AB Psychology students organized a

Symposium on Sexuality

“Is it ok to have pre-marital sex?” That is a common question among teens and engaged couples. Perhaps, some are in a relationship that is progressing in that direction, but are not sure what to do. In many aspects, there are probable weighing of pros & cons of pre-marital sex. On the positive side of the scale, there is acceptance from your peers, hope for pleasure, and fulfillment of sexual desires. The negative side of the scales carries the weights of morals, fear of pregnancy or disease and guilt. How do these scales balance? What is the right decision?

“No matter how wise a man, he still will need counsel to make right decisions.” This proverb marked the noble purpose of the event happened last 13th of October, 2011. A symposium on Pre-marital Sex, wherein students attentively listened and participated actively and managed to behaved properly for almost four hours of lecture. The said event was organized by the AB Psychology Students – Ms. Nika Paula L. Paulo, Sheena Isvet T. Castro and Mr. Joseph R. Gonzales with the guidance and support of their dynamic instructor in Psychology, Mrs. Marissa T. Sanchez. This is an information service being rendered by the Guidance Office that aimed to make everyone aware about this current menace in our country. The do’s and don’ts once confronted into situation on state of dilemma especially on love and sex, through the shared knowledge of the very able resource speakers who were invited to discuss and share something about their point of views in the following areas; a) Parental Side – Mrs. Ma. Corazon O. Bustria b) Medical Side – Dr. Cecilia D. Tolete, M.D c) Psychological Side – Mrs. Marissa T. Sanchez  and d) Spiritual Side – Frt. John Ferdinand M. Cruz, SVD

Sex is pleasure, but in God’s view, the primary purpose of sex is not recreation, but rather re-creation. In other words, sex is for reproduction. God does not limit sex to married couples to rob pleasure from those who are unmarried. Rather, God commands against pre-marital sex in order to protect unmarried people from unwanted pregnancies, from children born to parents who do not want them, and protect children from parents who are not prepared for them. Imagine for a moment, a world without premarital sex. There would be no sexually-transmitted diseases, there would be no unmarried mothers, there would be no unwanted pregnancies, no abortions. The bottom line of this, according to the Bible is, abstinence is God’s only policy when it comes to premarital sex. Abstinence saves lives, protects babies, gives sexual relations the proper value, and most importantly, abstinence honors God.

By: Nika Paula L. Paulo,IV-Psychology Student

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