DWCU’s Mission Awareness Welcomes

the “Ber-Months”

          The month of September is a well-known marker for the Christmas celebration around the globe. And as we begin to contemplate on moving ahead of time, we, as members of a common faith are bound to recognize and support our role as human beings. We are not just given a life worthy of living for but we are given a lot of chances to renew ourselves that is worth celebrating. In our very existence, as men and women, not unlike you and me, a mission is being upheld for us to learn something about the essence of life – sharing the greatness of Christ, fulfilling a lifelong mission of goodness, compassion and mercy. The DWCU as a Christian community and entity recognizes the movement of spirit and the acknowledgment of faith’s generosity and benevolence. As an indispensable institution of Christian faith and hope, the DWCU welcomed the fulfillment of “Mission Awareness Month” last September 8, 2016 in accordance to Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday with a thanksgiving mass held at the St. Michael’s Gymnasium having the SVD priests as the presiders. The College Department sponsored the mass as partakers of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s blessing and as one of the keepers of SVD’s mission. The month-long celebration focuses on the theme, “Rooted in the Word, Committed to Christ’s Mission. The Divinians consider the event as a tool to empower and enrich lives with interconnectedness and interdependency representing Christ as a mirror of hope, freedom and goodness.

            It was September 14, 2016 when the college department showed its utmost support to the celebration. The schedule of activities was consecutively met during their participation. The students were gathered at the typing room (rm. 306) of the 3rd floor building. The first part of the event was the quiz bee competition with four major different divisions. The students were divided into two major teams – Family 1 and Family 2. Each member of the families was distributed into teams to showcase the aptitude of the students. The elimination round started at 9:00 am with 15 questions to be answered, three teams were eliminated at the beginning of the first round. The remaining teams from each family proceeded immediately to the three major rounds of the competition: the easy, average and difficult rounds. Family 1 dominated the quiz bee competition with a 10-15-42 score against the 9-14-36 score of Family 2.

            After the quiz bee competition, it was immediately followed by the prayer making contest in two different categories, one written in Filipino and the other in English having two-hours to accumulate. In the said competition, students will be making individual outputs written in both languages but they will be carrying the banner of the families from which they belong. In the afternoon of the same day at exactly 2:00 pm, the participants from the different departments had their poster making contest. The successive activities done by the college department aims to showcase the wholehearted participation of both teachers and students especially in supporting the dispersal of the good news, word of truth and the holy gospel of Christ.

            It was September 19, 2016 when the culmination of the mission awareness’ participation of the college department happened at the conference room (rm. 306). The event started at 10:00 am with an opening prayer led by Alyssa Edricka Lopez which was immediately followed by the awarding of certificates for the winners of the Quiz Bee Competition, Prayer Making Contest – Filipino and English, and the Poster Making Contest. The winner for the quiz bee competition is the Family 1 and the Family 2 as the 2nd placer. Sunshine Bustillos was awarded 3rd place for the prayer making contest in Filipino, Irish Loma as the 2nd place and tying up for the 1st place were Flordeliza Muleta and Cherry Campanero. Irish Loma was also conferred the award of 3rd place in the prayer making contest in English, Cherry Campanero as the 2nd place and Flordeliza Muleta as the 1st place respectively. For the poster making contest, Annabelle Ventura received the 4th place, Tonnie Rose Junco as the 3rd place, Dann Dave Rodneill Guillermo as the 2nd place and Hope Coniega bragged home the 1st place respectively. The awarding ceremony ended with some important reminders and a warm congratulatory message to all the students from Mrs. Joelita M. Bernabe, College Dean. Fr. Venerando Yator, SVD also concluded the event with a closing prayer.


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