SSG Online Election 2019

Supreme Student Government (SSG) Election gone online 2019-2020


This year’s Supreme Student Government election at Divine Word College of Urdaneta has stepped to the next level. It was the first-ever automated election for the student government bodies. The automated election was proposed by Mrs. Maria Amparo Batung, Computer Teacher. The idea of automated election was drawn from an ICT seminar given by Mr. Joel Madrid, ICT, LIS & BEIS Coordinator of Lananpin National High School which was held at DWCU last May 28, 2019. After rigorous tries and meetings to improve the election process, it was approved by the president. On Friday, June 28, 2019, the most awaited SSG election happened at the Computer Laboratory.

Earlier on the same day, June 28, 2019, there was a Miting de Avance held at St. Michael Gymnasium. Two promising parties rocked the gym as they were introduced. One is the CONVERGE party headed by Joshua Edward Drapiza, Grade 11- STEM student and second is the SAVAGE party headed by Vincent Harold Llego, Grade 12-HUMSS student. The students cheered for their favorite party and candidates as they ran around the gymnasium. The CONVERGE party stands for Community Of Noble Visionaries Emboldening Responsibility within Greater Entirety. On the other hand, SAVAGE party stands for Student Alliance for Valuable Achievements And Greater Excellence. Both parties aimed to improve the students’ welfare and talents. During the Miting de Avance, the two parties performed an intermission number simultaneously. In the afternoon, the SSG Election started. Signage and steps on how to cast votes are posted outside the computer laboratory. The Grade 7 students were the first one to cast their votes assisted by their respective advisers and other teachers in charge. The casting of votes was done per Grade level starting from Grade 7 until Grade 12. The SSG election started in the afternoon at 1 o’clock and finished at 3:04 in the afternoon. Ms. Marilyn Abenes is the adviser of the Supreme Student Government.

See pictures below of the first ever SSG online election:


The Computer Laboratory ready for E-Voting


Posted steps on how to cast online votes


Students line up for registration


Students casting their votes as supervised by teachers


More students casting their votes


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