First Impressions on the Electronic Voting Elections

Supreme Student Government Council Electronic Voting Election, Learner’s First Impressions

“Another clear step towards progress.”

ssgelection1The campaign elections of this school year’s Supreme Student Government (SSG) Council had surprised the entire campus when it had been announced that the elections would be done electronically. The state of the processing on the voting day could be compared to that of a real democratic election; the modern touch of technology was enough to change the air of the SSG election entirely, to the point of feeling professional.

The well-organized endeavor should be lauded. The elections themselves were done in six simple steps. First, a section is sent to the computer laboratory to commence the voting. In single file order, they are sent to the computers under the eyes of teacher custodians. Marked by a code prior to entry, they are made to vote Council officers under a short allotted time to encourage urgency. After they are finished, they are sent to the main desk to deposit their code, and then, they line up once more to write their signature and stamp their fingerprint. Another section is called and the cycle repeats.

The most beautiful thing about this new style of elections is that it is an ode to modern


Students casting their votes as supervised by teachers

democratic process. In simple terms, we are living up to the modern way of the world. On a practical level, while the transition is still in its infancy and the first time was slower when it came down to lining up at the desks and in front of the computer lab, the voting sessions themselves were blisteringly fast, and those who struggled with the voting template had the guidance of the custodians, who were paramount in the overall success.

You can imagine how much easier the tallying of the votes have gotten, too. This is attributed to the creation of the private website for the sole purpose of the election. Admirably, it did the job excellently and removed the factors of error that occur often when done manually by humans. The aesthetic of the website was simple yet good-looking. And the endeavour went smoothly and without issue.

To wrap it up, the electronic voting elections were truly impressive. It was an ambitious idea, and a sign that we have finally shifted to a more modern, progressive path. But even more impressive was the commitment to seeing the whole thing through. In good faith we hope to see the same thing in the years to come, and it would be welcoming if the entire school would shift to a more tech-based institution, one where the generation of the future would feel proud of learning in.

By: Ethan Matthew Cabreros, Grade 10 – St. Francis


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