2018 CEAP Region 1



The delegates at the 2018 CEAP Region 1 Assembly held last July 28,2018 at the Centennial Arena, Laoag City

“Sanctificatio: From Brokenness to Blessedness”, the theme for this year’s CEAP Region 1 assembly which was attended by almost a thousand of delegates from different places of Region 1. The gathering was held at the Centennial Arena in Laoag City last July 28, 2018.

“Unity in Diversity” – Just like a stained-glass artwork, different places in Region 1 wearing different colors of t-shirt during the Catholic Education Association of the Philippines Region 1 (CEAP) yet united as what Most Rev. Renato P. Mayugba, DD, the Bishop of Laoag, emphasized in his homily during the opening Eucharistic Celebration which started at 8:00 in the morning.

​After the mass, was the singing of the National Anthem, followed by the sincere and energetic welcome address of Rev. Fr. Rome Tito Bonoan, the Superintendent of the Diocese of Laoag. After that was the presentation of Regional Delegates by the Regional Secretary, Dr. Everlita N. Quinto, Superintendent of San Fernando. Each group of delegates cheered the places they represent very well that left smiles to all the participants and guests. Right after the introduction of each delegates, was the Overview of the 2018 CEAP Regional Assembly given by Msgr. Manuel S. Bravo Jr., the Regional Trustee. With his presentation, he included the CEAP Region 1 Vision and Mission, and the new members for this year. At the end he said, “Hoping we are better after this CEAP assembly.”

Despite not being there physically, the CEAP President, Rev. Fr. Joel E. Tabora, SJ, had his presence with a video message to all who attended the assembly. He mentioned tension between on the one hand knowing Jesus as the truth, but on the other hand, having nevertheless to search for truth. He motivated and inspired all the participants with his messages. He ended the video message with the words inspired by Pope Francis: “The joy of truth is the restlessness of the human heart until it encounters and dwells in God’s light and shares that light with all peoples.”

The keynote speaker for the assembly was Most. Rev. David William Antonio, DD. His speech tackled about the theme, Sanctificatio: From Brokenness to Blessedness. He agreed that we may be broken, but this brokenness will make us feel and be more blessed. After this, was the midday prayers and raffle draw from different sponsors. Not only stomachs were full but as well as the eyes and ears of the participants as different presentation was performed by the talented students of different schools such as the Holy Spirit Academy of Laoag.

​After lunch was the CEAP National Advocacy by Rev. Fr. Rex Alarcon, the Chairman of CEAP Advocacy Commission. He mentioned the role of media particularly social in spreading and strengthening of the community. “Conquer evil with good.”He mentioned that advocacy is not only all about talking, but also it is a relationship building and being supportive. “Sanctificatio: it is not a shout, it is an action.” Fr. Rex ended his speech with a conclusion that we are blessed if we receive but we are more, more blessed if we give.

Next was the updates from PEAC- FAPE by Ms. RhodoraAngela F. Ferrer, the Executive Director. After an informative discussion regarding the subsidy of both students and teachers, was the talk of Atty. Joseph Noel Estrada about the legal issues and concerns on Private Education. He talked about the bill regarding the support and help for teachers, different child-abuses, and the practice of freedom of expression and when it becomes a violation. The last part of the talk was the presentation of the CEAP Strategic plan of 2018-2022 by Msgr. Manuel S. Bravo, Jr.

The closing remarks and closing prayer was given by Rev. Fr. Cirilo Ortega, SVD, the director of Basic Education of Divine Word College of Vigan and the Vice Regional Trustee. He thanked everyone who attended and prayed for everyone’s safety as they were about to go home. It was also announced that the venue of next year’s CEAP will be in Alaminos, Pangasinan. Indeed, a fruitful and productive assembly. Despite wearing different shirts and came from different places, all the participants were working, moving and helping as one.


LIS Orientation at DWCU

DWCU Welcomes the Participants of Learner Information System Orientation

The City Schools Division of Urdaneta conducted the Learner System Orientation of Private Schools and SUC at Divine Word College of Urdaneta last July 27, 2018.  The orientation started at nine o’clock in the morning facilitated by Ms. Diane Jen Areola from the Planning and Research Unit from the Division Office of Urdaneta. There were twenty (20) Private Schools and State Universities and Colleges (SUC) who participated in the said activity, namely: Berean Academy, Bright International Special School, Divine Grace Montessori & High School, Divine Word College of Urdaneta, Froebel Academy, Holy Gem and Scepter Academy, International Colleges for Excellence, Luzon College of Science and Technology, Lyceum Northern Luzon, Lyceum Northwestern – Florencia T. Duque, Maranatha Christian Academy, Merryland Montessori & High School, Mother Goose Special School System,Inc., Our Lady of the Lilies Academy, Pan-Pacific University North of the Philippines, St. Andrew Montessori School, St. Francis of Urdaneta, ABE, PHinma-Upang, and Urdaneta City Academic Pathways, Inc.  The program started with a prayer led by Ms. Chrest Evert Encila of DWCU.  The participants engaged themselves actively in the different activities employed by Ms. Diane Jen Areola. She also thanked the participating schools for sharing their precious time to achieve the objectives of the orientation. The workshop ended at twelve o’clock in the afternoon.


2018 Nutrition Month

A Thumb for the Greens

Nutrition Month 2018 Theme

As the sprout of July appears after the blossomed flower of June, the Student Technologists and Entrepreneurs of the Philippines known as STEP CLUB readies an activity-filled month for the annual celebration of its Nutrition Month with the theme, “Ugaliing Magtanim, Sapat na Nutrisyon Aanihin.” During the month of July in the Academic Year 2018-2019, the school planned a wide variety of programs and events that centered on the given theme.

CABC24CA-13D0-4F33-A51B-B258F8AEBE92To mark the start of the celebration and to emphasize the message of the theme, each class from the grade levels, 7-12, were tasked to create and design a garden filled with diverse vegetable seedlings mostly having their names included in the children’s song, “Bahay Kubo.” The students along with their advisers designed their gardens in line with the given guidelines and criteria. The activity also encouraged the students to recycle empty water bottles which were used as design elements and containers where the vegetables were planted in. Of course, school events wouldn’t be complete without any friendly competition. All classes were against oneBA7550A2-BCCA-45AD-94F5-F3E30EE43F21 another in a competition on which class has made the most appealing and most beautiful garden with vegetables as the centerpieces. Despite the soil in their hands and splotches on their clothes, the students diligently and happily cared for their vegetable gardens. It was intended as a whole year class project where students will await the time of their first harvest with smiles full of satisfaction and fulfillment as they reap the fruits of their own labor. (Written by: Teddy Angelo S. Ison Grade 11-STEM )


PTA – SY 2018-2019



DWCU-PTA General Assembly, SY 2018-2019

The renewed PTA officers of DWCU were elected last July 7, 2018, at 8:30 in the morning at the St. Michael Gymnasium. The said renewed servant leaders were chosen during the first PTA assembly of the new school year. Many parents, guardians, relatives, and educators gathered together to plan, to share, to be informed and to elect the new set of officers for the good of the learners. The activity started with a prayer by Mrs. Mercedes C. Cabaccang and the national hymn was led by Mr. Jay-R Soriano. The master of ceremony during that event was Mr. Jestoni Padilla. He called Fr. Roberto Ibay, SVD, the DWCU President to do the opening remarks. Fr. Ibay, SVD expressed his sincere welcome and gratitude to all the participants for choosing DWCU as their school and home and likewise for sharing their precious time to connect themselves with the administration to render quality education for their children. He also ventilated his conviction on how to deliver an excellent education in DWCU. He highlighted the word “SAVE” to achieve excellence. “S” stands for learning “SKILLS”, “A” stands for forming man and woman of “ACTION”, “V” implies learning to possess “VALUES” and “E” signifies learning how to “EMPATHIZE”. He said that in DWCU, “Excellence in education happens when learning has the “SAVE” in every academic activity.”


Parents and guardians who attended the General Assembly

Furthermore, the participants were also informed about the DWCU vision and mission facilitated by Mrs. Marina Elizabeth Domingo. This was followed by the presentation of the DWCU college councils. The Finance Officer, Fr. John Bala, SVD, introduced to the assembly the names of the Non-teaching Staff and the Maintenance Personnel. The two Principals in the elementary and the high school departments, Miss Carolina Sayapen and Mrs. Marlyn Laroco, and the Dean of the College Department, Mrs.  Joelita Bernabe, made known to the parents the educators for the school year 2018-2019 in their respective departments.

Mrs. Alma Ganigan, the PTA P.R.O. last year was tasked to introduce to the community the outgoing officers and then thanked them for their unselfish support to the DWCU school – her Alma Mater. She congratulated the past PTA officers for organizing the Fun Run during the family day last December 16, 2017, and for procuring seven (7) TV monitors for DWCU classrooms. The PTA treasurer, Mrs. Aurora Manzano, the former DWCU Principal, was assigned to report the Audited Financial Statement.


Induction of the PTA – Homeroom Officers,SY 2018-2019

After the financial report, the program proceeded with the election of the PTA officers and then the election of the homeroom leaders facilitated by the Class Advisers. One student from the Grade 11 STEM, Angelee Jimenez, serenaded the parents and the new elected set of officers by rendering a beautiful song. The induction of the new and renewed PTA officers was led by Fr. Ibay, SVD. Likewise, he prayed for them so that they may take their offices and responsibilities as a Mission to assist the whole educational community to deliver quality and excellent education for their children. The assembly ended with the singing of the DWCU Hymn.


The PTA Executive Officers, School Year 2018-2019

PTA 2018



DWCU Students Goverment 2018

Successful Election of  DWCU Supreme Students Government (SSG) for School year 2018-2019

The DWCU SSG officers’ election was realized last July 5, 2018, at 1 clock in the afternoon. There were two parties in the High School which competed during the said activity. One community was called as CHARAN group- Community of Hard Working, Active and Reliable Students Aiming New Services and the other party was known as ADVANCE- Amenable to Discipline for Valuable Achievement and Non-stop Communication for Excellence. In the elementary, two parties were also formed aspiring to lead the department. They were known as “ROS” group which signifies team of Responsible and Outstanding Students and the other was called as AOV- the Alliance of Victorious Pupils. The election process of DWCU SSG officers for school year 2018-2019 started last July 4, and the “meeting de avance” took place on July 5, 2018 in the morning for the high school department and in the afternoon for the elementary department. Before the educators and learners, the different parties articulated with conviction, creativity, and dynamism and with rhetorical prowess their dreams, plans, programs and aspirations for the good of the educational institution.

The elected officers were inducted last July 6, 2018 at 8 AM. Their induction happened during the regular first Friday mass of the school. Fr. Venerando Yator, SVD, the DWCU Campus Minister and Presider of the Eucharist said to the elected officers, “more power, more responsibility, more talents more responsibility to share to the educational community. God has chosen you to become leaders in the community and he expects you to cooperate and to work as a team to realize the plans and the programs you promise for the good of the school”. After the communion, Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD led the induction of the SSG officers. He too offered a prayer for them thanking the Lord for choosing good leaders for the school and he asked God to bless and guide the newly elected SSG officers and that they may deliver their duties and responsibilities with generosity and with joy. The following are the newly elected officers from the Elementary Department, High School Department and College Department.

SPG 2018

SSG 2018
CSC 2018