Book Giving Outreach Program

Last October 27, 2011, DWCU conducts BIGAYAN: A bookgiving outreach program in line with its 45th Founding Celebration, with the theme, DWCU @ 45: Dreaming, Witnessing, Celebrating and Upholding the SVD Core Values, to public elementary and high schools in Urdaneta City. The said event is a project of the DWCU Library in cooperation with the College Student Council.

The recipients of this Bookgiving Outreach Program are Nancalobasaan Elementary School, P.T. Orata Elementary School, Cabuloan Elementary School, Badipa Elementary School, P.T. Orata National High School, Cayambanan National High School, Nancalobasaan National High School, Cabuloan National High School and Badipa National High School.

750 books were distributed to these recipient schools that aim to share to them reference books from the school library which will help public school students in enriching their knowledge and also to give gratitude to educational institutions that helped DWCU grow for the past 45 years.
The institution will again conduct another bookgiving outreach program this upcoming January 2012.

The recipients of the Book Giving Outreach Program of DWCU

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