BACARRA, ILOCOS NORTE, The Divinians who were sent by the City Division of Urdaneta to represent at the Regional English Olympics last October 15 defeated everybody else in the Regional Level. The team includes: Angel Leila L. Marron, Marie Angela M. Lorica and Jennifer Louisse D. De Leon with their coach Mr. Aldwin Sipin.

The delay of this report was caused by a controversy that until now still seeks justice from those who are in authority. Our Divinian Kids were not proclaimed as THE CHAMPION for the reason that they come from a private school and are disqualified to join such event.

Our Divinians were not sent by the school if not for the cause of the City Division of Urdaneta. For the City of Urdaneta our pupils are qualified to join the Regional Olympics, we have no doubt about this fact. Our pupils passed through all requirements until the contest which they excelled everybody else in the region. Preparing for the awarding, the regional committee decided against our Divinian Kids – that they are DISQUALIFIED for the above-stated reason.

Let the disqualification continue. The truth is unchanging, it cannot be manipulated and cannot be covered forever.  We release and publish this information on the side of the truth. And the TRUTH is…



Fr. Dominador O. Ramos, SVD

President – DWCU


DWCU Team Readers Upsets Other Divisions in Regional English Olympics

In the recently held Regional English Olympics and Read-a-thon Contest in Bacarra, Ilocos Norte last October 14-15, 2010, the DWCU pupils who participated in the Team Reading event of the Read-a-thon contest,  won with an impressive margin from other contestants, taking away the title as Best Team Readers of the region.

The Team Readers of DWCU, namely, Angel Leila L. Marron, Marie Angela M. Lorica, and Jennifer Louisse D. De Leon, showed right from the beginning of the competition their determination to win and take home the prize not only for their school but also for the Division of Urdaneta City which they represented in the said event. The contest, which took place in Bacarra Elementary School, started with the Reading Time wherein the participants were held inside one room to read the chosen stories by the Education Supervisor, Mrs. Teresa Morales, for a given time. The Team Readers, including the Oral Interpretation and Story Retelling contestants, of the 13 divisions that participated were each given a table for their reading activity.

At the end of the allotted time, the contest proceeded to the second part of the competition, the Comprehension and Vocabulary Test. The DWCU Team Readers remained flawless in notching a score until the tenth round answering questions that range from easy to difficult, and multiple choices to fill in the blanks. By the 11th round, the team took their lone mistake of the competition but after that took off with successive correct answers leaving behind and sealing their win against their competitors. The Urdaneta City Division (DWCU Team Readers) was proclaimed as the champion, Ilocos Norte Division finished at second, and San Carlos City Division at third.

The DWCU Team Readers became “unproclaimed” winner during the awarding ceremony. Instead, the Division of Ilocos Norte was proclaimed as the winner for the Team Reading contest.

In other competitions of the said event in Bacarra, two more pupils of DWCU represented the school. Redentor Immanuel B. Ridao participated in Essay Writing and Shaina Mae Cuison for Poem Recitation.


Reported by:

Mr. Aldwin Sipin



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