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Divinians give Tribute to Bible Week Celebration

DWFC Seminarians singing praise to God to start the Bible Enthronement

January 24, 2012 started the Bible Week celebration. It was a week-long celebration from January 24-27 with a theme ‘Proclaiming God’s Word towards National Transformation’.

It started with the Bible Enthronement on the first day of the celebration. Divinians gathered at the quadrangle for the usual morning routine. After some announcements, the students were asked to proceed to the gymnasium for the enthronement ceremony. Each section was required to bring a bible for the program.

January 25, was a day allotted for the practice for the presentation of each class in the Bible Rap competition. The contents of the rap will be coming from any of the gospel books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. It was also the day where the event for the 27th was practiced.

Pinoy Henyo

Bible Rap

Thursday (January 26) was the day for the Pinoy Henyo, Bible rap, poster-making and slogan-making competition. The gymnasium was packed with Divinians ranging from Pre-Elem up to the college students. Pinoy Henyo was as it should have been expected by rousing up the crowd with how the contestants played the game. The shorter the time you can answer, the more chance of winning. After the contest, a short break was given to give the Divinians a time for snacks and some more time to practice for the rap as the event was only announced as part of the celebration on short notice. The Divinians went wild after the break for it was the event they’ve been waiting for, the Bible rap competition. Each section presented their piece which they have been practicing with their beats and rhymes. During the competition there was no dull moment. The students were on the edge of their seat the whole time. In the afternoon, Poster making was held at the gymnasium. These were the activities on that busy day.

Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD leads everyone to the oval for the I-Proclaim activity

January 27, the school community gathered at the gymnasium for a Para liturgical program. After that, the students, along with the school administration, proceeded at the oval for a spiritual encounter with God. The whole community will read the whole bible for one hour in a manner of distributing it to different sections to those who are involved. The solemnity of the event can be felt as the community read the Bible in a fashion like no other along with a soothing music that filled the background. Then a Holy Mass was held after the reading.A short break was given in preparation for the parade around the community of Bayaoas. After the parade, the Divinians proceeded to the gym to join in the

Happy Birthday Fr. Gil and Fr. Tany

celebration of the Special Moment in the lives of Father Gil Manalo and Father Tanysun Sunico, both birthday celebrants for the month of January (Fr. Gil, January 22; Fr. Tany, January 23). A special program was held for them to show the gratitude of the community for them.
Announcement of winners for the competitions was held next. Many were glad about the results of the competitions. To conclude the program, Fr. Gil announced that the students may go home for a rest to regain energy from the fun and tiring week. The students were glad for the half day schedule. So goes the culmination of the Bible Week celebration.

The Elementary pupils holding up their Bibles

Holy Mass presided by Fr. Elmer Loreto, SVD

DWCU Students holding hands together in the singing of the Lord's Prayer

Some College students during the Bible Parade

DWCU Faculty and Staff with Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD joining the Bible Parade

Fr. Tany and Fr. Gil, the birthday celebrants laughing together

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Reported by: Samuel Abad