Fr. President asks for perpetuation of 3 C’s

Loyalty, in the context of the School, is an expression of gratitude, love and commitment to serve one’s alma mater. Last December 17, 2011 has been a gathering of DWCU Alumni Batches with an attendance of 242 Alumni excluding the faculty, administration and guests. Such event manifested the Alumni sense of heartfelt loyalty to their Alma Mater – Divine Word College of Urdaneta.

That homecoming event was celebrated with a fun run and ball games in the morning, a mass in the afternoon and culminated with a Christmas Party. The party was a dinner gathering where exchange of pleasant memories by alumni batches happened. The program was highlighted by the raffle draw sponsored by the Alumni Association Officers. The different heads and representatives of the batches were given the floor to express their sentiments on behalf of their fellow alumni. Proper acknowledgment and plaques of appreciation were given to Batch ’82 who donated and installed a CCTV Camera System for the entrance gates and the High School Building; the Silver Jubilee Batch ’86 for their donation of 500 mono block chairs. In that very moment, Batch ’87 vouched to come up with a school signage come March 2012 and Batch ’79 for the repair of the Girls’ Comfort Room. The School President Fr. Gil T. Manalo, SVD expressed his appreciation and profound gratitude for the involvement of the Alumni in the welfare of their Alma Mater; he then exhorted everyone to perpetuate the spirit of Alumni homecoming through his 3 C’s acronym, meaning CONNECTEDNESS – to look back and be re-united to the school and former classmates; CELEBRATION – to be present in solidarity gatherings as an act of gratitude; and CONTINUITY – to support the school in the manner that they could come up with but most importantly to send in their children for education. The celebration continued and was adjourned at 12 midnight where everybody went home with a sense of belongingness and good memories to cherish.

Below are some of the pictures taken during the DWCU Alumni Homecoming.

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