DWCU Celebrates the Month of Holy Rosary

DWCU starts the celebration of

the Month of Holy Rosary

October 3, 2011, the Divine Word College of Urdaneta started the celebration of the “Month of the Holy Rosary”. The students gathered exactly at 7: 40 in the morning in the school gymnasium for the said celebration.

The gathering started with the praying of the rosary and ended with the Para-Liturgy. The praying of the rosary was led by the “Legion of Mary” members. Each decade was accompanied by a song at the end of it. After the rite of the rosary, the Para-liturgy was given which was led by Fr. Edgar L. Calunod, SVD. Then Frt. John Ferdinand Cruz gave a message about caring and helping other people.  The ceremony went on until the closing prayer and the giving of blessing for those who attended.

This whole month of October, the whole community of DWCU joins the whole world in praying the Holy Rosary every day at a certain time. As Catholic, it also serves as a way of uniting every Filipinos as one family of deep faith.

By: Samuel Edrian P. Abad

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