It seems déjà vu all over again as Divine Word College of Urdaneta crushed the Urdaneta City National High School, 60-48, in the opening game of the MILO Passerelle Twin Tournament last Saturday, August 13.

Tournament Commissioner Sonny De Jesus tossing the ceremonial jump ball to a DWCU and MGSSSI players

The crowd was too loud as soon as the jump ball started, everything was too hot: the venue, the weather, and the players. DWCU did the first action by hitting threes and penetration points. UCNHS did nothing to cool down the opening salvo of the sizzling Divinians. The first quarter ended with the score 12-4.

On the second quarter, DWCU still has the momentum to manage the game. UCNHS cannot apply their plays because of the robust defense of DWCU.
Second half was the hottest of the game; UCNHS unleashed their overpowering moves and made a run that forced DWCU to call for a timeout. Through that timeout, Coach Jun Ega of DWCU released his secret weapon, Virgilio Alcaide, who then led the Divinians with a 6-0 run. DWCU froze its double digit lead at this point.

UCNHS tried to close the lead and invert the game but their effort remained hopeless as the DWCU veteran players did not let them do so, ending the game with DWCU having a hefty lead.

The next game for the Divinians will be on Saturday, August 20, against La Maria. DWCU is craving for championship so Coach Ega is determined to give the proper motivation, training, and preparation for their upcoming games especially if they reach the championship game.

Milo Passerelle Muses

Reported by: Gio P. Tolentino
Photos by: Huan Nicolaz G. Sumera

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