God Speaks to Every Divinian Today Through Reading the Bible





Urdaneta City.

Exactly it was one year ago (Jan.27) when the GMA-7 covered a live interview with the President of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta broadcasting the success of the “i-proclaim” bible reading activity that landed into the 5:30 pm Balitang Amianan.

The event was replicated today when the whole academic community again gathered together at the soccer field of the DWCU  with the huge image of the bible at the center of a cross inside a figure of the world formed by all Divinians sitting in the meadow reading together the Holy Bible. Indeed, one can say that God speaks to His children when they read the Sacred Scripture and when everybody (students, teachers, parents, alumni, non-academic personnel, WCW sister, SVDs, security guards, janitors and guests) read together in a community named after the Divine Word …God speaks to the whole community.

The Silent Reading of the Holy Bible

The sacred reading exercise lasted only for an hour but the extent and its effect could last for an eternity as one could not calculate and imagine the power of the Word that nourishes the soul that hungers and thirsts for His Word.

The Flow of the Event:

At exactly 7:30 in the morning the Divinians assembled at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium where the preliminaries were observed. Every teacher with the principal and Dean of the College supervised the assembly.  The opening prayer, Philippine National Anthem, Panunumpa sa Watawat, Divine Word Hymn were observed as being done daily. The rationale, Aim-Objectives and Expected outcome of the “I-Proclaim” Divinian Way were explained to wit:


DWCU’s Highlight for this year’s Celebration of the National Bible Week together with the whole nation: Proclamation No. 44 and No. 1067

  1. DWCU way of celebrating NBW
  2. As Witness to the Word, we need to read the bible
  3. Ignorance of the Bible is ignorance of Christ
  4. i-Proclaim – DWCU version

 Aim – Objectives:

To inspire the whole DWCU academic community to read the Bible; To place God’s Word as the center of our community life – God’s Word is our life and mission; To encounter and experience personally and as a community the Word of God; To read, reflect, meditate, pray, live and share the Word of God; To read the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation together as one community in one setting

Expected Outcome:

1). Proclamation: Public Reading of the Sacred Scripture 2). Modeling: Lead others in reading the Bible 3). Moral Recovery through the Word of God 4). Realization of the Theme: May They Be One: MTBO 5). We become: Witness to the Word – a community nourished by the Word of God.

THE READERS FROM THE EASTERN SIDEThe whole community then proceeded to the open soccer field in procession with the bibles in their hands. When they reached their designated place with all the books of the bible printed in tarpaulins the Big Bell announced the beginning of the bible journey with the seminarians singing the opening song. Everybody then opened their bible as the whole campus was filled with God’s presence as the story of salvation unfolded from Genesis to Revelation carefully assigned to each participant in order for the whole community to cover the whole Holy Bible in one setting.


 The DWCU family expresses our heartfelt gratitude to the GMA-7’s crew, Mr. & Mrs. Ricky & Gina de Guzman of the Philippine Bible Society. Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD the Executive Secretary of ECBA-CBCP, PANELCO, our guests, friends and benefactors, the committees: Biblical Apostolate, Mission Animation, Justice Peace and Integrity of Creation and Communications Committee. To all who made this event successful, meaningful and memorable … a million thanks! May God bless you all the more!



One Response

  1. Thanks for your special mail on Reading the bible!
    I read your text and viewed the picture with interest and gratitude!
    For me the whole Urdaneta Word experience is truly missionary endeavor.
    As you correctly note it is hard to gauge the effect. But effects it surely has.
    Who knows what happens in the heart of a participant
    or of someone who happens to pass by.
    Fr. Wim, Rome, Italy

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