DWCU Actively Participated in Pamaskong Handog ‘2010






Urdaneta City.


Now becoming a yearly event the City of Urdaneta celebrated Christmas with “PAMASKONG HANDOG”  for the less fortunate last December 21, 2010 at the Urdaneta Cultural and Sports Center. Christmas Gifts were distributed to the residents of Brgy. Bayaoas and Dilan-Paurido. The said project/event was spearheaded by the District Councilor Hon. Blesildo Sumera assisted by the concerned Coordinators : Anita Fernandez, Bernadine Maminta.


The Divinians in all levels: Pre-Elem/Elementary, High School & College  with NIA and District II-DepEd were the sponsoring groups and institutions in the implementation of the project/event.

 The DWCU delegation in the distribution of the gifts was headed by Dr. Trofima M. Pangonilo our Community Extension Service Coordinator to wit: Mrs. Estrella Padilla & Leovilyn Morales (Personnel) Nika Paula Paolo & Consuelo Clomera, (College Students) Michael Angelo Morales,  Ernesto “Star “ Padilla (HS) Dexter Quinones &  Rhizelle  Marie Bravo (HS)

 Impressions: The students said that they enjoyed the activity even if they were very tired and exhausted.  They actually saw the conditions of the recipients of the gifts they contributed.  Some said that next time they should give more having had a first hand encounter with their poor and less fortunate brothers and sisters.  The personnel also said that even if the activity was tiring they enjoyed it.  After all the gifts were distributed the group had a picture taking with the Mayor who congratulated them for joining in the Urdaneta City Pamaskong Handog 2010 project.

Christmas is giving… it was made more meaningful, memorable and blissful through the PAMASKONG HANDOG. To those who were involved in this project … our hearty Congratulations! God bless you all the more!


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