Thank You Fathers



The date was May 11, 2011. Front of Finance Office was the venue. The Divine Word College of Urdaneta community gathered together for a  testimonial rites and a  “salu-salo”.

The gathering served as a banquet to honor the 5 fathers who,  in order to fulfill  the mission of advancing the cause of humanity through SVD spirituality, would leave the DWCU community to reach out other communities.

Our dear Fathers– Jess, the Iron Man, Bernard, the Batman, Servas, the Daredevil, Noel, the Green Lantern, Doms, the Superman were dubbed as super heroes of DWCU community for they have advocated a paradigm of integrity, social responsibility, excellence, and evangelization.

The DWCU family would be longing for the solomonic wisdom of Fr. Jess, “pari-pare-mo-‘ko” friendship of Fr. Servas, Fr. Bernard’s ‘brother-to-all” character, Fr. Noel’s positive creed and the “driving force” disposition of Fr. Doms.

There’s no better gift we could ever give than the gift of gratitude and God’s blessings. We look forward on the day our path will cross again to rekindle the smile of friendship and the touch of fellowship. SALAMAT PO.


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