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Katrina Miranda & Christopher Patricio

Acclaimed as Ms. & Mr. Intrams

of the High School Department


Katrina & Christopher

Urdaneta City. Intramurals 2010 will not be complete without the most awaited event, the FINALE of the the mother of all sports competitions within the campus – the “crowning” of  Ms. and Mr. Intrams. The members of the board of trustees of the DWCU then with all the administrators, faculty, non-academic personnel, students, parents, friends and the whole academic community of the Divine Word College of Urdaneta proudly congratulate Ms. Katrina Miranda of IV-St. Arnold and Mr. Christopher Patricio of III-Genesis for being proclaimed as Ms. & Mr. Intrams 2010 in the High School Department.

The same felicitations are attributed to the finalists of the most coveted title of the Intramural Events listed below. Congratulations!





2 Responses

  1. Yeah! Congrasholashons sa mga nanalo keep it up First Years!

  2. congratulations to them!especially to my sister who made it to get into the first runner up!she’s only first year in Secondary level but she can do it on the top! :D

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