Divine Word College of Urdaneta students never faltered to impress as they walked off as second runner-up overall in English Festival last October 10 at Lananpin National High School. Included in their takings are first places in Oratorical Contest and Essay Writing.

Despite postponements of the event due to typhoon and conflict of schedules with other academic contest, the English Festival was finally conducted at the said date with DWCU participating in different contests namely; quiz bee, poem recitation, oration, declamation, dramatic monologue, news reporting, essay writing and choric speech.  The participating students of DWCU along with their coaches led by Mrs. Merly Dela Cruz did their best as representatives of the school.

Jamiah E. Tablada and Princess Ashley S. Tomas, both students of IV-St. Arnold, won their contest in Oration and Essay Writing contest. DWCU also got two second placers in News Reporting and Dramatic Monologue, third place in Poem Recitation, 5th place in Declamation, 6th place in Choric Speech, and 7th place in Quiz bee, thus, earning them the points to acquire the second runner-up overall in the said contest.

The complete awards taken by DWCU for the English Festival are listed below:


Quiz Bee (7th place):  

Jessica Bren Cezar
Dexene Lopez
Erika Francheska Omanito
Kyle Grace Dela Cruz
Coach: Mr. Romeo Laforteza

 Poem Recitation (3rd place):

 Nicole Bristol
Coach: Mrs. Merly S. Dela Cruz

Oratorical Contest (1st place):   

Jamiah E. Tablada
Coach: Mr. Raymond Lopez

                  Declamation (5th place):              

Raiza Esther Paul Moreno
Coach: Mr. Raymond Lopez

                  Dramatic Monologue (2nd place):            

Ruby Rose Moreno
Coach: Mr. Raymond Lopez

        News Reporting (2nd place):       

Lesley Ablan
Coach: Mr. Romeo Laforteza

            Essay Writing (1st place):            

Princess Ashley Tomas
Coach: Mrs. Merly Dela Cruz

       Choric Speech (6th place):           

  Patricia Ganigan
Nikka Tablada
Niña Charisse G. Evangelista
Hazel Joy Estigoy
Johara Egar
Kimvirly Zayat
Kezel Ann Eugenio
Tiffany Nicole Itchon
Geralyne Calica
Krisna Mae Venenciano
Kyle Shean Armas
Tristan Parayno
Sarah Mortela
David Bruce Enrile
Kimberly Maglaqui
Elybenz Toreno
Rikki Alecs Landingin
Sofia Abdul Latiff
Gio Tolentino
Samuel Abad


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