The Pioneers Coming Back Home to DWCU


BATCH 1970 -1975


Message to the Pioneers

“Rejoicing in the Grace of the Divine Word”

Batch 1970-1975

Greetings in the Divine Word!

Thirty five to forty years ago, you bade goodbye to your Alma Mater, to the administrators, to your teachers, your classmates and friends to continue your journey in life realizing your dreams and aspirations. The separation was a bit painful but the pain was nothing compared to the joy that await in every victory that you experienced after all those trials and tribulations that you encountered along the way. You remember those glorious years gone by, equipped with the knowledge and wisdom through the integral formation that you embodied from your Alma Mater. Looking back those years therefore, we join you in thanking the Lord for always being there with you in your struggles and in your conquests in life.

With your theme: “Rejoicing in the Grace of the Divine Word”, as you all come home where you belong specially with the batch ’70 celebrating their Ruby Jubilee of their graduation during this 43rd year of the founding anniversary of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta your beloved Alma Mater, we join our hands and hearts together in rejoicing for all His grace and blessings. Indeed, let us rejoice as He gathers us all together again through His grace! Let us celebrate the victory that we all experienced through the years. Let us rejoice over the goodness of the Almighty for leading us by His hands through the years. We believe that this is God’s appointed time for us to be gathered as His chosen DWCU Family. This is the “Kairos” – in His time when He makes all things beautiful for us in this Homecoming of Batch 1970 – 1975. Cease the moment, celebrate the present; meet and encounter again your classmates and friends. Again, I say, REJOICE!

This homecoming is a renewal of your commitment to one another as brothers and sisters in the Divine Word. You renew your relationship, being members of one family. You renew your sweet memories in high school life as you renew your pledge to the Alumni Association during your graduation. This homecoming then is remembering, rejoicing and renewing as loyal Divinians… in Witness to the Word!

One with you,

Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD

President – DWCU

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