Pinning of Ranks of DWCU CAT Officers



The 2017 DWCU C.A.T. Officers

The DWCU Citizenship Advancement Training (CAT) Officers for school year 2017 – 2108 had the Pinning of Ranks together with their Parents last August 25, 2017 at 10:00 o’clock in the morning. The said activity had the theme “DWCU CAT Officers: Duty Before Honor, Honor Before Power.” It was started with a prayer led by Hanna Beanca V. Corpuz, S3 Intelligence Officer and a welcome remarks given by Jansen Carl O. Bautista, the Corps Executive Officer.

After the pinning of ranks, Maria Adelaida T. Gerola, the Corps Commander addressed the students, teachers and parents and her fellow officers. She said that, “To be an officer connotes discipline, responsibility and service. We assure you to help the school to spread discipline and to work for the welfare of the community.”

Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD, also gave his message, congratulating and thanking the C.A.T. Officers. He said, “Rank is not just power and authority. It is about service, duty and honor. The more you serve, the more you protect the common good, the more you earn authority and credibility.”

The program continued with a presentation prepared by the CAT Officers and it was ended by a prayer and blessing.


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