Batch ’80 Handed Generous Donation


The Alumni Class – Batch ’80 that proudly call themselves the “Unbeatable” truly stood their ground being the top class now with the most number of members in our DWCU Worldwide Family Network THE DIVINIAN. The class “core team” based in Urdaneta and the surrounding towns is now busy every weekend going around visiting their classmates and batchmates for their forthcoming PEARL REUNION scheduled on January 8, 2011.

Last Saturday, August 21 right after their class visitation they dropped by the Campus of their Alma Mater where they met Fr. President who brought them to the construction site of the Home Economics Extension Building of the Grade School Department. This present construction is a project of the Parents-Teachers’ Association under the leadership of Prosecutor Silvestre Redemptor A. Ridao as required by the DepEd for government recognition. The project is still wanting of funds to continue and finish the project. The PTA is still raising funds to finance the on-going construction, the “core team” of batch 80 inspected the project and decided to give their financial support.

It was then during the dinner (sponsored by Roel of Hawaii) at Matutina’s that Fiscal Wilma Dulay handed over  to Fr. President their generous donation witnessed by the core team: Josephine Dulay Manalili, Mario de Vera Espinoza, Sr., Emma Tuvera, Brenda Subido Dacpano, Cathy de Guzman, Homer Nidoy and Tomas Narnola. In behalf of the PTA, the administration, faculty, personnel and students of the DWCU we express to the whole batch 80 – THE UNBEATABLE … our heartfelt gratitude. May your tribe increase.


On the other hand, we express our heartfelt gratitude to all our generous donors and benefactors for the completion of the PTA project for this year. We thank those who donated bags of cement, truckloads of sand and gravel, building materials and cash donations. The PTA and the Administration are still soliciting your financial support to finish the project. We are praying and hoping that other Batches of the Alumni of the DWCU will also help us until the completion of the said project. We anticipate your affirmative response to this plea.



2 Responses

  1. Congratulations batch ’80! I thank you! You’re the best!

  2. “God loves a cheerful giver”…

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