School Opening Mass 2019


DSC_0277The educational community of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta trooped to St. Michael Gymnasium on June 07,2019 to attend the first Friday mass, and officially commenced the School Year 2019-2020.

The main presider was Rev. Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD, the DWCU President and accompanied by the SVD Priests, Rev.Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD, the Finance Officer, Rev.Fr. Venerando Yator, the Campus Minister and Rev.Fr. Leonardo Hiquiana, the DWCU Canteen Manager. In the mass, the president reflected on the theme “Witness to the Word, Educating with Integrity.” He said that learning with integrity is achieved, “when we have the passion to learn new things, when we learn with a sense of mission, when we know how to listen, and when we aspire to become credible leaders.”  According to Fr. Ibay, “loving the Lord is not only manifested in words and good intentions, but it is learning with integrity.”

After the Eucharist, Fr. Ibay introduced to the whole community the College Administrative Council. The two Principals Mrs. Marlyn Laroco and Ms. Carolina Sayapen presented the educators in their respective departments. Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD, the Finance Officer, introduced the Non-teaching Personnel. Fr. Leonardo Hiquiana, SVD, made known to the whole community the Canteen Staff. After the presentation of the faculty and the non-teaching staff, Fr. Roberto Ibay, SVD and the whole learners offered a prayer for them asking the Lord to bless them and to make the school year 2019-2020 more meaningful and a fruitful one.


SVD Characteristic Dimensions (CD) Youth Camp



“The Love of Christ’s Impels Us. – 2 Cor. 5:14” The theme song for this year’s 6-day SVD 4CD Camp held at Divine Word College Laoag, Laoag City, Ilocos Norte last May 26- June 1, 2019. It was the first time that the camp move after 7 years from the SVD Philippines Central Province to SVD Philippines Northern Province. The Divine Word College of Urdaneta was not isolated from this camp. Fr. Venerando Yator, SVD, the Campus Minister, Ms. Angela Marizze D. Rafanan, English High School Teacher, and Ms. Yra Maru Esperanza, St. Arnold- Gr. 10 Student attended and participated actively in the said camp.

#SVD4CDCamp8 was a fruitful event to all the campers who came from different provinces in Central and Northern Luzon, as well as provinces in the South. The national camp seeks to harness the Filipino youth’s passion in helping the society by stimulating in them the SVD Mission spirit through the SVD Characteristic Dimensions: Bible, Communication, Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation (JPIC) and Mission Animation.

The theme “Filipino Youth: Rooted in the Word, Committed in His Mission” is the main theme this year. The 6-day camp was divided into three agenda: Mind (Understanding the WORD,) Body and Spirit (Living the Word,) and Heart and Spirit (Doing the WORD.)

Day 1 focuses with the arrival of the participant from all over the country. The welcome program or the Sarabo Time started at 3:00 PM. Orientation was held as well as the Bible Enthronement. It was followed by the Pamulinawen Meal and the Ray-Aw Night or the Merry Making Night.

Day 2 and 3 embodies the SVD Characteristic Dimensions through talks and discussions by the SVD Priests. The opening mass was presided by Rev. Fr. Romeo S. Fajardo, SVD. It was followed by the Prophetic Dialogue started by Fr. Edwin Fernandez, SVD with the four characteristic Dimensions. Followed by Rev.Fr. Romeo Benitez, SVD with Bible Apostolate, Rev. Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD with Communication, Rev. Fr. Reynaldo B. Jimenez, SVD with JPIC and Rev. Fr. Oscar Alunday, SVD with Mission Animation.

In day 4, the campers went to Adams, Ilocos Norte for the Pannakipagnaed or staying in with their respective foster families. The mass was presided by Fr. Louie Cris Gregorio, SVD the resident SVD priest of Adams.

Day 5 and 6 were the most memorable and emotional as the campers countdown on going back to their respective places. The closing mass was presided by the DWCU President, Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD.

Truly a great experience spiritually, emotionally and socially to all the participants as Christ love’s impels us.


DWCU Participants with Fr. Edwin Fernandez, SVD, DWCL Campus Minister


DWCU delegates with the DWCU President, Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD, and the DWCU Campus Minister, Fr. Venerando J. Yator, SVD


Arnoldus family at Adams, Ilocos Norte


DWCU President Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD as the mass presider for the closing mass of SVD 4CD Camp Year 8



The participants from Divine Word College of Urdaneta, Ms. Angela Marizze Rafanan, DWCU High School Teacher, Ms. Yra Maru Esperanza, Grade 10 St-Arnold Student, and Fr. Venerando J. Yator, SVD, DWCU Campus Minister


DWCU delegates with the delegates from Divine Word College of Legazpi


Group 2 – Communication

DWCU First Day of Classes 2019

First Day of Classes in DWCU for School Year 2019-2020

IMG_2249June 3, 2019  at 7:20 in the morning, administrators, educators, non-teaching personnel, learners and parents gathered together with joy and enthusiasm at the DWCU quadrangle for the flag ceremony and to start the new school year. Mr. Kyle Labrado was in charge of proclaiming the Word of God as a light of the Divinians in living and learning with the value of Integrity.  Miss Jennifer Dulay intoned the National Hymn, Urdaneta Hymn, and the DWCU Hymn. Fr. Roberto Ibay, SVD, the DWCU President, welcomed, congratulated and thanked the Divinians for considering DWCU as their school and home. Likewise, he congratulated them by putting their trust and confidence to DWCU educators to inspire them to develop their talents and potentials. Fr. Ibay, SVD, expressed in his message that integrity as a value in DWCU is possible when the learners have the passion and openness to learn, integrity is possible when learners know how to use and take care of the facilities, when learnersimg_2252.jpg come to the school on time and with proper uniform and one thing more, integrity is possible when learners know how to listen. After the words of Fr. Ibay, SVD, Mrs. Marlyn Laroco, the DWCU High School Principal, extended her warm and sincere welcome to the Divinians, to the educators and to the parents who were present. Then, she introduced to the community the qualified advisers and educators in the Junior and Senior High School department.

IMG_2255Another highlight of the opening of classes – year 2019-2020, was the blessing of the new comfort rooms donated by the DWCU Batch ’84. Fr. Ibay, SVD,  prayed and thanked the generous alumni for giving/sharing their time, resources and treasures to realize the renovation of the comfort rooms for male and female learners. He also urged the educational community, to take care of such facilities as an appreciation and respect to the unselfish Alumni Batch ’84. After these activities, the students went with joy to their respective classrooms with their own class advisers ready and willing to be formed in the light of the Divine WORD.

See the pictures below:


DWCU Employees Gen.Assembly 2019


61492263_1195772430627624_1794030766074626048_nThe Divine Word College of Urdaneta General Assembly was called out to order at exactly 8:00 in the morning of May 29, 2019 at DWCU Conference Room with the theme “Witness to the Word, Educating with Integrity”. It was attended by the administrators, teaching, non-teaching personnel and guest speaker of the said institution to plan together for School Year 2019-2020.

61845648_1195772217294312_3771313308334817280_nIt started with the opening prayer by the Administrative and Finance Officer Rev. Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD followed by the warm welcome remarks of the new Senior High School Coordinator Mrs. Joelita Bernabe and a further explanation on the Vision and Mission of the school which focused on the four core values namely: Integrity, Excellence, Social Responsibility and Evangelization given by Mrs. Marina Elizabeth Domingo. Next on the program were the introductions of the SVD Priests, Faculties of the Elementary and High School Departments and Non-teaching Personnel led by the Heads of the various departments (Rev. Fr. Roberto Ibay in the SVD Priests, Miss Carolina T. Sayapen in the ECE/Kindergarten/Elementary, Mrs. Marlyn Laroco in the High School, Rev. Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD in the Non-teaching personnel). The emcee, Ms. Chriza Mae C. Camarillo, introduced the Guest Speaker in the person of the School Legal Counsel Atty. 61468545_1195772267294307_2515855786022797312_n-e1559531001320.jpgJose Q. Lorica IV who talked and gave different scenarios that had something to do with the focus on the first day of the Assembly which was the Republic Act 7610 also known as the Anti Child Abuse Law. He enumerated different actions by the teachers that were beyond the law and an open forum type of discussion for everyone to share ideas and gather thoughts. The last part of the program in the morning was the awarding of certificate to the Guest Speaker Atty. Jose Q. Lorica IV by Rev. Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD the President of the DWCU and Rev. Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD the DWCU Administrative and Finance Officer.

genassembly_jdgIn the afternoon of the same day was the lecture and workshop on the Information Communications Technology (ICT) by the DepEd Faculty the none other than the expert on the field Mr. Joel D. Madrid. The latter part of the workshop was so interesting for it dealt with one of the 21st-century skills which were the prevalence of technology in the teaching-learning process. The awarding of the certificate to the guest speaker followed.

61677381_1195772460627621_7023191296206438400_nMay 30, 2019, was ushered by Rev. Fr. Leonardo P. Hiquiana, SVD House Praeses with the opening prayer. Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD, the DWCU President shared a message on the theme for the school year 2019-2020 which is dubbed as “Witness to the Word, Educating with Integrity.” He emphasized that Integrity in Education is achieved in DWCU when it is rooted in Human Integrity, Professional Integrity, Faith Integrity, and Institutional Integrity. The next speaker was the HR Coordinator Mrs. Marissa Sanchez who talked about “Maintaining a Positive Relationship Between Teacher and Students” which all teachers were hooked into. The next talk was on the Whole Child Education and 21st Century Assessment Strategies discussed by Miss Grace Gonzales, Miss Chriza Mae Camarillo, Ms. Hazel Maningo and Mr. John Jheric Fernandez. The third topic was on the Outcome-Based Education, 2019 Region 1 Higher Education Thought Leader’s Conference, Challenges and Solutions Encountered in the K-12 and61464459_1195772667294267_9194796713196388352_n Senior High School Curriculum, Attributes of Graduates, School Leadership for Global Competitiveness by Mrs. Joelita Bernabe, Mrs. Marlyn Laroco and Miss Carolina Sayapen. Miss Hope Coniega also discussed the policies in the Finance Office. Reminders were also given from the different offices: Registrar’s Office of Mr. Louise Lorian, Medical and Dental Clinic of Mrs. Diana Marie Valdez. The two-day assembly was wrapped up by Fr. President and ended up with the DWCU Hymn.


Book Giving


Last March 11, 2019, Ms. Marie Jean M. Albarillo, the Library Clerk of the DWCU Augustine Herbers Memorial Library, spearheaded an outreach ministry dubbed as “Bigayan: A Book Giving Outreach Program”. She was accompanied by Mr. Rolando Majarucon, College Faculty, and three college students namely Donita Madriaga, Joshua Palma and Joshua Policina. The recipient schools are Cayambanan Elementary School, Nancalobasaan Elementary School, Carosucan Elementary School, Urdaneta City National High School, Anonas National High School, Badipa National High School, Pedro T. Orata National High School, Cabuloan National High School, and Payas National High School. The Principals, Officer-in-Charge and learners of the receiving schools expressed their gratitude to  DWCU for the donated books.


Cayambanan Elementary School


Payas National High School


Carosucan Elementary School


Urdaneta City National High School


Anonas National High School


Badipa National High School


Pedro T. Orata National High School


Cabuloan National High School


Nancalobasaan Elementary School


52596091_2124565300916277_9214656311260610560_nThis was the theme of the 52nd Founding Anniversary of DWCU which was celebrated last February 21-23, 2019. The feast started with a bloodletting organized by the DWCU nurse Mrs. Diana Marie Valdez in coordination with the Philippine Red Cross Urdaneta chapter.  Administrators, educators, personnel, students, parents and many people in the community flocked in DWCU to underwent such bloodletting to show their generosity to the people in need.

February 22, 2019 at eight o’clock in the morning, a mass was celebrated by the Campus Minister Fr. Vhenerando Yator, SVD with the DWCU Priests as Concelebrants. He emphasized on the value of excellence as accountability and maximizing the talents God has given us to serve the community. A motorcade followed organized and led by Sir Edwin Aquino and Professor Rolando Majarucon in coordination with the government officials of Bayaoas and the city government of Urdaneta. After that, a basketball exhibition game between the DWCU varsity and DWCU Alumni selected players. There were also exhibition games on volleyball both girls and men coming from the selected DWCU students. BAZAAR was also introduced by the PTA officers during that day. These activities made the foundation more meaningful, joyful and youthful. PTA officers, DWCU Alumni Association Officers, and the whole DWCU community witnessed such activities in the morning. At 12 noon, the administration offered a sumptuous lunch to the community.

At 1:30 in the afternoon, the DWCU foundation continued with a special presentation from the elementary department and a dance dubbed as HATAW SAYAW from the Junior and High school department. Excellence was exemplified through the stunning, electrifying and well-coordinated movements and steps of dancing by the learners.

52641197_2139016652841786_3876973931927699456_oDuring the last day of the foundation-February 23, 2019, the DWCU PTA officers organized a family celebration. Parlor games were offered to the students and to the parents. During that same day at eight o’clock in the morning, DWCU alumni and parents who are in the medical field formed a  Medical and Vision Care Service for the less fortunate who had health problems. Medicines used during the said medical mission were donated and financed by DWCU alumni, parents and DWCU benefactors.  People from Bayaoas and Dilan Paurido with the assistance of barangay officials took advantage of the said medical activity. Salo salo, variety shows and Raffle draw were also organized by the PTA officers. At 5 PM the DWCU Alumni Association officers organized a mass as a prelude to their activity- the awarding of the Basketball tournament on the occasion of the foundation anniversary. The said awarding was done after a supper offered by the DWCU alumni officers. Indeed teachers and alumni gathered together thanking and celebrating the 52nd founding anniversary of Divine Word College of Urdaneta. The said activities and celebrations were done as a gratitude to God for blessing the 52nd founding anniversary of DWCU


Career Coaching for Grades 10, 11 & 12




Ms. Roma Q. Madrigal, Officer III, DOLE, Rosales,Pang. and Mr. Jose S. Del Rosario, PESO Manager and Supervising Labor & Employment Officer

Two resource speakers were invited for the symposium in Career Coaching and they are in the persons of Mr. Jose S. Del Rosario, the PESO Manager and Supervising Labor and Employment Officer of Urdaneta City and Ms. Roma Q. Madrigal who holds the position of an Officer III as Focal Person for Employment Programs of DOLE, Rosales, Pangasinan.  The topics discussed to the Grades 10, 11, 12 students together with their parents were: employment opportunities both locally and internationally hence, students were encouraged to work hard in their chosen career and develop their skills for a greater chance of employability either locally or internationally.


Grade 10,11 & Students with their Parents/Guardians at the Career Coaching Symposium

The symposium held on February 8, 2019 was well attended by both parents and students.  It started with an opening prayer led by Mrs. Mercedes S. Cabaccang, High School Faculty. Welcome remarks was given by the College Dean, Mrs. Joelita M. Bernabe. Fr. John Bala, SVD, the Administrative and Finance Officer was in charge of the awarding of the certificates. The objective of informing the audience of greater chance of employability in the future would lead to a better career choice of a child where the parents play a major role in providing not just financial support but the emotional and moral support needed by their children to be successful in their career.

16th National Science Quest

DWCU Learners Excel in the 16th National Science Quest

Nine (9) students from the High School Department participated and competed in the 16th National Science Quest held in Baguio City last February 8-10, 2019 with the theme: “Technology Advancement through Research, Inventions and Innovations in Sustaining the Quality of Life”

The Science Adviser Ms. Melanie Tabobo accompanied them together with Mrs. Flordeliza Villa Cruz and Mr. Christian Saguiped, Science Teachers in the High School Department. The following are the winners: Clezelle Monsanto got third place in JHS Essay Writing Contest (Filipino). On the Spot Painting – Rachelle Christine Garcia got the First Place and Yra Maru Esperanza got the 3rd place, and on Environmental Quiz Bee, Draude Anilov Malunay got the 4th Place.

In the Elementary Department, Rose Mary Kamille M. Andaleon was 1st place on the Spot Painting, with Kharl Gabriel M. Andaleon and Derrick who placed 4th and 5th respectively. The Elementary pupils were accompanied by Ms. Danica Uy, Science Teacher in the Elementary Department.

The participants came back to DWCU with joy for their achievements!  They learned a lot from the competition and they renewed their willingness to compete again next year. Congratulations to all the winners and participants!

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50601074_2093072977436154_1721985880844926976_oIn celebration of the National Bible Week on January 21-27, 2019 with the theme “I am the handmaid servant of the Lord, be it done to me according to your Word” [Luke 1:38], the Catholic Private Schools of the Diocese of Urdaneta actively participated in the First Bible Festival 2019 held at the Divine Word College of Urdaneta last January 25, 2019. The said event was spearheaded by the Diocese of Urdaneta Commission on Formation-Biblical Ministry thru Sr. Mary Evelyn V. Manocay, WCW, Diocesan Biblical Ministry Coordinator, and Fr. Venerando J. Yator, SVD, Campus Minister of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta. The Catholic private schools who participated were: St. Philomena’s Academy and Mary Help of Christians Academy (both from Pozorrubio), Holy Child Academy (Binalonan), St. Anthony Abbot Academy (Villasis), Holy Rood Academy (Alcala), Immaculate Conception Catholic School (Umingan), and the Divine Word College of Urdaneta.

The first part of the Bible Festival was Eucharistic Celebration with Rev. Fr. Bernardo Y. Villanueva, Diocesan Biblical Ministry Director, who served as the Mass Presider, and concelebrated by the SVD Priests. After the mass, different contests such as Bible Song Concert, Biblical Interpretative Dance, Spoken Poetry, Extemporaneous Speech and Bible Quiz Bee were undertaken and actively participated by the students from the different Catholic private schools. It is worthy to mention that the Divine Word College of Urdaneta got first place in almost all of the contests held, thus, DWCU emerged as the OVER-ALL CHAMPION! A plaque of recognition was also given to DWCU  for hosting and actively participating in the First Catholic Private Schools Bible Festival in the Diocese of Urdaneta.





Fr. Roberto J, Ibay SVD with Ms. Michelle Carrera, DJ/Account Executive of DZAI OK FM 92.1 Urdaneta

To reach regularly the DWCU community and to communicate effectively the Word of God to all kinds of people and to all places, DWCU opted to engage itself in Radio Broadcasting in DZAI OK FM 92.1, Urdaneta. The radio program which is known as “ONE WORD DIVINE WORD” commenced last October 27, 2018, and it is on the air every Saturday from 10 AM to 11 AM. Topics and issues are discussed in the light of the Word of God. Senior students are invited regularly to be present in the radio program as part of their immersion experience and likewise to accompany Fr. Robert Ibay, SVD- the main speaker of the program. Learners especially the Senior High school students are given spaces in the field of Radio broadcasting to ventilate their opinions and experiences on the different topics with the Word of God as the guiding principle. During the previous Saturdays, the following themes were reflected and aired out namely: Loving God and loving our neighbor, How do we show our loyalty to God, How does Jesus Christ our King reign in our life, How do we prepare ourselves, our communities and families for the coming of the Lord in our life. Furthermore, aside from being a space for the Senior High School students to develop themselves in communication specifically on Radio broadcasting, “One Word Divine Word” is an instrument of DWCU to put into practice the objectives of the community extension services and campus ministry programs to make the Word of God and social issues more accessible to the community outside the 4 walls of the school. In a word, “One word Divine Word” has its mission and purpose to evangelize and to accompany people and communities to see, judge and act from the lens of the Word of God found in the Sacred Scriptures and in their life, experiences, and aspirations.


Balita, Business at Musika kasama si Jack at Gem, Saturday 8-10@m 
Guest: President of Divine Word College of Urdaneta Fr. Robert Ibay promoting “One Word”, a religious program every saturday 10-11am. Together in photo OKFM 92.1 staff Michelle.