Communication as a Key to Effective Education Through Professional Ethics and Personality Development


Mr. Philippe Jose S. Hernandez, the Resource Speaker

The Divine Word College of Urdaneta is now ready for the Academic Year 2017-2018 boosting its Teaching and Non-teaching staff with equipped standards that can be boasted from other private schools in the city. On June 8, 2017, the DWCU Community graced an In-service Training on Effective Communication and Personality Development with Professional Ethics in collaboration with Phoenix Book Company. Mr. Philippe Jose S. Hernandez was the resource speaker. Mr. Hernandez is an English language teacher, researcher, seminar facilitator, editor, and textbook author. He teaches at the University of Santo Tomas- Senior High School and serves as UST’s Assistant Director of the Social Media Bureau on top of his overwhelming achievements.

The seminar was a whole day activity wherein it compasses talks, activities, and real life scenario in a classroom set up. It was a fun filled experience because the speaker was energetic, full of bright ideas and he captured his crowd very well. All ears were on him as he spoke great values on education. He stated “Your freedom ends when your responsibility begins”, this is to clear out issues like the use of one of the most influential information-dissemination in today’s era – Social Media. The millennials as they were called today are the students/children who were born in the 21st century who were exposed and having been using gadgets as early as 2-3 years old. Using social media as a diversion of emotions and styles and fashions, an open diary and album of each individual, but he emphasized that “whatever you post make sure that you filtered and thought about it, remember click but think before you post.” Highlighting the seminar were the attitudes that are supposed to be innate in one educator in order for him/her to cope with the students and manage classroom as well. First on his bucket lists is Standards – what are the standards that a school (a Catholic school on that point) should be aiming, which should be followed by the teachers from all levels, Second is Punctuality, Third is Attire– the proper use of clothes in every occasion, Fourth is Behaviors– by following the cultures wherever an individual goes, Fifth is Public Image – how well an educator projects himself/herself in the public eye, Sixth is Teacher-Student Boundary – the wall between the teachers and students to avoid conflicts and favoritism and lastly the Teacher-Parent Boundary – to avoid unnecessary discrimination.

As the seminar ended Father President Roberto J. Ibay, SVD gave his final message saying “Effective Communication, Professional Ethics and Personality Development are important to deliver quality education in DWCU. Putting into practice all these themes inspire the students and the whole educational community to achieve their aspirations in life for themselves and for the good of others.”

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