Result: 8th National Science Quest – Division Level

Congratulations to Joren Tabios

First Placer in SCI DAMA

and to all the Winners of the 8th National Science Quest


Joren Tabios - 1st Placer

The DWCU Science Quizzers



Solemnity of Christ the King 2010





Urdaneta City. The Diocese of Urdaneta successfully and meaningfully celebrated the Diocesan Silver Jubilee Christ the King feast last Sunday November 21, 2010. This year’s occasion was hosted by the Cathedral Parish of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Urdaneta City. We express then our hearty congratulations to our untiring and energetic Cathedral Fathers and Deacon, Rev. Fr. Arturo F. Aquino, Rev. Fr. Dionisio B. Luzano, Rev. Fr. Francisco P. Ganaden, and Rev. Romulo Agyapas, the dedicated officers of the Parish Pastoral and Finance Council, the very supportive religious organizations and all the parisheoners.


The big event was attended by thousands of faithful from the different parishes of the diocese as the Pontifical and Concelebrated Mass started at 1:30 in the afternoon with the Most Rev. Jacinto A. Jose, DD as the main celebrant together with the guest priests, diocesan clergy and the SVDs. The celebration of the Eucharist was followed by a solemn procession around the City of Urdaneta that ended with the Solemn Benediction. The Diocesan Choral Competition/Festival participated by the choirs from the different parishes and seminary (the Divine Word Formation Center) within the Diocese of Urdaneta culminated the festive event.

The spiritual preparation of this year’s Christ the King Celebration was made deeper and more meaningful by a circular letter from the Bishop of the Diocese with the following message:


“At the core of our Catholic Faith is the belief that Jesus Christ is the King and Lord! As God He is the second Person of the Blessed Trinity. As man He is the Son of Mary. Through His Incarnation He took our sinful flesh that He may transform it “to God’s image and likeness”. Through His passion, death and resurrection He proved the depth of God’s love for us, His creatures. And “He is now at the right hand of the Father. He will come again to judge the living and the dead. And His Kingdom will have no end,” our Creed proclaims! We shall be with Him there (in His Kingdom) only when He is with us here!


Viva Cristo Rey!

Christ the King now and forever! This has to be our conviction! And we profess and shout it in a manifest way during the Feast of Christ the King. This however needs to go deeper and wider. As His followers we are urged to demonstrate Him as King of our lives and seen in our actions. “He who acknowledges Me before men, him I will acknowledge before my Father in heaven,” Jesus promises. In other words, when we accept Him as our King here on earth, we allow Him to rule and to reign over our thoughts, words and deeds. We think His thoughts! We speak His words! And we practice His love for us which He showed on the Cross! In the end, we are assured that we will be with Him in His kingdom where He lives and reigns forever and ever!

Mabuhay si Cristo, Hari at Panginoon! Agbiag ni Kristo nga Ari!”


+Jacinto A. Jose, DD

Bishop of Urdaneta







Heart of a Teacher

by Paula Fox

He was in the first third grade class I taught at Saint Mary’s School in Morris, Minnesota. All 34 of my students were dear to me, but Mark Eklund was one in a million. Very neat in appearance, he had that happy-to-be-alive attitude that made even his occasional mischievousness delightful.

Mark talked incessantly. I had to remind him again and again that talking without permission was not acceptable. What impressed me so much, though, was his sincere response every time I had to correct him for misbehaving. “Thank you for correcting me, Sister!” I didn’t know what to make of it at first, but before long I became accustomed to hearing it many times a day.

One morning my patience was growing thin when Mark talked once too often, and then I made a novice teacher’s mistake. I looked at Mark and said, “If you say one more word, I am going to tape your mouth shut!” It wasn’t ten seconds later when Chuck blurted out, “Mark is talking again.” I hadn’t asked any of the students to help me watch Mark, but since I had stated the punishment in front of the class, I had to act on it. I remember the scene as if it had occurred this morning. I walked to my desk, very deliberately opened my drawer and took out a roll of masking tape. Without saying a word, I proceeded to Mark’s desk, tore off two pieces of tape and made a big X with them over his mouth. I then returned to the front of the room. As I glanced at Mark to see how he was doing, he winked at me. That did it! I started laughing. The class cheered as I walked back to Mark’s desk, removed the tape, and shrugged my shoulders. His first words were, “Thank you for correcting me, Sister.”

At the end of the year, I was asked to teach junior-high math. The years flew by, and before I knew it Mark was in my classroom again. He was more handsome than ever and just as polite. Since he had to listen carefully to my instruction in the “new math,” he did not talk as much in ninth grade as he had in third. One Friday, things just didn’t feel right. We had worked hard on a new concept all week, and I sensed that the students were frowning, frustrated with themselves and edgy with one another. I had to stop this crankiness before it got out of hand. So I asked them to list the names of the other students in the room on two sheets of paper, leaving a space between each name. Then I told them to think of the nicest thing they could say about each of their classmates and write it down. It took the remainder of the class period to finish their assignment, and as the students left the room, each one handed me the papers. Charlie smiled. Mark said, “Thank you for teaching me, Sister. Have a good weekend.” That Saturday, I wrote down the name of each student on a separate sheet of paper, and I listed what everyone else had said about that individual.

On Monday I gave each student his or her list. Before long, the entire class was smiling. “Really?” I heard whispered. “I never knew that meant anything to anyone! I didn’t know others liked me so much.” No one ever mentioned those papers in class again. I never knew if they discussed them after class or with their parents, but it didn’t matter. The exercise had accomplished its purpose. The students were happy with themselves and one another again.

That group of students moved on. Several years later, after I returned from vacation, my parents met me at the airport. As we were driving home, Mother asked me the usual questions about the trip, the weather, my experiences in general. There was a lull in the conversation. Mother gave Dad a sideways glance and simply said, “Dad?” My father cleared his throat as he usually did before something important. “The Eklunds called last night,” he began. “Really?” I said. “I haven’t heard from them in years. I wonder how Mark is.” Dad responded quietly. “Mark was killed in Vietnam,” he said. “The funeral is tomorrow, and his parents would like it if you could attend.” To this day I can still point to the exact spot on I-494 where Dad told me about Mark.

I had never seen a serviceman in a military coffin before. Mark looked so handsome, so mature. All I could think at that moment was, “Mark, I would give all the masking tape in the world if only you would talk to me.” The church was packed with Mark’s friends. Chuck’s sister sang “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Why did it have to rain on the day of the funeral? It was difficult enough at the graveside. The pastor said the usual prayers, and the bugler played taps. One by one those who loved Mark took a last walk by the coffin and sprinkled it with holy water. I was the last one to bless the coffin. As I stood there, one of the soldiers who acted as pallbearer came up to me. “Were you Mark’s math teacher?” he asked. I nodded as I continued to stare at the coffin. “Mark talked about you a lot,” he said.

After the funeral, most of Mark’s former classmates headed to Chuck’s farmhouse for lunch. Mark’s mother and father were there, obviously waiting for me. “We want to show you something,” his father said, taking a wallet out of his pocket. “They found this on Mark when he was killed. We thought you might recognize it.” Opening the billfold, he carefully removed two worn pieces of notebook paper that had obviously been taped, folded and refolded many times. I knew without looking that the papers were the ones on which I had listed all the good things each of Mark’s classmates had said about him. “Thank you so much for doing that,” Mark’s mother said. “As you can see, Mark treasured it.” Mark’s classmates started to gather around us. Charlie smiled rather sheepishly and said, “I still have my list. I keep it in the top drawer of my desk at home.” Chuck’s wife said, “Chuck asked me to put his in our wedding album.” “I have mine too,” Marilyn said. “It’s in my diary.” Then Vicki, another classmate, reached into her pocketbook, took out her wallet and showed her worn and frazzled list to the group. “I carry this with me at all times,” Vicki said without batting an eyelash. “I think we all saved our lists.” That’s when I finally sat down and cried. I cried for Mark and for all his friends who would never see him again.

The density of people in society is so thick that we forget that life will end one day. And we don’t know when that one day will be. So please, tell the people you love and care for that they are special and important. Tell them, before it is too late.



Sports Competition

Launched by DepEd at DWCU 

Urdaneta City. The Urdaneta City Division of the Department of Education Region 1 launched last Friday November 19, 2010 the Sports Competition in Basic Education termed as the “Dayo-Dayo System” at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta. This year’s events carries the theme: “Play for the Division, Win for the Region and for our Nation”. The opening ceremonies include the following parts: The Assembly and Parade, Opening Program with the prayer led by Ms. Marie Ann Nidoy, the National Anthem & Urdaneta Hymn conducted by Mr. Doroteo Santiago.

The DWCU President Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD officially and warmly welcomed the Government Officials together with the DepEd, Guests, Events’ Officials, Teachers, Coaches, Athletes and everyone who witnessed the opening ceremonies. “Faithful to our institutional value of SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY it is our sublime privilege to offer to you our sports facilities, the student-friendly school grounds and the gymnasium” was the emphasis of the warm welcome. Mr. Reynaldo L. Tomas the Education Supervisor I of MAPEH delivered his opening remarks while an inspirational talk was rendered by the representative of Dr. Maria Celia Junio-Fernandez the Schools Division Superintendent.


Hon. Amadeo “Bobom” G.E. Perez IV the City Mayor of Urdaneta who was the Guest of Honor & Speaker eloquently delivered his speech to all participating teams, athletes, coaches, sports officials and DepEd staff focusing on the significance of the event, the importance of sports for the youth and the full support of the City Government in the area of sports. The Honorable Mayor challenged and inspired each one to explore all the possibilities that would enhance the unity, harmonious relationships and binding together of all institutions in the City Division towards the realization of the theme: “Play for the Division, Win for the Region and for our Nation.”

The speech of the Honorable Mayor led to the presentation of the Delegates. Dr. Estelita V. Quisias the District Supervisor of Urdaneta I introduced the delegates from District I as Dr. Remedios E. Palad the District Supervisor of Urdaneta II introduced the delegates from her District as well. Dr. Alexander Patacsil the Principal of UCNHS introduced the delegates from his school as Mr. Louie Lorian the president of the Private Schools Association presented those athletes from the private sector. CUPSSAA delegates were introduced by Mrs. Marilyn Mararac the President.

The Athletes’ Oath, Orientation, and the Declaration of the formal opening of the Sports Tournament took place as the ceremonial toast culminated the opening ceremonies. Games and different events then were played in the field.






Metro Manila. The pupils and students of the Elementary and High School Departments of the DWCU together with the Faculty, Parents, Administrators and Non-academic personnel went on a very exciting educational field trip “Lakbay Aral” last November 12, 2010 with the following itinerary: The Life Museum and Science Entertainment in Pasay City, the Gardenia Food Products and Rizal Shrine in Laguna and finally the magnificent Enchanted Kingdom of Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Aiming to provide quality education to the students and believing that aside from the learning that takes place in the classroom the field outside the campus awaits to supplement the knowledge imbibed by the clientele. “Lakbay Aral” provides a hands-on learning and experience – from the exposure to other venues where experience, learning and fun converge together and where students find perfect venue to complete their holistic and integral formation.

A total of 815 students, teachers, personnel and parents joined the learning event on a fleet of 16 big buses of the Genesis Bus Lines.  The trip was blessed with a perfect weather in answer to the prayers of the participants and organizers.  It was observed that a good number of parents with the whole family joined the field trip making the event as the channel of their bonding activities.

Indeed, the DWCU “Lakbay Aral” 2010 was very successful, fruitful, memorable and filled with fun, first hand learning and experience for all those who joined the journey of learning in the field.



Divinians Brought Home Bronze Medals



Laoag City. The DWCU Winners in UCAA compete in the Taekwondo Regional Games recently held in Laoag City last October 27-30, 2010. The Divinians take pride of taking home bronze medals despite the fact that their opponents are Black Belters. The team finished the bout without any injury unlike the rest of the contestants. The academic community of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta with the board of trustees, administrators, faculty and students congratulate the following Divinians:

  1. Mylin T. Madriaga – Pinweight
  2. Rowena Navarette – Flyweight
  3. Rizza Agaloos – Bantamweight

6th Season Urdaneta City Athletic Association

Taekwondo Women Category

September 29, 2010

  1. Mylin T. Madriaga – Bronze Medalist
  2. Rowena Navarette – Silver Medalist
  3. Rizza Agaloos – Silver Medalist




DWCU’s Elementary Pupils Reaping More Laurels!

Mr. Aldwin Sipin


In the recently held Division Schools Press Conference in Nancayasan Elementary School last November 3-4, 2010, the Divinians of the Elementary Department have proved once again that they are one of the forces to be reckoned with in the field of Campus Journalism. They bag the first place awards in Editorial Writing (both in English and Filipino), Copyreading and Headline Writing (Filipino), Editorial Cartooning (English), Sports Writing (Filipino), and Radio Broadcasting (English).


Redentor Immanuel B. Ridao (Editorial Writing and Editorial Cartooning, English) and Niña Charisse G. Evangelista (Editorial Writing and Copyreading & Headline Writing, Filipino) won 1st place both in their respective slots while Mark Darwin C. Sampilo grabs 1st place in Sports Writing and 2nd place in News Writing (Filipino). The Radio Broadcasting Team led by Nicole Angela B. Bristol, with her teammates, Angel Leila L. Marron, Marie Angela M. Lorica, Carole Kaye C. Lomboy, Janssen Roselle T. Obusan, Francesca Marie B. Taganas, and Raphaell B. Ridao, were also victorious in taking 1st place in Radio Broadcasting (English) along with some minor awards. Bristol was proclaimed the Best Anchor and Ridao (Raphaell) was the Best Presenter. The Divinians were also given the award for Best in Technical Application.


Other winners in the individual contests of DSPC from Divine Word College of Urdaneta include Eric John J. Salud (News Writing and Sports Writing – English, both in 2nd place respectively), Janssen Roselle T. Obusan (Feature Writing in English, 3rd place), Russell Allan A. Majarucon (Editorial Cartooning in Filipino, 5th place), and Belinda Nicaella C. Borje (Photojournalism in Filipino, 7th place). The Radio Broadcasting Team in Filipino also won 4th place in their category.

Sadly, in the Radio Broadcasting category, only the first placers in both elementary and secondary will proceed to the Regional Schools Press Conference, unlike in the Individual Contests wherein the top 7 will qualify to the said event.

All the journalists mentioned above except the Broadcasting Team in Filipino have qualified for the RSPC which will be held in Vigan on December 7-10, 2010.

Our DWCU pupils who brought pride and honor at the recent Division Schools Press Conference held on Nov. 3 - 4 , 2010


Reported by:

Mr. Aldwin Sipin






The DWCU Family gathered together this morning being the first Friday of the Month of November dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus a legacy devotion of St. Arnold Janssen to every Divinian. It has been a dear tradition as it will always be to this academic community to gather together and celebrate the Lord’s infinite love for each one of us through His most Sacred Heart.

St. Arnold Janssen

Today too, we celebrate the birth to mortal life of our dear Father Founder St. Arnold Janssen who was born on November 5, 1835 in Goch, Germany. His birth to eternal life is on January 15, 1901. We thank St. Arnold today for his constant intercession for us Divinians, for journeying with us through the years in our life and mission here in Urdaneta.

As a community gathered together we remember our faithful departed through this mass. Every year we set aside a day to pray for all the Divinians who have gone ahead of us. We pray for the SVDs who were assigned to the DWCU and who have gone already to life after life. We pray most specially for our dear founder Fr. Augustine Herbers, SVD, for Fr. Larry La Plante,SVD, Fr. Albert Figueras, SVD and other SVD missionaries formerly assigned to the DWCU. We pray too for the faculty, personnel and students who died while they were with the DWCU…and to all our parents, relatives and friends who need most of our prayers.

The same mass carries the intention of the culmination of the Month of the Most Holy Rosary. The whole community expressed in heartfelt gratitude for the constant protection of our beloved mother: THE QUEEN OF THE MOST HOLY ROSARY.

Seventeen pupils were elevated today in an investiture to the ranks of the Eucharistic Servers of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta. In a solemn rite the parents assisted their children as they put on their new liturgical vestments transforming them into little ministers of the altar. The whole community accepted them in standing ovation and heavy round of applause. We pray for their perseverance in serving the altar during Eucharistic Celebrations.

Induction of the Alumni Officers with Fr. President

The last part of todays celebration focused on the newly elected set of officers of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta Alumni Association (DWCUAA). Fr. President was the presiding officer of the induction of the DWCUAA to wit:

President                                              Mr. Julio Parayno III

Vice-President (High School)      Mrs. Mylene R. Dela Paz

Vice-President (College)                Miss Editha Bernardino

Secretary                                             Mrs. Leovilyn C. Morales

Treasurer                                            Miss Catalina de Guzman

Auditors                                              Rev. Fr. Alberto Viernes

Dr. Adelaida S. Deogracias

PRO (Highschool)                             Miss  Marife Mangoba

PRO (College)                                    Miss Leticia Via

Business Manager                           Mrs. Rosanna C. Pador

The Newly Installed Eucharistic Servers



Culmination of the Month of the Rosary



BACARRA, ILOCOS NORTE, The Divinians who were sent by the City Division of Urdaneta to represent at the Regional English Olympics last October 15 defeated everybody else in the Regional Level. The team includes: Angel Leila L. Marron, Marie Angela M. Lorica and Jennifer Louisse D. De Leon with their coach Mr. Aldwin Sipin.

The delay of this report was caused by a controversy that until now still seeks justice from those who are in authority. Our Divinian Kids were not proclaimed as THE CHAMPION for the reason that they come from a private school and are disqualified to join such event.

Our Divinians were not sent by the school if not for the cause of the City Division of Urdaneta. For the City of Urdaneta our pupils are qualified to join the Regional Olympics, we have no doubt about this fact. Our pupils passed through all requirements until the contest which they excelled everybody else in the region. Preparing for the awarding, the regional committee decided against our Divinian Kids – that they are DISQUALIFIED for the above-stated reason.

Let the disqualification continue. The truth is unchanging, it cannot be manipulated and cannot be covered forever.  We release and publish this information on the side of the truth. And the TRUTH is…



Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD

President – DWCU


DWCU Team Readers Upsets Other Divisions in Regional English Olympics

In the recently held Regional English Olympics and Read-a-thon Contest in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte last October 14-15, 2010, the DWCU pupils who participated in the Team Reading event of the Read-a-thon contest,  won with an impressive margin from other contestants, taking away the title as Best Team Readers of the region.

The Team Readers of DWCU, namely, Angel Leila L. Marron, Marie Angela M. Lorica, and Jennifer Louisse D. De Leon, showed right from the beginning of the competition their determination to win and take home the prize not only for their school but also for the Division of Urdaneta City which they represented in the said event. The contest, which took place in Bacarra Elementary School, started with the Reading Time wherein the participants were held inside one room to read the chosen stories by the Education Supervisor, Mrs. Teresa Morales, for a given time. The Team Readers, including the Oral Interpretation and Story Retelling contestants, of the 13 divisions that participated were each given a table for their reading activity.

At the end of the allotted time, the contest proceeded to the second part of the competition, the Comprehension and Vocabulary Test. The DWCU Team Readers remained flawless in notching a score until the tenth round answering questions that range from easy to difficult, and multiple choices to fill in the blanks. By the 11th round, the team took their lone mistake of the competition but after that took off with successive correct answers leaving behind and sealing their win against their competitors. The Urdaneta City Division (DWCU Team Readers) was proclaimed as the champion, Ilocos Norte Division finished at second, and San Carlos City Division at third.

The DWCU Team Readers became “unproclaimed” winner during the awarding ceremony. Instead, the Division of Ilocos Norte was proclaimed as the winner for the Team Reading contest.

In other competitions of the said event in Bacarra, two more pupils of DWCU represented the school. Redentor Immanuel B. Ridao participated in Essay Writing and Shaina Mae Cuison for Poem Recitation.


Reported by:

Mr. Aldwin Sipin