Welcome back to school Divinians!

June 13, 2017 marks the opening of the Academic Year 2017-2018 for the Divine Word College of Urdaneta with the Theme: Witness to the Word: Forming Communion of Communities with Social Responsibility. Everyone gathered at the St. Michael’s gymnasium  as the old and new students were welcomed.

An opening prayer was given by Fr. Venerando Yator, SVD, the DWCU Campus Minister. Mr. Jay-R D. Soriano, a High School Faculty led the singing of the National Anthem, followed immediately by the singing of the Urdaneta Hymn and DWCU Hymn.

Fr. Leonardo P. Hiquiana, SVD, House Praeses and Acting Finance Officer introduced the SVD Priests and Administrators; the faculty from Pre-school & Elementary, High School and College Departments were introduced by the Department Heads namely Ms. Carolina T. Sayapen,  Mrs. Marlyn R. Laroco and Mrs. Joelita M. Bernabe respectively. The non-teaching staff were also introduced by Mrs. Marissa T. Sanchez, the HR Coordinator and Guidance Counselor.

Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD, the DWCU President, invited everyone this school year to learn with a MISSION – first; to learn with a mission to excel; second, to learn with a mission to love the value of integrity; third, to learn with a mission to live with social responsibility; and finally, to learn with a mission to evangelize. 

DSC_0705 (2)

The DWCU SVD Priests (l-r) Fr. Roberto J. Ibay, SVD – President, Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD – Finance Officer, Fr. Venerando Yator, SVD – Campus Minister , & Fr. Leonardo P. Hiquiana, SVD – House Praeses

DSC_0710 (2)

The DWCU Administrative Council Members (l-r) Fr. Venerando Yator, SVD, Fr. Roberto Ibay, SVD, Mrs. Joelita Bernabe, Ms. Carolina Sayapen, Mr. Louise Lorian, Mrs. Marissa Sanchez, Mrs. Marlyn Laroco, Fr. Yohanes Bala, SVD, Fr. Leonardo Hiquiana, SVD

DSC_0717 (2)

The Pre-school & Elementary Faculty

DSC_0736 (2)

The Junior & Senior High Faculty

DSC_0740 (2)

Members of the College Faculty

DSC_0742 (2)

The Non-teaching Staff




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