IMG20161210082255The Division Science Quest is an annual event attended by the students and teachers of the different schools in both public and private schools at Urdaneta City, Pangasinan organized by Mr. Elmo S. Bernardino, Education Program Supervison I. The said event was composed of different types of contests such as, Science and Techno Quiz (Individual and Team Competition), On-the-Spot painting, collage making, Sayawit contest, Rubik’s Cube challenge, Essay Writing in English and Filipino, etc. The contest is categorized into Teachers’ category and students’ category. It’s not just only for students but teachers also showed up their skills.

IMG20161210081640The Divine Word College of Urdaneta has also its entry in the event. There were 31 students who participated in the competition from Grade 7 to Grade 11 students. They were able to present themselves in terms of academics, talents and skills. The students were accompanied by the Science Teachers Mrs. Mercedes Cabaccang, Ms. Vanessa Jane Agas, and Ms. Melanie Tabobo in the competition at Cabuloan National High School. The students enjoyed their company and also they met new friends in other schools. It was a wonderful event for the students because they won in some areas and they were very happy to receive their awards with medals and certificates. Some students will go to National level at Baguio City on February 10-12, 2016. It will serve as a very good experience to them.

See pictures below:

The following are the students who won in the different contests:

Science and Techno Quiz
Grade 9: Louise Joy Urbano – 6th place
Grade 11: Felsie Mae Egipto – 3rd place (bronze)

On-the-Spot Painting
Grade 9: Rachel Garcia – 2nd place (silver)
Grade 11: Kim Balbastro – 4th place

Collage Making
Grade 10: Ma. Charlene Cabotaje – 4th place
Grade 11: Ian Calica – 5th place

Essay Writing (SHS)
English: Karl Dampil – 4th place
Filipiono: Earl elamparo – 4th place

Essay Writing (JHS)
English: Raphaell Ridao (Gold) – 1st Place
Filipino: Sophia Ridao (Silver) – 2nd Place

Rubik’s Cube Challenge:
Grade 7: Charles Allan Jacob – 3rd place (Bronze)
Grade 9: Marvin Wyndel Cura – 2nd place (Silver)
Grade 10: Gabriel Lyko eduria – 2nd Place (Silver)


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