Metro Manila. The pupils and students of the Elementary and High School Departments of the DWCU together with the Faculty, Parents, Administrators and Non-academic personnel went on a very exciting educational field trip “Lakbay Aral” last November 12, 2010 with the following itinerary: The Life Museum and Science Entertainment in Pasay City, the Gardenia Food Products and Rizal Shrine in Laguna and finally the magnificent Enchanted Kingdom of Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Aiming to provide quality education to the students and believing that aside from the learning that takes place in the classroom the field outside the campus awaits to supplement the knowledge imbibed by the clientele. “Lakbay Aral” provides a hands-on learning and experience – from the exposure to other venues where experience, learning and fun converge together and where students find perfect venue to complete their holistic and integral formation.

A total of 815 students, teachers, personnel and parents joined the learning event on a fleet of 16 big buses of the Genesis Bus Lines.  The trip was blessed with a perfect weather in answer to the prayers of the participants and organizers.  It was observed that a good number of parents with the whole family joined the field trip making the event as the channel of their bonding activities.

Indeed, the DWCU “Lakbay Aral” 2010 was very successful, fruitful, memorable and filled with fun, first hand learning and experience for all those who joined the journey of learning in the field.



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