DWCU leads National Bible Week Kick off in Urdaneta

DWCU leads National Bible Week

Kick off in Urdaneta

dsc_0900The celebration of the National Bible Week is again hitting the calendar pursuant to President Duterte’s Proclamation No. 124. The declaration was made in recognition of the religious impacts towards achieving a just and humane society. It also upholds January of every year as the National Bible Month. In line with this, the DWCU spearheaded the celebration in Urdaneta City through a Bible Enthronement activity and a walk through along Brgy. Bayaoas.

 It started on the 23rd day of January at 7:30 in the morning as the students were gathered at the Quadrangle. The DWCU President, Rev. Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD led the paraliturgy at7:40 and left promising messages to the members of the community saying, “In God’sdsc_1069 presence and mercy, this is a chance for us to proclaim the Lord in our life. This will bring us forward in delivering the goodness of Christ. This celebration is a union meaning all Christians and non-Christians were gathered together to praise Lord through the guidance of the Bible. It is good to realize this progress because the community’s progress or the country’s progress and even the world’s progress is still on the context of God’s gift which is not purely material but rather more divine and in human blending. We should also realize that the priority of God is persons and everything is moving towards progress because of human intervention and human action. With that, we become instruments of God’s love, service and compassion to one another.” He also blessed the students with their Bibles and rosaries for the parade which followed right after the said ceremony. In the afternoon, the Bible Quiz Bee Final Round for the Grade School Level 4 – 6 Division started. The competition lasted for two hours which was held at the Conference Room.

In anticipation of the celebration’s success, the Bible Mural (Wall Painting) Competition will take place on the 25th day of January at 8:00 in the morning and is expected to last at 3:00 in the afternoon. The participants from the high school department (Grades 9 – 11) and the college department will be guided accordingly by the DWCU faculty members and the student council. The students will be featuring chef d’oeuvre through their skills and talents on the historic walls of DWCU. Their masterpieces will also focus and in relevance to DWCU’s golden jubilee theme, “DWCU @ 50, Empowered by the Word of Truth, Proclaiming the Word of Life and Alive in Mission.”

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