Everything went wild and everyone got crazy when Divinians crunched the Urdaneta City National High School (UCNHS) and rebounded the 3rd place in the 2010 Milo SBP – Pasarelle Twin Tournament last Saturday, September 25, 2010 with the score 74 – 48.

Divinians felt the victory starting at the 2nd quarter when Vergilio Alcaide, DWCU’s guard drove the team and overtook the UCNHS 18 – 32. The Divinians hesitated to strive powerful moves and wise plays just to bury the UCNHS in 30 – point lead.  The UCNHS team released their bombarded shots to close the score but the DWCU froze the gap and took the victory 74 – 48.

Officials awarded the DWCU a 3rd Place trophy and an additional Sportsmanship Award for the discipline and perseverance inside or outside the court.

 By:  Gio Tolentino, III – Genesis



From Our Lady of the Lilies Academy

to Divine Word College of Urdaneta

Fr. Noel Ferrer, SVD

I graduated from my secondary education at Our Lady of the Lilies Academy (OLLA) in  1982. I remember then that our closest rival school was the Divine Word College of Urdaneta (DWCU).

I did not like DWCU when I was still a high school student of OLLA. It started when I experienced watching Dominican Nun from our school seriously having a confrontation with an SVD priest from DWCU because of a basketball championship game.

However now that I am already an SVD priest for almost ten years and working in DWCU for more than two years, I have learned to like the school and its community.  There are so many things about the school that inspire me.  Among them is the inspiration I see with the parents and the alumni of the school.  As an Administrative Officer and the Finance Officer of the school I can see from the Accounting Records that much of the improvements made in the school are projects of the PTA and Alumni.


Their latest project now is the Home Economics Room of the Elementary Department which is a requirement of the Department of Education in order for the Elementary Department to be recognized by the Government. This is a great help in our journey to meet other requirements which include making the existing library bigger and to put up a science laboratory near the Elementary building. Until these are completed, we run only with a permit from the Department.

Since the PTA asked me to supervise the building of the H.E. Room, I would like to share with you its development and the inspiration of supervising it.


The construction started last July 21 with an initial fund of two hundred thousand pesos from the PTA.  However the estimated cost of the whole building is P485,000.  The initial money that was given to me was spent on buying the needed materials which did not last for two weeks.  Luckily, all the hollow blocks needed were donated by a very generous parent who also pledged to give 50,000 pesos for the project.  Because of his initial contribution of 25,000 pesos and 9,000 coming from Batch 1980, the construction continued.  After a month, the expenses being incurred were already coming from the income of the school’s canteen, which I am also supervising. Because I don’t want the construction  to stop even if I know I cannot ask for additional money from the PTA fund, I just thought of lending the needed money first since I am confident that there are more generous people who love the school and who will also contribute someday.

During the August meeting of the PTA Executive Officers, I presented the latest Financial Report of the H.E. Room construction.  When the officers learned that there is no more budget to continue the construction, they came up with the idea of having a “Fun-Run for a Cause” program.  They chose to have the program on September 10 as part of the 135th Anniversary of SVD.  I can say it was successful.  I was really touched when the PTA handed me the proceeds of the Fun Run amounting to twenty two thousand two hundred pesos.  Everything is really possible when people believe.


Who will not love such a school when many people believe in its mission?  I love DWCU and I am trying my best to help finish the construction.  But there is still more to be done and that means more financial support is needed.  I know there are many of you there who are generous and who believe in the mission of the school… our school.

I am a Lilian and will always be a Lilian.  But I am also a Divinian now… an inspired Divinian.

Fr. Noel Ferrer, SVD

DWCU PTA Organized 1st Fun Run for a Cause…

1st DWCU-PTA Fun Run

Met Overwhelming Success!


Urdaneta City. Last Friday, September 10, 2010 the Parents-Teachers’ Association led by Prosecutor Silvestre Redentor A. Ridao the President successfully organized the First DWCU-PTA Fun Run for a cause for the continuation of their project which is the H.E. Room for the Elementary Department. The activity was the parents’ and alumni’s part as the culmination of this year’s Intramurals and the Foundation Day of the SVD. The Fun Run was overwhelmingly participated by different “running organizations” of the City of Urdaneta, Binalonan and other neighboring towns aside from the DWCU Parents, Teachers, Students, Alumni Association, Barangay Officials of Bayaoas, City Government Officials, friends and benefactors of the DWCU.


The registration of participants started at 5:30 in the morning at the St. Augustine’s Building lobby while everybody were already ready at 6:00 a.m. to start the fun, after some synchronized stretching and warming up a short introduction was delivered followed by a prayer for God’s blessings and guidance. And there…the first shot was fired in the air where the guests started for the 5K category marshalled by the DELTACOM Urduja Base. After 20 minutes another shot was fired and the Parents-Teachers-Students category was roaring with thunderous fun and laughter…surprisingly others were really running for the 3K. Those who were not in the two categories were left behind for them to consume the 1.5K distance around the DWCU oval with the prep, kinder and elementary pupils with their advisers.


When all the events and categories were done the awarding program followed soon infront of the Elementary Building with Mrs. Marisa P. Tababa the PTA Auditor as the emcee. Mrs. Mylene R. Dela Paz the PTA PRO led the assembly to a Thanksgiving Prayer while Mrs. Elizabeth Domingo the Principal of the Elementary Department delivered the opening remarks. The awarding of the winners with medals and trophies followed (kindly see the list of winners below). Dr. Wilson Lagmay the main proponent on the mechanics and organization of the FUN RUN addressed the assembly with his inspirational talk followed by the message of gratitude of Fr. Noel Ferrer, SVD and Fr. Doms Ramos, SVD. Prosecutor Redentor A. Ridao assisted the treasurer Mrs. Alma Mendoza as they turn-over the proceeds of the Fun Run. Engr. Rammy Parayno the PTA Vice President did the Closing Remarks thanking everyone for their full support to the project of the PTA.




Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010 – College Edition

Ms. Jasmin Joy Panida


Mr. Raffy Apolinar

“Crowned” as

Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010

of the College Department



Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010

Urdaneta City. This year’s intrams fever reached its apex with the thundering applause and shouts of joy of the collegians when the result of the Search for Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010 of the College Department was announced by the Masters of Ceremony Marycris Garcia and Roy Daniel Castillo in an exeptionally pleasant  afternoon of September 9, 2010. The Saint Michael Gymnasium glittered in jubilation as the finalists were called to their final test – the battle of the intellect. After the finalists displayed their prowess in answering the gruelling questions the moment of truth was at hand. The members of the board of judges in unison declared Ms. Jasmin Joy Panida of I-BS Commerce and Mr. Raffy Apolinar of I-AB Philosophy as the Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010 of the College department!

The board of trustees then of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta, the SVD community, the administrators, faculty members, non-academic personnel, students and friends offer a warm round of applause to Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010 of the College Department. The same degree of felicitations is expressed to the finalists of this most awaited portion of the Intramural Events for this academic year. Congratulations and more power!


Ms. & Mr. Intrams together with the Finalists

The names, courses and ranks of the finalists are listed below to wit:

Search for Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010

Katrina Miranda & Christopher Patricio

Acclaimed as Ms. & Mr. Intrams

of the High School Department


Katrina & Christopher

Urdaneta City. Intramurals 2010 will not be complete without the most awaited event, the FINALE of the the mother of all sports competitions within the campus – the “crowning” of  Ms. and Mr. Intrams. The members of the board of trustees of the DWCU then with all the administrators, faculty, non-academic personnel, students, parents, friends and the whole academic community of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta proudly congratulate Ms. Katrina Miranda of IV-St. Arnold and Mr. Christopher Patricio of III-Genesis for being proclaimed as Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010 in the High School Department.

The same felicitations are attributed to the finalists of the most coveted title of the Intramural Events listed below. Congratulations!





2nd Inter-Class Product Competition

2nd Inter-Class Product Competition: Molding Future EntrePinoys




Mr. Edward Ng

Urdaneta City. Last September 1, 2010, the COM-SEC Department, in cooperation with the Office of the College Dean, kicks off the mission month by organizing the 2nd Inter-Class Product Competition. Students from Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Management presented their new and innovative product ideas to a panel of judges.


Five judges were invited for the event:

  • Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD, DWCU President
  • Mrs. Leonida Javillo, businesswoman and the College Dean
  • Dr. Felicitas Dulay, researcher, businesswoman and Education Department Coordinator
  • Ms. Eillen Jane O. Ng, aspiring entrepreneur and product competition veteran
  • Ms. Dianne Bernadette Aquino, registered nurse and businesswoman


 The competition was divided into two categories – food and non-food products. People’s Choice Award was also given to the product that received the highest vote from students. To those who were proclaimed winners, our hearty congratulations.



For People’s Choice Award:

  • First Place: Dilis Brittle by Ms. Julie Anne Sarmiento (BSC 4)
  • Second Place: GG Chips by Ms. Rhuliza Mangaoang (BSC 2)
  • Third Place: Okra Coffee by Ms. Ma. Carmelle Quilatan (BSC 4)

The winners in the Non – Food Product Category:

  • First Place: Guava Toothpaste by Mr. Freddie Mark Santos (BSC 2)
  • Second Place: Mosquito Repellant Alcohol by Ms. Mylin Madriaga (BSC 2)
  • Third Place: Malunggay Ointment by Ms. Lawrence De Asis (BSC 2)


The winners in the Food Product Category:

  • First Place: Banana Peel Patties by Mr. Jonathan Leal (BSCS 3)
  • Second Place: Bamboo Shoots Chips by Ms. Catherine Canlas (BSC 4)
  • Third Place: Dilis Brittle by Ms. Julie Anne Sarmiento (BSC 4)


The top three products received the ultimate Best Product Award:

  • Best Product: Banana Peel Patties by Mr. Jonathan Leal (BSCS 3)
  • First Runner-Up: Bamboo Shoots Chips by Ms. Catherine Canlas (BSC 4)
  • Second Runner-Up: Guava Toothpaste by Mr. Freddie Mark Santos (BSC 2)


Mr. Edward Ng




Summit: Teacher Education

DWCU Education Students Attend Regional Students’ Summit in Teacher Education!


Dr. Felicitas Dulay

Dagupan City. “Summit”! A new term to mean seminars and training. According to Dr. Paz Lucido, one of the speakers, summit was used to go with the changes in time. It denotes professionalism and excellence!

Last August 24, 2010 (Tuesday), the students of DWCU particularly the Second to Fourth-year students went to Colegio de Dagupan Arzadon Gymnasium Leisure Coast, Dagupan City to attend the “Regional Teacher Education Students’ Summit”. It was an enjoyable and fruitful summit for students as well as for instructors in the different colleges and universities in Pangasinan. We learned much from the lecturers of the following well-known educators in the country in line with their expertise:

To wit:

Dr. Caridad O. Abuan, Officer in Charge, Office of the Director IV, CHED, Region I, explicitly tackled her topic on “Preparing Students Towards Becoming Quality Teachers”. She said that quality teachers can be achieved by your institutions if the best training, education and rigid preparations are provided to our pre-service teachers.


Dr. Paz I. Lucido, Chairman for the CHED Technical Panel for Teacher Education (Elementary Education) emphasized the heart of TEDP (Teacher Education and Development Program) which is the National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS) that serves as a mold both the pre-service and in service education and training. It is the touchstone that ensures the continuing response to the changing needs of the teaching – learning process.

Dr. Milagros Lim-Borabo, Executive Secretary, PAFTE – shared some of the best practices in the implementation of the Field Study Courses and Practice Teaching. She shared some of the strategies and techniques in the learning – teaching process wherein the students participants enjoyed very much!

Dr. Brenda B. Corpuz, Chairman of the CHED Technical Panel for the Teachers Education (Secondary Education) gave tips for successful performance both of the TEI’s (Teacher Education Institutes) and the examinees during the Licensure Examinations for Teachers (LET).

The most applauded part of the program was the stage performance of Colegio de Dagupan students, though it was already lunch time (12:30), students wanted more from them.

Lastly, Dr. Cherrie Melanie A. Diego, OIC, Chief Education Program Specialist, CHED, Region 1, gave her motivating and inspiring closing remarks.



Program Head



SVDs Celebrate 135th Foundation Anniversary



HAPPY BIRTHDAY“Remember the humble beginnings!” These are the reverberating words of Fr. Bernard Teneza, SVD the rector of the Divine Word Formation Center and the Provincial Admonitor of SVD-PHN who was the main celebrant and homilist of yesterday’s another triple celebration. “We Remember, We Rejoice, We Renew” the theme of the centennial celebration of the arrival of the SVDs in the Philippines. As we celebrated the birthday of the Mother of the Word, the Blessed Virgin Mary we rejoice over the 135th Foundation Anniversary of the Divine Word Missionaries all over the world. St. Arnold Jannsen founded the international congregation on September 8, 1875.

Remembering the humble beginnings we express our heartfelt gratitutde to the Divine Word for all His Divine Blessings through the years making the SVD now as the number seven congregation throughout the world serving more than 70 countries around the globe. We rejoice over the spread of the Good News in the mission territories and at home specially here in the Diocese of Urdaneta. The SVDs then are grateful to all our collaborators, co-workers, co-missionaries, SVD Friends and benefactors. You share with us God’s blessings and the maternal care of our Mother Mary.

To all of you… a million thanks…rest assured of our continuous prayers for you in all our daily eucharistic celebrations.




Overture of the DWCU Intrams ‘2010 . . .

The Final Curtains:

We Remember, We Rejoice

We Renew…

Urdaneta City. Filled with wonder and excitement the whole academic community of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta gathered together this morning at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium to witness the opening ceremonies of the DWCU Intrams ‘2010. The colors of BLUE and GOLD were cascading like a prism dispersing the light and hues of the institution amidst the rain-threatening clouds.

This year’s Intrams raises the banner of  the 135th Foundation Anniversary of the Divine Word Missionaries as a congregation founded by St. Arnold Jannsen on September 8, 1875 in Steyl, Holland on the day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This year’s intrams too brings down the final curtain of the Centennial Celebration of the SVD presence in the Philippines with the Celebration of the Eucharist tomorrow at 8:30 in the morning in all houses, seminaries,  institutions, colleges, universities, parishes and places of mission of the SVDs here in the Philippines.  The same intrams 2010 celebrates the Silver Anniversary of Urdaneta as a Diocese.

Carolina Campanera CSC Sports Coordinator

The opening ceremonies started with the Doxology which was meaningfully and beautifully choreographed by the Legion of Mary. The Glee Club led the whole community in singing the Philippine National Anthem after-which Jouexmar Kitjorn V. Amiscua the SSG Sports Coordinator of the High School Department eloquently delivered his Opening Remarks welcoming everybody to the celebration. Fr. President guided the whole community in reflecting the reasons, the philosophy and significance of this grand gathering: 1). The eve of the Birthday of Mother Mary, 2). celebrating the 135th SVD foundation, 3). Culmination of the SVD Centennial Celebration and 4). the Silver Jubilee of the Diocese of Urdaneta.  The Oath of Sportmanship was led by Carolina Campanera the CSC Sports Coordinator of the College  Department. The Homeroom Sports Coordinators lighted the Olympic Torch as Fr. President officially declared the DWCU Intrams 2010 … OPEN!


The official declaration signaled the beginning of the festivities. The Pre-schoolers and Kinder kids filled with child’s innocence were dancing, jumping and emitting shouts of joy as they presented their cheer dances to the delight of the parents, guardians, teachers, friends and students. The whole elementary department entertained everybody who witnessed the joyful, meaningful and fruitful event. With high spirits the DWCU Family proceeded to the playing fields for the games scheduled for the day. The joy of the celebration dispersed the rain-threatening clouds as the dazzling sun smiled over the rejoicing campus.  We glorify and thank the Lord for the beautiful weather. Below are colorful and memorable pictures captured during the opening of DWCU Intramurals 2010.

Happy Intrams to one and all…!



Divinian Franz Kevin RJ Palos

Declared Champion in Extemporaneous Speech

* * *


Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD * Franz Kevin RJ Palos * Msgr. Larry Hortaleza, VG

 Urdaneta City. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Urdaneta’s Diocesan Biblical Ministry under the Commission on Formation recently held the Catholic Family Bible Encounter (Family Bible Quiz) and Extemporaneous Speech contest in the light of the 25th Anniversary of the Diocese. The encounter was held at the John Paul II Pastoral Center last Monday, August 30, 2010, Urdaneta, Pangasinan.


The theme: “The Word of God calls us to be Caring Stewards of Creation” set the spirit of the quiz and extemporaneous speech. Fourteen Families all over the Diocese joined the quiz while 20 contestants from different institutions tried their best in extemporaneous category.  Our college department headed by Dean Leonida D. Javillo assisted by Dr. Trofima Pangonilo responded to the challenge and was able to organize our DWCU entries to the Family Bible Quiz and the Extemporaneous Speech. The Diego Family: Romeo N. Diego, Belinda S. Diego, Robelle, Danabelle, Izzabelle and Jessabelle from San Vicente, Urdaneta City led by our student Ms. Robelle S. Diego – BSC-2 represented the DWCU. We congratulate the whole Diego Family for representing us to the Diocesan Bible event.



Meanwhile, five of our students from the college department took their chance for the extemporaneous speech: 1). Ryan P. Banez – AB Philo 2, 2). Alberth Janssen V. Belandres – AB Philo 2 , 3). Franz Kevin RJ Palos – AB Philo 2,  4). Mylin T. Madriaga – BSC 2, and 5). Sheena Isvet T. Castro – AB Psychology 2.

The members of the Committee on the Biblical Apostolate of the Campus Pastoral Council of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta with all the members of this academic community;  we extend our warmest felicitations and hearty congratulations to the Diego Family, to Franz Kevin and to all the participants of the said Bible event.


The DWCU delegation with Dean Javillo and Dr. Pangonilo