S.Y. 2012-2013


by Mary Joyce Academia

June 15, 2012, at St. Michael Gymnasium – As always done during the beginning of the school year, an Opening Mass was held as a way of welcoming the great days ahead for the DWCU community. Presided by Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD, the school president, the mass revolved around the theme: “K to 12 = Transformation”.

Before the start of the mass, the gym was filled with jubilant ambiance when Fr. Tanysun C. Sunico, SVD led in doing the choreography of the song “Welcome to the Family” as a rousing activity for those that attended the event. Divinians got to their feet and followed the lead of Fr. Tany, while imbibing among themselves the significance of oneness with the community – as a family.

As the mass went on, and during Fr. Gil’s homily, he gave a warm welcome for every student in the different departments of the institution. Also, he was appreciative for the parents’ efforts to send their children to be educated in DWCU and motivated the teachers’ to do their best for this school year as challenges that are coming will be filled with many changes – transformation that is inevitable.

One of those changes is the K to 12, the new curriculum being implemented by the Department of Education to strengthen the foundation of education of the Filipino youth. Fr. Gil likened the said curriculum to a ladder that leads to success, on which we climb to reach everything we aspire. He also pointed out that since the students’ trusted DWCU with their education, the Divine Word Community would take a huge part for the students’ to reach that peak. He hoped that the change being brought by the new program would be beneficial for the next generation. This new school year served to be symbolic for the metamorphosis it will bring about. The president is looking forward to this as a big chance for the students to strengthen their faith in achieving something good.

The mass ended with the assurance of the administrators that the changes will be faced with strong faith as the DWCU community unites for this wondrous transformation.

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