual event that the DWCU holds exclusively for its employees, giving them the opportunity to unwind and reform their spiritual lives.

Fr. John Paul Miranda, OC

Fr. John Paul Miranda, OC served as the Retreat Master of the said event. He took the time in guiding and facilitating the DWCU employees in their spiritual healing and renewal of their vows to serve the students, their fellow Divinians, and the community.

On the first day upon arriving in Baguio, the employees were given ample time to attend to their own businesses, such as strolling around the city or doing some other personal matters. It was an opportunity for them to unwind and relax before they face the challenges of the coming school year. After having that chance of relaxation, the main part of why the employees came to the city started. House rules to be followed inside the retreat house were given especially for those who were not familiar with it. Fr. Miranda gave a brief introduction on the purpose of having a time for retreat then ended it up with an activity wherein the employees were divided into groups. The purpose of the activity is to have the members of each group share their positive and negative experiences. However, the real aim of it is to give time for the employees to listen and received ‘gifts’ of knowing deeper their colleagues. The activity ended before the Mass. For the evening session, Fr. Miranda and the DWCU employees watched an inspirational movie that teaches the value of perseverance.

The following day, June 1, the session started with a “big group sharing” wherein each group chose one of their members to impart to the whole group something about their positive and negative experiences in life. The employees had moments full of laughter for the funny life events shared but they were also saddened to know some unhappy episodes in the life of their colleagues. Before the morning session ended, an activity of “getting to know each other” took place. It was a time for the group to know each one of their colleagues especially the new members of the DWCU family. For the afternoon session, Fr. Miranda emphasized the importance of God’s blessings and how it has to be shared with others. The session ended with the ‘tying of the thread’, wherein employees were given threads that have to be tied to their colleagues that they want to thank or apologize to. The activity for this day ended with the Socialization Night. Each group presented a skit that represents the DWCU Four Core Values (Evangelization, Integrity, Social Responsibility, and Academic Excellence) that have been assigned to them. It was a night that have shown the talents of the teachers and administration staff and a night for their bonding.

The last day, June 2, started with the final session of Fr. Miranda. He pointed out the value of commitment as a teacher and the importance of “teaching by example” not only to the students but to the community as well. For the Final Mass of the retreat, Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD the DWCU president, and Fr. Tanisun Sunico, SVD the  DWCU Campus Ministry Officer, joined Fr. John Paul Miranda, OC and the employees. During the Mass, some of the employees gave their insights on what they have learned or attained from this retreat. Fr. Gil and Fr. Tanisun even gave an inspirational message to the teachers and staff and they took that opportunity to thank Fr. Miranda for giving his time for the retreat.

The DWCU Faculty and Staff take their pose with Fr. Tanisun, Fr. Gil, and Fr. John Paul after the final Mass of the Retreat


Fr. Doms Made His Triennium Report To The DWCU Board Of Trustees…

The 44th year of life and mission of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta witnessed the culmination of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the founding of the Diocese under the Most Rev. Jacinto A. Jose, DD. The Diocese of Urdaneta is the local church of which this institution finds its locus of mission. In one of the visits of the bishop this year he expressed his deep gratitude to the DWCU academic community as he gave emphasis on the role of this only Catholic institution of higher learning in Eastern Pangasinan being Witness to the Word and vanguard of Catholic faith and her teachings. The DWCU contributed much to the formation of the youth and molding the present and future leaders of Eastern Pangasinan and its neighboring places.

As the DWCU closes the academic year 2010-2011 and the triennium 2008-2011 the administrators prepared this Annual Executive report on the highlights and accomplishments of the different offices and functions of the institution. The administrators followed the same format that we started in 2008. The executive reports then covering the triennium will be bound into one as a precedence of the following terms hereafter.

Closing this term, I wish to express my deep appreciation and gratitude to the Board of Trustees and the SVD-PHN confreres for giving me the privilege of serving the DWCU for the last three years. The same gratitude goes to all the members of the Administrative and the Campus Pastoral Councils for their full support to the programs making the plans and the dreams come into reality. The roster list of faculty and non-academic personnel made the DWCU reach the place where she is now amidst trials and challenges. The very supportive PTA executive officers with the commendable impetus that the Alumni Association’s Officers displayed through the years inspired me and the whole academic community to pursue the positive development that this institution is undergoing. To: all Divinians, our friends and benefactors …my heartfelt gratitude for the honor and privilege of journeying with you through these past memorable, fruitful and meaningful three years.

Indeed, you made a difference in my life and mission and I am forever grateful.

Gratefully in the Divine Word,

Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD