From Our Lady of the Lilies Academy

to Divine Word College of Urdaneta

Fr. Noel Ferrer, SVD

I graduated from my secondary education at Our Lady of the Lilies Academy (OLLA) in  1982. I remember then that our closest rival school was the Divine Word College of Urdaneta (DWCU).

I did not like DWCU when I was still a high school student of OLLA. It started when I experienced watching Dominican Nun from our school seriously having a confrontation with an SVD priest from DWCU because of a basketball championship game.

However now that I am already an SVD priest for almost ten years and working in DWCU for more than two years, I have learned to like the school and its community.  There are so many things about the school that inspire me.  Among them is the inspiration I see with the parents and the alumni of the school.  As an Administrative Officer and the Finance Officer of the school I can see from the Accounting Records that much of the improvements made in the school are projects of the PTA and Alumni.


Their latest project now is the Home Economics Room of the Elementary Department which is a requirement of the Department of Education in order for the Elementary Department to be recognized by the Government. This is a great help in our journey to meet other requirements which include making the existing library bigger and to put up a science laboratory near the Elementary building. Until these are completed, we run only with a permit from the Department.

Since the PTA asked me to supervise the building of the H.E. Room, I would like to share with you its development and the inspiration of supervising it.


The construction started last July 21 with an initial fund of two hundred thousand pesos from the PTA.  However the estimated cost of the whole building is P485,000.  The initial money that was given to me was spent on buying the needed materials which did not last for two weeks.  Luckily, all the hollow blocks needed were donated by a very generous parent who also pledged to give 50,000 pesos for the project.  Because of his initial contribution of 25,000 pesos and 9,000 coming from Batch 1980, the construction continued.  After a month, the expenses being incurred were already coming from the income of the school’s canteen, which I am also supervising. Because I don’t want the construction  to stop even if I know I cannot ask for additional money from the PTA fund, I just thought of lending the needed money first since I am confident that there are more generous people who love the school and who will also contribute someday.

During the August meeting of the PTA Executive Officers, I presented the latest Financial Report of the H.E. Room construction.  When the officers learned that there is no more budget to continue the construction, they came up with the idea of having a “Fun-Run for a Cause” program.  They chose to have the program on September 10 as part of the 135th Anniversary of SVD.  I can say it was successful.  I was really touched when the PTA handed me the proceeds of the Fun Run amounting to twenty two thousand two hundred pesos.  Everything is really possible when people believe.


Who will not love such a school when many people believe in its mission?  I love DWCU and I am trying my best to help finish the construction.  But there is still more to be done and that means more financial support is needed.  I know there are many of you there who are generous and who believe in the mission of the school… our school.

I am a Lilian and will always be a Lilian.  But I am also a Divinian now… an inspired Divinian.

Fr. Noel Ferrer, SVD

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