Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD – DWCU President SY : 2011 – 2016

          School year 2016-2017 had been a winding up period for my six-year term as President of Divine Word College of Urdaneta. Those years were filled with challenges and responsibilities brought about by the educational reforms of DepEd and CHED – the K to 12 Curriculum.

        The path that we took had prepared and engaged the Administration, Faculty, Personnel, Students, Parents and Alumni into this enormous change in the academic thrust of the school related to the government educational program. We initially worked out the government permits and certifications needed for the operation of the Elementary, High School and College Departments. In the process, we were able to comply with the DepEd and CHED requirements, and we brought about most improvements in the physical plant, instruction, educational programs, production and outreach service of the school.

           The ending of my term was highlighted by the 50th Founding Anniversary of DWCU. It was then that the vision of Fr. August Herbers, SVD was revisited, celebrated and renewed through the theme of the event which is “DWCU @50: Proclaiming the Word of Truth, Living the Word Of Life and Alive in Mission.” That very occasion manifested the dedication and commitment of the school people of the past as well as the incumbent. It became the avenue for the Alumni to bond together in reminiscing their high school days; likewise, an occasion that bolstered their support to the institution financially and physically, and their collaboration through their commitment in continually sending their children to study at DWCU. The PTA members dedicatedly worked with the Administration and Faculty for the preparation of the Jubilee in all aspects. The students likewise gave their best shots in helping out for the preparation and in giving life to the progress of activities through sharing their talents and expressing their dreams.

          I would like to thank the Board of Trustees and my superiors for the trust and unending support that they have accorded me during my term. My gratitude also goes to my fellow SVDs, Administrators, Faculty and Personnel in the school for giving themselves and their full dedication to the ideals of the institution. My sincerest appreciations to the PTA Members and Alumni, SVD Friends and supporters for journeying with us in the institution as we went through the hurdles of making a wholesome environment and designing a better future for our students.

              Above all, I praise and thank God who serves as a beacon of hope and the guiding light to all of us in DWCU. I am very much aware that for all we have accomplished, He, himself had been the power behind us and the hope that inspired us.

              To God be the glory for He allowed us to share in His mission!