‘AVENGERS’ campaign glares to victory

‘AVENGERS’ campaign glares to victory

Ablan wins as SSG President

by Ma. Katrina Camille M. Bernabe

The election of the newly elected officers of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) of the high school department was held last June 29, 2012. There are 14 seats that are needed to fill and two students were aspiring for each position from the two different parties – The Avengers Party and the Party Party. In the end, the tandem of Ablan – Academia won over Moreno – Mortela partnership.

During their room-to-room campaign, the aspiring candidates ran on their platforms of change and reform in their department as well as in the whole institution – The Divine Word College of Urdaneta.

 Lesley Anne Ablan, a little girl who touches lives, defeated Ruby Rose Faith Moreno, the smart beauty queen of St. Arnold for the presidency. Ablan received 315 votes, and Moreno 200. Mary Joyce Academia got the love and support from the juniors and seniors for helping her win the vice-president position over Sarah Madine Mortela who got the love and support of the freshmen and sophomores. Academia received 258 votes, and Mortela 253. This year’s secretary is Raphaela Marice C. Alcisto who received 267 votes and defeated Nicole Angela B. Bristol who only got 235 votes from the student body. For the position of SSG Treasurer, the student body chose Crisma Faye Mina by giving her 354 votes while Megumi Miyae only got 154 votes. Jaselle U. Mabry, who is the newly elected auditor, received 258 votes while Erika Omanito got 212 votes. Jesser Yron C. Bigornia, “The Hulk of the Avengers”, won after receiving 372 votes against Denzel Lagmay’s 130 for the position of Peace and Order Officer.

Meanwhile, the battle of Coordinators was dominated by the candidates of The Avengers Party. Princess M. Labonete won the Literary Coordinator position after receiving 337 votes against Patricia R. Nollido who got 171 votes. Kim Vincent G. Manipon, the new Sports Coordinator, won after receiving landslide votes of 374 against Rudslly A. Tabin who only received 136 which shocked some of his loyal supporters. Penelope Ann B. Medrano is now holding the position of Music Coordinator after receiving 349 votes leaving Baby Jane Nidoy behind with only 169 votes. For the Religion Coordinator position, Jennifer Nicole D. De Leon received 302 votes and won over Kimvirly P. Zayat who received 214 votes.

 The positions for representatives of Grade 7 until third year were also taken by Avengers candidates while the position of fourth year representative is entrusted to the candidate from Party. Angel Leila L. Marron, a refined student from St. Matthew, defeated Carole Kaye C. Lomboy after receiving 69 votes while her opponent received 53. Niña Charisse G. Evangelista won the hearts of the sophomores and received a total vote of 79 while Roaine E. Jardin got 47 votes. Huan Nicolaz G. Sumera, who is considered a campus heartthrob, got the support of the juniors after electing him as the Third Year Representative while his opponent Chloe Del Rosario received 57 votes. The seniors gave their trust to Crista Angelica Estrada by giving her 99 votes and leaving Jaybee Dela Cruz with only 32 votes.

The said winners of the SSG election will be officially inducted on July 6, 2012 along with the Homeroom and Club officers from the three departments – Elementary, High School, and College of DWCU.


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