Dr. Joel Guileb, the Resource Speaker for DWCU Teacher’s Workshop

“In teaching, knowledge matters but creativity delivers.”

With this message serving as the focal point of Dr. Joey S. Guileb’s lecture on Teaching Learning Strategies, the faculty, and non-teaching staff of Divine Word College of Urdaneta were able to learn, and for the experienced teachers to refresh, their methods of teaching the students in a more enthusiastic way.

Dr. Guileb, a former teacher of DWCU, and the current Education Program Supervisor of Department of Education in the province of Tarlac, accepted the invitation of the institution to give a talk on how a teacher should come up with strategies that will fully involved the students in the learning process. The speaker’s zest and use of humor somehow added to the fun on how his approach to mold the students be implied. It somehow motivated the DWCU employees, who were very game, to participate in the activities prepared by the speaker.

The lecture was divided into two parts with the first part putting an emphasis on understanding the learner while the second concentrated on the teaching strategies that a teacher can utilize specifically in the different subjects. As a prelude for the school year 2012-2013, this seminar workshop, may somehow mitigate the rigors of coming up with the best way to transfer learning designed for the students. This will also serve as a way of preparing the teachers, especially the new members of the faculty, in the predicaments they might face as an educator.

The workshop took place in the DWCU Conference Hall on June 5 and attended by the faculty from Elementary, High School, and College, along with the non-Teaching staff of the school.


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