Thanks to You Ma’am & Sir!


The community of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta observed and celebrated the “Teachers’ Day” on October 4, 2011.   It was held at 1:00 in the afternoon at the Saint Michael Gymnasium. It was done to appreciate the new heroes of our generation.

The program was hosted by two of the school’s students as Emcees. The first part was the displaying of the “WE LOVE AND THANK YOU TEACHERS” sign. Each letter was held by the class mayor of each class. And one by one, they fetch their advisers from their seats to bring them up the stage to give them tokens like ribbons and a BIG LETTER OF APPRECIATION for each one of them. If we talk about teachers’ day not only teachers are recognized. Fr. Gil T. Manalo, as the father of DWCU community was also recognized. People like Fr. Gil also contribute in shaping lives, not through books but by inspirational messages they endow especially to the students. The High school faculty staff members were the first to be given recognition followed by the Elementary and College teachers. Every time a person was called to be given tribute, cheers and applause can be heard inside the gymnasium.  It made the event even more dramatic especially that each teacher called is happy for they know that many people appreciate their efforts.

After the recognition part, a song was presented by the St. Arnold class as a piece of thankfulness to the teachers and other important builders of the student’s life in DWCU. Then, a speech was rendered to the students by the High school Principal, Mr. Reynald Mamasig. He gave a message about the appreciation of teachers.

After that part, many presentations were presented to honour the teachers and their efforts.  These presentations served as appreciation for the unending support of educators in the students’ lives.

The program was finished by a prayer at 2:50 in the afternoon. While the teachers and students are taking their break, a cloud of joy emanated after the program.

As a one of the students, I can say then, to my teachers, “THANKS TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!”

Thanks to you our dear teachers!!!

By: Samuel Edrian P. Abad

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