Sacrament of Confirmation Administered to Divinians

Msgr. Lazaro P. Hortaleza, VG

Administered the Sacrament of Confirmation at DWCU

Msgr. Larry Hortaleza,VG

Urdaneta City. Msgr. Lazaro Hortaleza the Vicar General of the Diocese of Urdaneta administered the sacrament of confirmation to 32 Divinians at the Holy Spirit Chapel of the DWCU this morning at 8:15, March 11, 2011. The celebration started with a solemn procession of the candidates for confirmation with their sponsors wherein the administration of the sacrament was done in between the celebration of the Word and the Eucharist. Fr. Servasius W. Tethun, SVD the Campus Minister assisted the main celebrant together with Fr. Bernard Teneza, SVD the rector and Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD the president. Dr. Trofima Pangonilo who celebrates her birthday today was the commentator with the seminarians as the choir. Mr. Rodel Nachima the staff of the Campus Ministry Office assisted in the preparations and in charge of the logistics. The celebration was another project of the Campus Pastoral Council for this year.

Confirmation is a Catholic sacrament of mature Christian commitment and a deepening of baptismal gifts. It is a Sacrament of Initiation for Catholic and a Sacrament of faith in God’s fidelity to us just like Baptism and Eucharist.

The Sacrament of Confirmation is described as the sacrament of spiritual maturity. It ameliorates the soul of the person with deep graces which include help and assistance of the Spirit. It is the sacrament that addresses the receiver to witness bravely the gift of faith by word and as an example of their lives.

The significance of the sacrament is best described by the petition for the reception as follows:





Msgr. Vicar General, having reached that age at which one becomes socially aware and is challenged to take his place in society responsibly, I desire to experience fuller initiation in the life and work of my faith- community and to receive the guidance and support I need for an ever on – going conversion in Christ.  With the supportive community of my family, peers, barangay and Parish, I resolve to grow familiar with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through prayer and study.  I commit myself to his mission and values, and to service for the life and mission of the Church.  It is my own vision that my life, after the pattern set by my Lord, will become, through service to others, Bread – Broken and shared, and Drink – shed and poured for the realization of God’s kingdom and the glory of God.  I seek the grace of increased attunedness to the ever present Holy Spirit, the grace of openness to his light, the grace of obedience to his promptings, and the grace of cooperation with his workings.  I, therefore, ask, for a new coming of the Holy Spirit, and the full outpouring of His gifts upon me, through the imposition of your hands, and the anointing with the Chrism of salvation, that I may be confirmed in Christian discipleship for the realization of this, my resolve.


We, the parents and elders of these, our children, seek, likewise an outpouring anew of the gifts of the Holy Spirit upon us that we may live up to the responsibility our children’s confirmation places upon us.   We pledge to initiate them in a life of Christian witness and service, and to guide, nurture and support their on – going growth and maturation as Christ’s disciples.  We will provide them a home and a community of faith, open to and cooperating with the ever present Holy Spirit in the thrust towards a world transformed and redeemed in Christ.

Congratulations to the newly confirmed Divinians together with their Godparents and Sponsors.


THE CPC 2011





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