DWCU launches S.Y. 2011-2012 with zeal

General Orientation conducted for the students, old and new

The Divine Word College of Urdaneta opens the school year 2011-2012 same with other schools in the country this 6th of June 2011. Part of the launching of the High School Department was the students’ orientation, which was held at the St. Michael Gymnasium. During the previous years, the orientation was given by the advisers to their advisory classes. But this year, the High School Department, through the leadership of its new principal, Mr. Reynald Mamasig, oriented the students from first year to fourth year altogether at the same time and venue.

 With the assistance of the CAT officers, the students were directed to attend the orientation in the gymnasium together with the high school faculty and non-teaching staff. Students were given a place to stay before the orientation started according to their year level. The orientation started at about 8:00 in the morning. The master of ceremonies for the program was none other than Mr. Louise Lorian. The opening prayer was led by Mrs. Merly dela Cruz then the entrance of colors was held next, before the singing of the National Anthem was conducted.

 After the singing of the National Anthem, an energizer was presented that signaled the people inside the gymnasium to follow the steps for a morning exercise. The students, together with the teachers, jolted up their sleeping joints and muscles. Everyone seems to enjoy it because most of those who participated were laughing and smiling.

 After that fun experience, Mr. Reynald Mamasig delivered inspirational words which talks about struggle and endurance leading to success and good life. It was then after the inspiring message of the high school principal that the new formators of the SVD were introduced. The SVD priests are the following: Fr. Gil T. Manalo (DWCU President), Fr. Edgar Calunod (Finance Officer), Fr. Cris Cancino (Provincial Admonitor and Rector), Fr. Tanisun Sunico (Campus Minister), Fr. Teodosio Saluba (PHN Vocation Director), Fr. Elmer Loreto (Prefect of Discipline), and Frt. John Ferdinand Cruz (Regent).

 The teaching staff and their various advisory classes were also introduced together with the non-teaching staff. In the middle of the program, to prevent the students from being bored, an icebreaker was given by Mr. Raymond Lopez, a new teacher in the department, which set again everyone in a jolly and cheerful mood.

 Fr. Gil then gave a motivating message for the students. It was the first time of the president to be seen by the students of DWCU. A special presentation was then prepared by two students who sang in a duet. Another important part of the orientation was the Vision-Mission Statement followed by the discussion of the brief history of the school.

 The focus of the orientation came next. The rules and regulations that the students must abide with were discussed including the disciplinary that have to be imposed for each violation. Another intermission by selected students was performed after the discussion of the policies. During the program, the different facilities and services that the school offers were also presented.

 To end the program, Mr. Mamasig gave another message motivating the students to be passionate with regard to their studies. Mr. Romeo Laforteza then led the closing prayer.

Reported by:  Samuel Edrian P. Abad, a 4th Year student of DWCU and is currently the news editor of The Vine



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