DWCU At 45



Divine Word College of Urdaneta commemorated its 45th foundation last February 16-18, 2012 with the theme, “DWCU @ 45: Upholding the SVD Core Values.” Through the different events held, i.e., Dance Showdown, Studefest 2012, Salu-salo, Divinians showcased their superb talents.

February 16, 2012- The morning activities included the basketball game fought between DWCU and DWAD. The hyped pressure was felt from the start of the match until the end. Both teams strained to defend the name of their schools. The friendly game ended with 50 points lead; game won by DWAD.

The Juniors-Dance Showdown Champion

February 17, 2012, at St. Michael’s Gymnasium- All year levels got stirred up while waiting for the competition to start. They sacrificed their time, exhausted their energy under the blazing sun, and funded a considerable sum for their grand costumes and props. The competition was tough. Everyone sacrificed to defend the honor of his batch. Finally, the Juniors won.

The highlight of this celebration: The search for Mr. and Ms. Studefest. The candidates

Mr. & Ms. Studefest 2012 Finalists

exhibited the beauty and intellect of a true Divinian. The gym was filled with hopeful cheers, pressure from the candidates, adversity of judging by the jury, and the vibrant spirits of the audience. At the end of the pageant, Denzel John Lagmay and Ruby Moreno (both from III-Genesis) were crowned as Mr. and Ms. Studefest 2012.

February 18, 2012, Saturday- Although student’s attendance evidently declined, the Salu-salo was still conducted productively. Teachers, students, and guests ate their sumptuous lunch under the mango trees at the oval. The DWCU spirit and solidarity was evident in the air.

In all, the 45th year Foundation Day Celebration was an event to remember. It was a manifestation of the true Divinian strength, hopes, and values. Soar high DWCU. Long Live!

Friendly match-up game between DWCU and DWAD

Memorabilias at DWCU Exhibit Room

DWCU Alumni at the Exhibit Room

DWCU Mr & Ms Studefest 2012 Finalists

DWCU awards Plaque of Appreciation to Batch '77

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