Urdaneta City. The Divinians gathered together today as one academic community to celebrate the ENTRHONEMENT OF THE BIBLE as a kick-off activity for the National Bible Week with the Campus Minister Fr. Servasius Tethun, SVD as the presider assisted by all the Religious Coordinators of all sections in all departments together with all the administrators, non-academic personnel, faculty and members of the Campus Pastoral Council. The enthronement focused on this year’s theme: “Becoming One As A Nation in the Stewardship of Creation.” The Prologue of John was proclaimed … everything was made through the Word which was with God in the beginning and the Word was God! The DWCU community is united in the Word and with the Word true to our calling as sons and daugthers of St. Arnold in the Divine Word.

Every Divinian is a Witness to the Word, Bearer of the Word and Lover of the Word. We read, reflect, pray, live and share the bible in our own little way hoping together that We May Be One as we pray and strive towards becoming one as a nation in the stewardship of creation. The Campus Minister blessed all the bibles of the Divinians starting from the youngest to the eldest with their bibles raised high as one could reach. After the blessing of the bibles the administrators, the principals and the dean of the college assisted Fr. President in releasing the baloons towards the sky bearing the theme of this year’s National Bible Week. The activity culminated when the Religious Coordinators with the Bibles raised led their classmates in a procession going to their respective classrooms where they enthroned the bible supervised by their class advisers. Now the Bibles have their proper places in the whole Campus – in all offices and classrooms. Everytime a Divinian sees the enthroned bible she/he is reminded of God’s presence.


The solemn Bible Enthronement signaled the opening of the weeklong celebrations of the DWCU prepared by the Campus Pastoral Council together with the Four Dimensions Committees (Committee on JPIC, on Communications, Biblical Apostolate and Mission Animation). We look forward to the success of all our activities this week with the following schedule:

  • Jan. 24 Monday: Bible Enthronement, in community, offices and classrooms
  • Jan.25 Tuesday: Bible Reading and Sharing – Lectio Divina in all offices and classrooms
  • Jan.26 Wednesday: The Bible in Motion – Stage presentations, Choral Reading of the Bible, Bible Rap Competition and Bible Dance Drama
  • Jan.27 Thursday: I-Proclaim – Reading the Whole Bible as one community
  • Jan.28 Friday: Bible Parade


            CAN YOU IMAGINE

            (The Word of God to every Home)

            How wonderful it is!

            How good and how pleasant

            When all of us live as one!

            Can you imagine all as neighbors reaching out to love?

            Can you imagine all like children humble yet brave enough

            To believe and act God’s Word that will bring a change in our world?

            We can step to begin now! Can you imagine?

            Let us bring the Word of God to every home!

            To every heart of each one of us.

            Let us share and live God’s Word and be transformed!

            We will build our nation, our institution Divine Word College of Urdaneta

            on the good ground.

            We will see a brand new morn!

            Let us bring the Word of God to every home!

            To every heart of Divinians

            We will fulfill Jesus’ prayer: “May they be one!”

            Becoming one as a nation in the stewardship of creation.

            We will see how peace will flow throughout our land!

            Now is the time to take a step.

            We believe, now love is born!

            Let us bring the Word of God to every home of heart. Amen.






          3 Responses

          1. Its good to hear that there really are people that is willing to do things just to please the Lord Jesus. Nice job DWCU and may you continue all your good doings.

          2. Congratulations DWCU for a very colorful, meaningful and Word-Centered celebration of Bible Week! How wonderful it is if what you had done could be duplicated in all Divine Word Schools all over the Phil. and be copied by all the Catholic schools too! Thanks so much Fr. Doms Ramos, SVD for a job very well done! May the Living Word continue to shower His blessings to the DWCU Community! May your tribe increase!

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